"The more you sweat in the gym, the less you bleed in the ring"

Julien Lorcy

So you've decided it is time to learning to box, and what better sport than boxing to motivate you to get into shape! Time to join a club and start training for your first bout of sparring against an opponent!

There are many reasons why one might want to start training for one of the most intense martial sports in the world: boxing.

The need to be able to defend yourself, a love for fighting, wanting to impress girls, wanting to grow some muscle, and the list goes on. There are many reasons you might choose to become a boxer.

From your first boxing workout in the gym to your first shadowboxing routine all the way to the moment before you step into the ring for your first fight, let's take a look at what it all means and what it takes!

Of course, beforehand, you have to select the boxing style you prefer: boxing, French boxing, Savate boxing, or Thai boxing--which are amongst the most common. Not to mention Muay Thai or Kickboxing.

Once you have made the decision to start boxing, you still have to stick to it and give everything to succeed! However, energy gives you wings, so take flight!

In order to help you take your first steps into the boxing world we will look at some of the aspects of your journey. Let's go!

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Boxing for Beginners: The First Steps

Too often, the boxing beginner does not know where to turn or where to start. We will remedy to some of these shortcomings by showing you the ideal curriculum of a budding young boxer!

You may be dreaming about boxing like the best of the best after watching the biggest matches in the history of boxing and starring pros like Mohamed Ali, Mike Tyson, Mayweather, or McGregor. Daydreaming is nice, but don't forget you must put in the time!

If you hope to fight in the big leagues one day and earn yourself a world title (or even participate in an amateur championship), you have to give yourself the means to do so. And these means are simple: work, sweat and perseverance.

There is an ocean between actual practice and theory.

However, do not be discouraged by the first obstacles or the extent of work and dedication ahead! Use it to your advantage!

The first practice to adopt is to not train on your own. With the Internet as a great tool and ally you will have no trouble finding a boxing club in your area.

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Make sure you are in good physical condition to learn how to box.
You must be in great physical condition on your road to boxing glory!

A great way to begin your boxing adventure is to seek the help of a professional trainer, someone who can act as your coach and your friend when the going gets tough. Just remember that when it does: the tough get going!

Working with a trainer has its incredible advantages as they will be better able to identify your strengths and weaknesses thus creating a tailored approach to your training. Capitalizing on professional experiences is a fundamental step towards achieving your goals. Even Tyson had to start somewhere!

In addition, we advise you to practice other sports in parallel to the noble art. Any sort of extra physical activity will be a plus for a budding boxer.

For example, jogging really helps with endurance, and some cardio helps to boost cardiovascular resistance (the heart getting the most of that workout), while bodybuilding will help you to have sturdy muscles.

Listen to the old Italian saying "Chi va piano, go sano e lontano" - it is better to go at your own pace then to run into problems because you are trying to get there too fast.

It is by going slowly and at our own pace that we arrive to to the end of our objectives. Before getting to become a professional, you will have to learn basic punches and footwork.

How to Learn Boxing at Home

Is your area lacking in boxing clubs, or are you simply too lazy to visit one outside of your neighborhood? Do not worry, it is quite possible to learn how to box at home!

You can probably imagine a bit how this goes. There are various books on boxing techniques and it is easy to soak up combat sports news through magazines.

You will just need a computer and an internet connection in order to watch memorable fights on YouTube, not to mention a multitude of videos posted by amateurs commenting on what they thought was extraordinary about certain training and tournaments.

This will not take you so far however: it will be fun and a great way to pass the time but it's time to take action!

If you want to learn boxing at home, nothing beats a good instructor...Get a coach to help you make progress! You will not regret it. Do not forget that minimum boxing equipment is required: a simulated boxing ring (tatami can do the trick), a punching bag, a speedbag, a sports outfit (Thai boxing shorts or a tracksuit and a T-shirt for example), boxing shoes, MMA gloves or something similar...

However, in the city, a studio can rarely be transformed into a boxing training room for lack of space. We aren't sure a one bedroom or a two bedroom is any better...

In any case, one will benefit from training in his or her bedroom or living room. You can invite pals and watch them punch away on the bag.

Boxing Exercises: How to Prepare for the Ring

We all have in mind a really famous fight with a professional boxer which left us feeling emotional...

But we aren't there yet--we are only beginners. After many long and tough training sessions, we are finally - according to our instructors - ready to face a challenger!

At this point we have been waiting a long time and may be in a real hurry to confront an opponent, one in the flesh! But we grow nervous as the day approaches...

The stress of the approaching fight makes you want to let off steam, an impulse that must be contained so as not to get too tired in the days leading up to the match. So what is the best way to prepare for a boxing match?

It is important to conserve the energy potential you have gathered while practicing the weeks beforehand. Explosiveness is an important quality when it comes to boxing.

Take the opportunity to work on your punching techniques and learn how to relax, also: a good bath and some listening to classical music, which will serve as a little break for which your mind will thank you.

Time to get tough and try some boxing!
Contact sports | Some sport disciplines require you to wear a chest protection | source: upload.wikimedia.org

Eat well and watch your weight so as not to inadvertently drop out of the weight category in which your fight is supposed to take place - otherwise, you will be immediately disqualified.

Research your opponent's boxing: his secret punches, favorite sequences, weak points, temperament, form, and fighting style...

It isn't such a good idea to have videos of you all over the internet, as your opponents can get their hands on them and will be able to guess your attitude in the ring on the day of the fight.

Also, there is probably no need to remind you that you should not leave your equipment at home the day of the fight...

Of course, even if the tension is high, never binge during your warm-up and do not hesitate to confide in your coach, who will advise and encourage you before, during, and after the match!

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Learn How to Box with a Punching Bag

In England, nine out of ten people who have punching gloves use them with a punching bag.

For men, it's a way to test their manhood and decompress after work. But, for some, it is also their way to be involved in a sport called boxing.

Undoubtedly, it is the punching bag itself that is most popular - the large cylindrical mass suspended from the ceiling, which is very heavy because of its particularly dense padding.

Here are some boxing tips to help you get started
Ready to face a real champion? | source: visualhunt.com

If you're afraid of hurting your hands, wrists or forearms, there are lighter boxing accessories, such as the speedball.

These are sewn leather balls stuffed with soft and light materials like foam. It is quite possible - and even common - to hit them with bare hands or, alternatively, with under-gloves or other hand bandages.

The goal here is to be quick, and the main objective is to engage in the imaginary fight without restraint.

This exercise will be made more realistic if one treats it like an authentic boxing match, respecting temporalities and allowing for recovery time between each round...

An elder can also watch you and coach you without difficulty. It is always good to learn new things and to disengage in any exercises that may not be helpful to your practice! A private instructor can guide you to find out what exactly those are.

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