The students of India pursue higher education for a better future. Money is a major factor but the system of scholarships has helped Indian students from all financial backgrounds to pursue higher education. Indian colleges and universities for higher education are addressing the lack of education in India.

Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.

The rural population in India is not as educated as to the majority in the urban areas. There is discrimination in the education system in India that needs to be eradicated for Indian students to avail of education without financial pressure. Scholarships bridge the gap between education in India by assisting students in quality learning. Basic and primary education is the right of every Indian student. The scope of primary education has been made free.  Students are blessed with the increasing opportunities for higher education in renowned universities in India.

The students who cannot fund their education and are interested in pursuing higher education have the option of applying for scholarshipsIndian institutions accept scholarships to determine the academic achievements of students in India who want to pursue higher education as well. If you are granted a scholarship for education, the university knows what a capable student you are. The Indian scholarship you are applying for must be accepted by the university. A degree in the Indian education system is of utmost importance for a stable career after education. 

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Importance of Scholarships 

There are some loopholes in the Indian education system and the students who want to pursue higher education in the country are often bombarded with some introspective questions. The first thing they want to find out is whether or not Indian institutions accept a particular scholarship, whether it is genuine, and how can students apply or qualify for a scholarship.

Guidance is provided by most universities in India. When you log in to the best websites for college applications you can learn how to apply for Indian scholarships and pursue higher education at institutes in India. Scholarships prove that money cannot stop students from pursuing higher education in India. It is a sign of encouragement for Indian students from all the states who aim to be a part of good universities for their higher education.

Learning and education have become indispensable globally. Universities are considering and accepting scholarships to encourage Indian students to join an Indian institution for higher studies.

Primary and secondary education does not require scholarships mainly. However, the higher Indian education system might seem far-fetched for most students depending on their economic stability. Every Indian student has a story. not everyone belongs to the same kind of family.

The state and central governments have taken necessary measures but are yet to reach distant corners with information on prestigious scholarships for admission to universities for higher education. The importance of scholarships is mainly the demarcation of a student's achievement and assuring some financial assistance for students who have the potential to go for higher education.

Indian system of higher education has derived inspiration from the western system of education. India has a competitive education structure. However, the criteria are not limited to money anymore. If you qualify as a good student you can go to topmost universities to complete your higher education with government or institute aided scholarships.

Top 4 Prestigious Scholarships for Higher Education in India

Before you proceed with your college application, you must go through the requirements of Indian Universities. The following list will give the students an idea about eligibility and the process of applying for Indian scholarships for a post-graduate degree from renowned universities in India.

Earlier, higher education in India was a luxury so everyone could not complete their post-graduation in the country. Only Indians with proper financial backing would go abroad from India and join universities to complete their higher studies.

The system of Indian higher education has gained a prestigious name for quality learning provided to its students. The growing trend has made the government consider funding students who want to willingly get their higher education degrees in India.

Different chemical
Science scholarships are available for meritorious Indian students. | Source: Amity University

KVPY or Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana

This national fellowship is for Indian students taking an aptitude test conducted by the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore who want to pursue Science from Indian universities. This initiative was taken by the Department of Science and Technology to provide for students' education and research. Indian students who had science from class 11 to college 1st year are eligible to apply for a scholarship of INR 5,000/- for B.Sc. and INR 7,000/- for M. Sc with an annual fund of INR 28,000/= for higher education in India.

This exclusively flexible scholarship for 700 students in India has made pursuing higher studies within the Indian education system feasible for most students in India. A result of 60 percent is a must for the students to maintain in their higher education. 

HDFC Educational Crisis Scholarship

This initiative by HDFC bank aims to help Indian students with INR 25,000 for college depending on the crisis faced by the family. The students inevitably trust the bank for the completion of higher education in India.

Indian higher education is prestigious all around the globe and the students who have pursued it are assured a strong career.

The education sector in India is very popular and the bank's initiative is also applicable for the students who have an annual family income below INR 3 lacs per annum. The management of universities takes a good look at provisions of an Indian scholarship.

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This initiative by BHEL provides help for economically unstable students in India. Indian students belonging to SC/ST/ BPL category are eligible for this scholarship and have to pass the 12th standard to apply for it.

50 students in India are offered the scholarship and it funds the total cost of higher education - the cost of education and tuition fee, additional resources important for education, like food, hostel fee, and other requirements. Students from any Indian stream can apply for it and pursue higher studies in Indian universities.

AICTE Pragati Scholarship for Girls

Indian universities and institutions to date manifest discrimination against women. It is an ingrained issue in India. The societal structure prevents women from pursuing education, and higher education is still a far-fetched dream for most Indian girls. It is common that once married off they are mostly not allowed to work or study.

Discrimination against is detrimental for the Indian population as most of the students are being denied their right to education.

Indian universities provide quality higher education and this scholarship makes sure it aids women to achieve the education they want. The student shall be eligible to apply for this scholarship if she is already enrolled in either a degree or diploma course in some institution. The institution has to be approved by AICTE.

AICTE affiliation can be checked on college websites and other online sources informing about Indian higher education. The tuition fee offered by the scholarship ranges from INR 30,000/- and INR 2000/- every month for 10 months. This boosts the spirit of higher education for Indian women and discards the pressure of taking entrances for higher education in an Indian university.

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Top Indian Universities that Consider Scholarships

The developing higher education system for students is boosting the process and quality of learning. Students are encouraged to pursue research, learning or higher education in India and most of them aim to join a prestigious Indian University to obtain a valuable degree that shall assure them jobs.

If you have academic brilliance how about you go for higher education in supreme Indian colleges and universities and complete your education for a stable career? Every Indian education institute has specific rules and requirements. The topmost colleges and universities in India provide funded education to capable Indian students.

A university based in Bangalore
Scholarships are accepted by leading universities, like Bangalore University, for higher education. | Source: Collegedunia

The following are a few top universities in India that provide quality higher education for Indian students from every section of the society -

  1. Jadavpur University
  2. Jawaharlal Nehru University
  3. Amity University 
  4. Nalanda University
  5. Christ University
  6. SRM University
  7. Bangalore University

Scholarships Help in College and University Applications

India is facing an economic crisis because of the Covid-19 pandemic, like all the countries in the world. The policies of education are being changed with the aim of making higher education a conduit to a better future for Indian students. When you apply for colleges or universities the first method is to research the education curriculum of that university. After checking the curriculum for education you must understand university criteria for availing an Indian scholarship. Scholarships are available for every level of Indian higher education - it enhances the student's college or university applications for higher studies.

Indian scholarships cover the education fee for Bachelors's, Masters's, and Ph.D. The reason why its advantageous for your college or university application in India is because it conveys to the institution that you are a deserving Indian student who is capable of pursuing higher education in India. Once you have completed the research on higher education, apply for Indian scholarships. Universities welcome students from all over the world with open arms for higher education.

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