First and foremost, when students apply for any university their applications must look impressive. Every college wants to include students who have high caliber. Academic excellence is not the only determinant of this fact. Several other extra-curricular activities are taken into account as well.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!

School clubs don't just serve the purpose of enhancing your application for universities. It prepares a student to develop their overall skill and explore what they are good at. Active participation in school clubs makes an application look way more interesting and enhances the bright future of a student. Even universities abroad place heavy weightage on extracurricular activities and certification as they are expecting an application from students who show signs of being an all-rounder.

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Importance of School Clubs

The top universities in India have provision for sports scholarships. That becomes crucial when you have already been a part of your school's sports club. An overall training conducted in sports clubs matches won, awards, trophies, and nationally accepted certificates make students completely ready to submit an application and expect a provision of seats in the college.

When you apply for courses online you must remember that college and university admissions have a lengthy and extensive process. One needs to qualify and certify how that student deserves the seat more than another. The competitive system of education is relevant even to the application for courses independent of the school club you have been a part of.

Here are the top reasons why school clubs provide an added advantage for university and college applications:

  • Increased Opportunities - Co-relation of extracurricular activities, academics, and real life is what enhances the scope of education. The background certification makes the application to college seamless. It opens up room for representative opportunities from the college or the university during competitions or events.
  • Developing Skills - The certification isn't just for admission purposes. The application form will always have room for entry of your past activities. However, club activities are technically essential for students as specific clubs train the mind with continuous brainstorming of ideas and executing them.
  • Spirit of Teamwork - School club activities develop certain values within students. It makes them connected and unified as one team. The best universities in India provide courses that also include the spirit of working together.
  • Boosting Self-esteem -  As a student, jitters before admissions to a college or a university is something that is commonly and usually faced. However, being part of school clubs enhances the value of responsibility and boosts the confidence of the students. This is reflected in their application.

Types of School Clubs

When you apply for a school club you are exploring opportunities besides academics. Club activities enhance mind-body coordination, which positively affects the psyche. Increased sense of responsibility, team spirit and the urge to work hard for success are added advantages for a student's future.

These school clubs have a grave impact on the structure of the qualification of the students. Necessarily it builds the confidence to pursue a course from a college or a university.

The idea of giving weightage to school clubs, activities, and certificates is a western concept within the framework of a university. It has been globally applied to most colleges and universities, and scientifically enhancing concentration and will power.

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Music Club

When you fill up your application form for a college or a university and there is a mention of your musical achievements, it can prove to be advantageous. Not only does it exhibit your talent as a musician or a vocalist but also adds onto a student's portfolio of representing the school at competitive events.

Music is therapeutic and appreciated worldwide.

Moreover, music might have nothing to do with your admissions or courses of the selected university but it might increase your insight into the cultural background crucial for your application.

Drama Club

When you apply to colleges, please have a look into the criteria and necessary information for your application. Applicants have the option of checking their eligibility for quotas. Colleges affiliated to Delhi University, for example, Hansraj College give opportunities to applicants who manage to qualify for the rounds of auditions conducted by the drama club.

The world of theatre and drama is starkly beneficial for students. It opens up the minds of the student to the ecstacies of culture. If you are applying for literary courses provided by the university, the revolutionary transformation in the sphere of theatre provides information for successful learning from the course. Membership to your school drama club makes your application to the university look impressive and attractive. It speaks volumes about the student's communication skills.

Sports Club

Scholarships for admissions to a university can be determined by certification in sports recognized both by the state and the center. Government-aided scholarships determine the representation of the students in the sports club of the university that they apply for. When you go through details of a university or a college online, you can find important information on the provisions of scholarships for sports that are recognized.

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Another crucial information that the administrators of university checks in an application form is whether or not the certificates are recognized for funding. The team spirit among students is the greatest in club activities for sports. So the student applying for a university and has done a good job in sports determine that they shall be promoting unity among the other students.

Dance Club 

Not all courses offered by universities are purely academic. Some of the courses, even in the best universities in India, are based on Performance Studies.

When you apply and fill up the DU forms in 2020 you can go through the courses in Performance Studies. There are options for the students to specialize in dance, drama, music, and other courses on art.

The universities mainly offer a diploma and post-graduate degree in such specializations. Hence, your membership to the dance club of your school can prove to be very beneficial for your university application, especially if you want to focus on Performing Arts.

Science Club

Since time immemorial, there has always been a clear demarcation between arts and science. It is still relevant to the Indian education system. The social structure determines the importance of each. However, when you are applying for a course on science to some university or any of the Indian Institutes for Technolgy (IIT), and you mention being a part of the club in your application form, you basically make it easier for yourself to qualify for the university. Students get the opportunity for practical application of their knowledge in the subject through club activities and merge their creative expertise with it.

Social Work

The students and the administration of colleges and universities have all become socially aware. Environmental concerns and sustainability play a huge role in molding courses and the method of education. The collective transformation in the education system has yielded positive results as increasing students are taking an active part in promoting the importance of social and environmental contributions.

The university and college credit systems lay weightage on the attained social work. Hence the membership to social work or a volunteering club at the school level adds on to the gathered experience of the students.

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Making your Application Look Good

When you are applying for top-rated universities in India, you must make your application look good so as to qualify and make the best use of opportunities. Students who get the opportunity to apply for colleges must work hard to make the form look impressive. Organize your extracurricular and social certificates when you fill in the form and make sure the details have been inserted correctly. Club activities determine the healthy growth of personality and capabilities as promising future students.

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