It has become mandatory for students who want to apply for a college course to submit an impressive application. There are several methods to enhance that college application and make an impact on admissions. Application to top colleges in India demands that the students focus on enhancing the information in their applications.

The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award

The Duke of Edinburgh Award was introduced in the year 1962 in India. It is a globally acclaimed award that boosts the spirit of young students and challenges them to explore the sphere of non-formal education.

The award boosts the college application of students as it focuses on their self-motivation and discipline. Thus it is considered more useful than mundane college courses. 

The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award advertises itself as a non-competitive, internationally recognized program designed to encourage the development of positive skills and lifestyle habits.

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Guide to the Duke of Edinburgh Award for Students

It is a youth award program for students aspiring to join colleges and universities that had begun in the United Kingdom. It has expanded to almost 144 nations for students to apply. It is a challenging experience for students to apply and complete a program of self-improvement exercises. It takes 1-4 years to be completed by students - within the age of 25. Students from 154 institutions can apply for the program totaling to about 19,000 young student's participation. There are 3 levels of this course - gold, silver, and bronze.

Activities of the Course

When students apply for the program they take assistance from adults to conduct their roles in the project assigned to them. The following are the services that are a part of the program.


The students who apply for the program are given the option of providing services as a citizen of India. It is not a scholarship program, although volunteering is valuable for college applications. The college must have an idea about a student's sense of responsibility before admission.

Physical Activities

Students engaged in sports and other physical activities are not only able to increase their focus but also build their confidence. Thus, when you are applying for a college online, this award might add a USP to your application.

Developing Skills

The students can try building their skills or developing their already existing skills. Efficiency and a sense of achievement increase the chances of acceptance of a student's college application.

volunteer services
Volunteering experience adds great value to your college application. | Source: Unsplash


Journey to an unfamiliar terrain with a group of people the students do not know help to build their spirit to lead and work as a team. Teamwork and adjustment are indispensable tools that students possess to complete the course they are applying for.

Importance of the Award for College Applications

Most top colleges in India and the top B-schools in India accept and consider the award as an added advantage to the student's portfolio. The students take up a responsible attitude when they apply for the course. The program builds self-confidence and strengthens the position of the students. The award paves a way for a successful college application.

Duration of Course Levels

The students must try to complete the mandatory 4 sections of the course to achieve either of the 3 levels - bronze, silver, and gold. The minimum duration for the three levels is 6 months, 12months, and 18 months respectively.

Additional Information on the Course

Urban India ensures around 12,000 students per year who apply for the program. The Open Award Centres are reaching out to at least 100,000 students in total from India who have achieved the award.

This is also an initiative to boost the confidence of marginalized students in the country.

The signing of a Memorandum of Understanding has taken place with 244 Indian Institutions inclusive of colleges and universities.

The Benefits of the Duke of Edinburgh Award for Application to B-schools

When a student is applying to B-schools they are taking up the responsibility to represent the future of the country. Business studies and management is beneficial to the neoliberal economy. The course the students apply for at B-schools in India supports the tools of conducting a successful business.

Development of skills, self-confidence, and the importance of voluntary community service by the students enhances their chances of doing remarkably well in the business course of a college. An application to B-schools in India emphasizes a great deal of why the student must apply for that particular course and get selected. The DEAS program ensures the development of these skills in students.

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Advantages for College Application

The process of admissions might be a tedious process for the students. However, there are some tips to make your application look better in the competitive education system. There are several recognized programs for students who want to pursue courses for higher studies and the level of college. The Duke of Edinburgh Award is a cherry on the top for a college application. The students who have this award will have more advantages.

Choosing this Award Over Other Programs

College or school students generally apply for this award instead of going for another as it already has a prestigious name. They are aware of the fact that the competition increases during college and university admissions for higher studies.

The students from an early age start preparing for the future. The compact structure of this program or course is attractive to students. The established name also assures the student of a complete benefit from this course for their college applications.

When one is applying for courses or programs they need to be assured that their money is going to the right place, once it is confirmed the students can safely tread the path of these programs.

Importance of Other Skills for Academic Courses in Colleges and Universities

Academic courses for students in colleges are not restricted just to studying materials and taking examinations. The students need to exhibit their merit in other forms too. The colleges are looking for capable students who not only score high marks but show developed skills and efficiency.

College applications need to be filled up keeping in mind that your course expects some kind of a special effort on your part to achieve success.

Students who are interested to pursue higher studies in the country look into the broader picture of academics that requires the development of almost every skill crucial to develop a strong career. The students with the award manifest a higher understanding of circumstantial studies and innovative ways to learn in a group.

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The following are some traits that students can develop through the DEAS program for assured success in their careers:

  • A high concentration power benefits the students to remember and receive courses better.
  • The skills that are developed can be fruitful to complete assignments and perform better during examinations.
  • Community and voluntary services teach the students how to show their responsibility towards society and what the marginalized people in the country require. Actions that are helpful for society is developed by the participation in the program.
  • Extra-curricular and physical activities energize the young minds and keep them in good health. A healthy condition is beneficial for receiving education and learning.
  • Leadership qualities are inculcated within students when they are learning to explore adventurous spots with other students they are not familiar with. This builds self-achievement by enhancing the sense of being independent and strong.
  • Kindness and teamwork are essential for students to work in groups to achieve academic excellence by assisting each other.
  • The education system is changing. High aptitude and the capacity of the students are given equal importance as much as their grades or scores. 
  • Children from the age of 14 participate in the program for the Duke of Edinburgh Award so that they are focused from an early age in school. The students who apply for the program show a keen interest in focusing on establishing a stable career quite early in life.

If you want to enhance your application, the Duke of Edinburgh Award might be an additional boon in disguise, besides school clubs and acitivities. Students must always aspire to give their hundred percent to acquire their objective and meet the goals they have set for themselves. Education is a jewel that must keep shining. Enhancing your college application is just a small part of it.

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