English is the most widely used language of communication in the contemporary world. Globalization has led to the rising importance of speaking English. The English language was quite unknown to the world even two thousand years ago. Then came British imperialism and the vehicle of language imperialism also rolled on to the shores of English colonies, the legacy of which has survived and even continues to thrive.

Once you become a certified English teacher, there are many ways how you can attract students to your private tutoring services.

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English in Contemporary India

In the present scenario, India has two national languages for central administrative purposes - Hindi and English. The Indian constitution also officially recognizes twenty-two regional languages for the purpose of state administration and education. Therefore, English serves two purposes.

  1. It is used as a linguistic tool for the administrative cohesiveness of the country, in a way uniting the linguistically diverse communities of Indians.
  2. It also serves as a language of wider communication. English has virtually become the first language for many well-educated Indians while being the second language for those who speak multiple languages in the country.

The importance of English lessons, whether American English or British English, in present-day India, lies in the fact that it serves as a linguistic bridge between the major countries of the world and India. Bilingual education is becoming popular as it is a necessary prerequisite for the conduct of business, commerce as well as cultural relations.

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A private tutor, especially language tutors, is in high demand to help students get tutored in study skills, test prep, SAT prep, reading, comprehension, college essay writing and basically help improve overall academic performance. Online tutoring in various subjects is also being sought through tutoring companies for the purpose of academic advising and admission consulting.

Your Guide to English Teaching

The objectives of English classes, whether they are online English classes or one-on-one or in a classroom setting, have to be determined in the context of the learning goals of students. English teachers also have to be careful of the unique nature of linguistics training in a multicultural and multilingual setting such as India.

Students of all ages are keen on English courses in order to learn new words in English, become fluent conversationalists, practice speaking. They are prepared to learn English online through video lessons as well.

Become a tutor and help students achieve academic success. The current education system in India is facilitating the rise of the local tutor as well as online tutors. Undergrad students along with those in school are looking to hire tutors who can be more than what their school teacher is offering. Keeping these in mind, the two primary objectives English teaching can be summed up as:

  1. Language Development
  2. Literary Development

It is also critical for English language trainers to keep the age of students in mind and adjust these objectives accordingly. Home tutoring or academic tutoring in coaching institutes, the best tutors can provide supplemental instruction and individualized training catering to the learning style of the tutee.

Here is a comprehensive guide to setting the right prices for your tutoring service and organizing your classes well.

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English Learning Objectives at the Junior Level

The junior level or the lower secondary stage comprises classes V, VI, VII, and VIII. At this level, the primary goal of teaching English is language development. In other words, English at the Junior Level should be taught as a language, with lesser stress on literature.

An English teacher should focus on the development of language abilities more than the difficulties of pronunciation, growth of vocabulary, grammar, and structure. Reading and writing skills, essay writing, homework help, and other support services are the primary objectives of one-on-one tutoring at this level. There are in fact, great benefits associated with becoming an English tutor yourself!

Fourfold Objectives of Language Teaching

Based on the learning objectives, many pedagogy experts have recommended a four-fold teaching approach to English language training. This approach includes instruction on the following:

  1. Semantics: To understand spoken English (learn English grammar and consonants)
  2. Phonetics: Learning to speak the English language (learn English vocabulary)
  3. Graphics: Writing in the English language
  4. Phonetic–cum–Graphic: To read the English language

English Learning Objectives at the Senior Level

The senior-level or the higher secondary level consists of classes IX, X, XI, and XII. The objectives of English teaching at this level are both the development of language as well as the development of an understanding of literature.

There are also various education certification programs and standardized tests to become an English tutor in india.

In other words, at this level, the four-fold objective related to listening, speaking, writing and reading are combined with the learning and understanding of English literature. While the language development objectives remain the same as at the junior level, the literary objectives include:

  1. Development of a taste for English Literature by reading prose, poetry, story, etc.
  2. Drawing aesthetic pleasure from reading English Literature
  3. Understanding critical reading
  4. Development of the ability to translate
  5. Developing a creative interest in English literature.

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Responsibilities of an English Teacher

Typical responsibilities of a professional English teacher in India include:

  • Planning, preparing and delivering lessons
  • Preparing teaching materials
  • Helping students improve their English listening, spoken English, English reading and English writing skills via individual and group sessions
  • Continuous evaluation of students' progress
  • Organizing and conducting specialist courses, if required
  • Attending social events to create and gain awareness and to network with colleagues and like-minded professionals.

Typical Examples of English Teaching Jobs in India

  • English teacher in private schools
  • English instructors in government-run schools
  • English lecturers, professors in higher education institutions
  • English language trainers in community and adult education centers
  • English coaches in voluntary organizations (NGOs).
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The Ideal Candidate for English Teacher: What do Employers Look For?

Learning a new language can be difficult. Teaching can be even more challenging, whether you are an IELTS or TOEFL trainer or someone teaching ESL classes. An ideal English teacher usually combines educational qualifications with a little bit of experience and a lot of personal skill sets.

Education Qualifications

Nowadays, schools typically ask for a Bachelor’s degree in elementary education (B.El.Ed.) or a Bachelor's degree in education (B.Ed), irrespective of the subject you are an expert in. If you have graduated with a major in English language and literature, you obviously stand a better chance!

An English teacher should ideally be adept at teaching the correct usage of the English language in speaking and writing and to encourage students to develop creative composition skills.

The requirements for an English teaching job in Indian colleges are slightly different with most employers asking for post-baccalaureate degrees in English, like a master’s degree or a Ph.D. Many colleges in India offer a Master's program in education (M.Ed.) A series of state (SLET) and national-level (NET) pedagogy tests have also been designed to test teaching aptitude of aspiring candidates.

There are many students who are looking for English classes near me to improve their language skills and fluency for a variety of reasons. Offer your services in online tuition or group tutoring at home and help them to achieve their learning goals. You can work outside of your own office hours, Monday to Thursday, for example, and generate extra income.

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