Cell Biology

Every living organism is, in essence, nothing but a collection of cells working to sustain the whole. Some of them make blood and bone, and some of them convert sunlight to chemical energy - all remarkable feats, in themselves. However, what's even more amazing is how similar plant and animal cells are, even though they […]

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Famous Biologist in Various Fields

Do you feel inspired to study from the royal society of Nobel Prize-winning scientists such as Charles Darwin, French naturalist Jean-Baptiste Pierre Antoine de Monet, and British naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace? These acclaimed scientists and naturalists are best known for their contribution to the field of evolutionary biologist subjects. Moreover, they have been awarded the […]

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Find biology tutor for private tuition in India

Looking For Job Alternatives For Biology Teachers? Here is a New Opportunity

In the year 2021, one of the fastest-growing job opportunities, as witnessed all around the world, is online teaching or online tutoring. The potential possibility of educating students from all over the world at remote locations from the convenience of your home has now become the new thing. In April 2020 when the pandemic hit […]

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Biology Revision Resources: All You Need to Revise Biology

Your exams are coming up soon, and it's time to start thinking about how you're going to approach your revision. If you're a science student, there will be many subjects that you will need to master. Each subject has its own demands and needs consideration when planning out timetables. For your biology revision, you may […]

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Get the Biology Help you Need

Discover the natural world around us and learn to master the subject of Biology. Learn how Biology shapes your daily life and how it has evolved as a subject. Get help for your exams with our great tutors. Superprof is the platform of choice for Biology teachers of all levels. Check out their profiles on Superprof India for Biology lessons. You can also take  Biology lessons online.


acquiring the basics of forensic biology

All You Need to Know About Biology Class 10 in India

Biology is the study of complicated things that give the appearance of having been designed for a purpose - Richard Dawkins Looking to study in the top medical colleges in India 2021? Is the study of human life processes your passion? Do the concepts of food & nutrition, oxygen & carbon dioxide production, metals & […]

14 June 20216 minutes to read

Biology Class 10 Syllabus and Exams: Here Is All You Need To Know

As per the biology teachers of class 10 GCSE, there are seven main topics that cover the entire science behind humans, plants and cells. These seven topics are the biology of the cell, cell organisation, response to stimuli and infections, bioenergetics, response and homeostasis, all about ecology, and lastly evolution, variation and science behind an […]

9 June 20217 minutes to read

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Class 10 Biology Syllabus: At a Glance

The subject of Biology is more relevant in our lives than we give it credit for. Consider this: Farmers must learn almost everything about crops, the way they should be raised, the amount of water to be irrigated, nutriments to be fed, or the amount of fertilizers to be used to obtain the best harvest. […]

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Online study

Choices in Biology Tuition in India

Studying Biology is very different from studying History or English. So, the strategies for studying Biology obviously differ from those meant for History, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, or English. A private tutor can guide students in the right direction when they prepare for their exams (school, Board exams, or college finals). In this article, we have […]

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Biology class 10 syllabus GCSE

Making Science Fun with the Best Biology Teachers

Online education is like a rising tide. It's going to lift all boats - Anant Agarwal How to find teachers for Biology class 10 near you? How do you sign up for online classes? Are biology lessons online a good idea? Where do you find good online biology teachers? If you are looking for answers to these questions, […]

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dolphins are brilliant

Taking Note of the Most Impressive Discoveries in Biology

"The beginning of knowledge is the discovery of something we do not understand." -Frank Herbert Through the discoveries of things we did not fully comprehend in science, we have come to know more about and better appreciate species from the animal kingdom. In today's article, we shall focus on four fantastic discoveries that have taught […]

12 March 20217 minutes to read

Island waters are prime spots for biological research

Famous Biologists Throughout History

When we say 'biologist', what do we mean, exactly? Marine biologists? Plant biologists? Maybe we're only considering zoologists... or could we consider those marvellous minds generally associated with other profound disciplines where biology plays only a minor role? Most people, when quizzed about famous biologists (or zoologists. naturalists and so on) inevitably toss out Darwin's […]

11 February 20217 minutes to read

Analyzing cells is vital

Types of Biology Degrees

Most people would tell you their interest for science goes about as far as searching their symptoms on the internet when they’re feeling a sick, more often finding illnesses ten times more grave than what is nothing more than a common cold. While the study of your own body is very important, studying science, and […]

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Biology is the science of life and focuses on the natural world and the organisms that live in it.

Learn To Love Biology Lessons

Biology, a natural science and a subject of study, is truly amazing as it is the science of life and therefore explores ideas and concepts that every single human being can relate to. Many people, young or old, are continually fascinated by our race, including how we all came to live on the planet we […]

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Take Biology Lessons With a Private Tutor

Biology is diverse subject. Whether you’re studying, writing your thesis or interested in learning more about the human body, Superprof has a range of tutors on hand to help.

Taking private lessons in Biology can be a real boost to school grades and understanding specific theories. It’s a subject that everyone has to study during their time at school and if you want to take science after high school, a private tutor can develop your understanding and repeat subjects that you find difficult.

If you continue to study Biology, you’ll end up moving on to more complicated topics and a tutor can guide you through to reach the top grades.

Biology Lessons For Everyone

Even though we often think of biology as a school subject, there are plenty of reasons to take privates lessons.

Why not take lessons simply because you’re curious?

Learning about the human body, for example; its cells and many forms can provide greater insight into ourselves and how we function. Biology can, therefore, be particularly helpful to those interested in health.

Biology private lessons are a great way to improve your scientific knowledge!

There are plenty of areas of biology to choose from including Botany, Ecology, Genetics and Marine biology. Tutors can be a great source of knowledge.

Yet, if you’re struggling to grasp certain theories in school or university or need one on one revision sessions, private tutors are also there to suit these needs.

How Do You Find the Right Biology Tutor?

Whatever subject you need help with, making sure you choose the right tutor to suit your personal needs is very important not only to help you advance quickly but also make sure you are confident in your learning.

A private tutor needs to be able to put you at ease and understand your strengths and weaknesses.

In-home private, biology classes can help students improve dramatically by going at a suitable pace and setting personal goals. A tutor can build a personal rapport with students and help them to reach their potential.

Biology is diverse and your learning options need to be, too!