Chauhan - Prof positive thinking - Ahmedabad


  • Hourly fee ₹500
  • Response Time 24h
Chauhan - Prof positive thinking - Ahmedabad


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  • Positive thinking
  • Stress management
  • Personal coaching
  • Life coaching
  • Conflict management

Personal trainer,yoga teacher and life related any problem gives class from 5 years

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About Chauhan

I am in this field for 5 years and having well knowledge about all things. I had seen all types of people.
I had Masters in yoga,life coaching, sports and many more.
I had teached all people of all the country's of world.

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I am giving solutions for all problem of life i.e. yoga ,positive thinking, stress handling,feel happy,all sports etc.
My all classes are mostly online and my teaching is simple , to the point, clear and easy to understand.
Teaching one person at one time (private) also.

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Hourly fee

  • ₹500

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  • 5h: ₹400
  • 10h: ₹350


  • ₹450/hr


My travelling fees is based on how far is your place and is not included in my fees you have give it to me separately.

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