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Nicolae Ciprian
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I am a teacher and an American English native speaker with many years of experience in the above areas has just returned from London where I had an appointment with a duration of 4 months and where I taught the English language in state primary, middle and high schools and in private schools (private tuition centers). Moreover also I teach the Italian language, the Romanian and Spanish languages. Best regards, NICK

I teach esol - english for speakers of other languages, spanish, italian. For the level(s)primary, middle, secondary, , , adult education, A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2, , beginner, intermediate, advanced, , for children.
I give classes in person, at the student's home.
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Nicolae Ciprian's Experience

Personal statement
Nick B.

Dear Sir or Madam,

As you have already learnt from my Curriculum Vitae, I am interested in applying for a teaching position / professional translator-interpreter with your school / company. After having had a couple of telephonic interviews with your HR manager, I have decided to write this personal statement that, I hope, will emphasize my desire to become a specialist in teaching and translation.
I would like to introduce myself as a professional and dedicated freelance translator, interpreter, journalist, editor, publishing expert, proof-reader, teacher&professor of modern foreign languages (ENGLISH, ITALIAN, SPANISH, ROMANIAN), professor of linguistics, professor of Anglo-American and Hispano-American literature and culture, director of studies, expert teacher trainer (CLIL, CELTA, DELTA, CertTESOL, DipTESOL, TKT), subtitler, speaker, dubber/voice actor, voice/intonation coach, amateur actor&writer, marketing/management specialist, textile industry expert, import-export specialist, copywriting specialist, expert in tourism, B2B specialist, HR specialist, NLP&communication specialist. I have been working in the above-mentioned fields - and NOT only - since I was 16-18 years old - now I am 36 and I am studying for my first bachelor’s degree. My languages: English, Italian, Romanian - all three mother-tongue level (i.e. native/academic level/C2+ level CEFR) plus Spanish (advanced level C1/C2 - CEFR) and French (intermediate level B1/B2 - CEFR).
It is hard to put into words all the reasons why I want to be a teacher and a translator-interpreter. Some days when I take time to ponder the immensity the role of a teacher involves I feel overwhelmed. Other days I find myself just dying for my chance to "get out there" and touch someone else’s life. It is hard to describe it, but something inside of me tells me that even if it is not going to be easy, this is what I am meant to do for the rest of my life.
I want to live a life of service to others, especially children or foreign students who do not speak this beautiful language. I want to nurture them and be the person that lifts them up, the same person that gives them the opportunity to go all over the world and to be able to make themselves understood. I want them to feel like they could fly if only they put their minds to it. I want to show them the beauty, power, and courage inside of them, even if they do not always see it in themselves and by themselves. I want my classroom to be not only an exciting adventure land but also a safe haven all at once. I want children to leave my class with more confidence, compassion, and enthusiasm for life and learning than they entered it. I will teach them the skills they need to know to succeed academically, and the skills they will need to love themselves and others. Perhaps I will only plant seeds that I may never personally see blossom, but I will never give up. I know that as a teacher I will have great power to change lives. This power will be humbling, exhilarating, overwhelming, frightening, but exceedingly worthwhile.
I know that it takes all kinds of backgrounds, cultures, skills, and people to be teachers. Of course, a teacher and a translator should have a teaching qualification and a diploma in translation. Even without these qualifications, which I am striving to obtain as soon as possible, I know that I have the ability to relate effectively to students of diverse cultural backgrounds and to tailor teaching methods to suit their individual needs and to deliver professional and straightforward lessons and translations. I have the ability and the passion to stand in front of groups of children or adults and present class materials and tutorials. I enjoy and I have the necessary experience of working under pressure to meet targets, and I can easily handle challenging environments. I have excellent planning, organizational skills, and the ability to put together lesson plans and to prepare the required materials for classes of different skills and year groups.
I am the kind of teacher who is always willing to go that extra mile for the school I work for, on a holistic basis. I attended intonation and acting courses a few years ago (Actors Studio L.A., USA) and I believe there is no obstacle that could stand in my way when it comes to teaching and/or translating. I enjoy school life and I love to take on extra responsibilities when requested by the school/author/publishing house/translation agency/literary agency. I am able to provide a professional stimulating learning environment in which students can develop to their full potential. I am able to employ wide-ranging instructional techniques to retain students’ interest and to maximize individual learning within a group environment. I have a natural talent for involving and motivating students of all levels. I have excellent written and verbal communication skills and I have the capacity to convey subject material in an accessible, comprehensive, and compelling manner. I have highly developed computer skills, with in-depth experience of utilizing technology in the classroom to maximize the learning experience. I have strong leadership qualities and the ability to manage challenging behavior calmly and effectively.
I have a genuine interest in and respect for people of all ages. I am a highly organized person, motivated both by new challenges and by every new step the students make in their learning process. I have one-to-one student teaching experience and I particularly enjoyed working with “problematic” children. These experiences have helped me to learn how to carefully prepare my lessons. In the last fifteen years, while working as a private teacher in Rome and abroad, I taught English to elementary, middle, and secondary school students, and to adults having different cultural backgrounds, social level, and jobs. Managing the difference of skills among my students proved to be a difficult, but satisfying challenge. I tailored activities to maintain the interest of high-level students without intimidating less skilled English students when I had the chance to work with small groups.
I believe that my main strong point is that I have a great experience of teaching to different age groups of students, right from elementary school to adult students. Maybe this is the reason why my instructional techniques have enhanced radically lately. Being a dedicated and compassionate teacher, I can understand and listen to their needs and unique interests as well as solve their difficulties. I can easily assist the ESL/EFL students to improve their learning methods. Additionally, I can even incorporate linguistics, phonetics, intonation, literature, and other supplementary workshops in order to enable better comprehension and retention of every single learning point. I can effectively comprehend and stimulate the lessons as per students' learning adaptability and this will be a positive contribution to your school.
I am ready to accept the challenge of becoming a teacher and/or a translator in your school/publishing house/translation agency/literary agency with my arms, mind, and heart wide open. A wise man said, a long time ago, that “language is passion” and that “translation is an art”. Well, my desire to become the best teacher and translator/interpreter I can be is my greatest passion.
I would be pleased to meet you personally and further discuss about my varied skills and experience and I would feel highly honored to get the ESL/EFL teacher position and/or translator/interpreter at your school/translation agency. Furthermore, I request you to kindly consider my application and look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.
Thank you very much for your attention and consideration.
Respectfully yours,
Nick B.

Nicolae Ciprian's CV

Degree in languages, cultures, literature and translation at University La Sapienza in Rome. Italian language teaching certificate LS / L2. internships at public and private schools.

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