To understand Arabic will take time and dedication. An Arabic course is a great way to learn Arabic in your free time, but it is not the only way to go about it.

Of course, there are linguistic courses offered at schools as well as home-based Arabic language lessons. But, you've probably found that these options can be quite expensive. And, you're not sure if you'll find the right teacher who will be able to help you progress as quickly as you'd like.

Learning Arabic without spending too much money would be ideal. But, is it even possible?

Superprof is here to tell you how you can learn Arabic at no cost at all.

How to Find Free Arabic Lessons Online

Around 400 million people across the globe speak Arabic as their native tongue or as a second language. It is the 5th most spoken language in the world, and is an official language in 26 countries across the Middle East and North Africa. Arabic culture is so strong that there is even an Arabic language day.

Although these statistics alone show the importance of Arabic learning, it often gets overshadowed by European languages, such as English, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Italian.

Take a look at this.

  • Arabic is an official language in 26 countries. As of 2016, 290 million people speak it as a native language.
  • German is an official language in 6 countries. In 2016, there were between 100 and 120 million German speakers.

However, for both languages there are an estimated 120 million other speakers, even though Arabic is spoken by many mother native speakers in a wider range of countries, although admittedly it is much easier to find courses in German than in Arabic.

Did you know that the average adult native English speaker has an active vocabulary of about 20,000 words? Well, for those of you looking for arabic lessons, keep in mind that Arabic vocabulary includes 60,000 words!

Here are some resources for learning Arabic for free:

Use all of the Arabic resources available to you
Learn Arabic for free. Progress rapidly and save money.
  • Hello World:

This fun and inviting website offers step-by-step lessons, games, conversations, themed activities, instruction on nouns and pronouns, science presentations, puzzles, coloring pages, spelling, and much more. Learners have access to flashcards and dictionaries. Some activities feature audio recordings for pronunciation practice.

This website offers courses for the beginner student with no knowledge of the Arabic language. Advanced learners who can already read Arabic script can take advantage of 100 Arabic language lessons. Language courses can be accompanied by videos, quizzes, themed vocabulary lists and flashcards, and articles about the Arabic language. Many parts of the instruction include audio recordings to aid in perfecting your pronunciation of Arabic words and sentences. If you are confused at any point, students may ask a question in the discussion forum and receive an answer from the community or the moderator. Paid tutoring is also available for those who want it.

Effective teaching resources are key to learning Arabic quickly, free-of-charge, and mastering the basic rudiments of the language.

  • Learn Arabic grammar with Al-Jazeera. Take advantage of numerous resources (articles, blogs, translations, current events).
  • Demystify Arabic verb conjugation with Acon Arabic Conjugator, an online conjugation website used worldwide.
  • Uncover the beauty of Arabic at Arabic Online is supported by the European Commission's Lifelong Learning Programme. Its goal is to make educational resources available to everyone. This website offers free beginner to intermediate interactive Modern Standard Arabic courses.

If you already know the Arabic alphabet, we suggest you start watching online videos from YouTube as well as films that have been dubbed or subtitled in Arabic.

You may also think about a Superprof tutor to help you learn Arabic online!

Free Videos and Podcasts for Learning Arabic

For those who have a fundamental knowledge of the Arabic language (alphabet, pronunciation and phonetics), perhaps websites featuring videos and podcasts in Arabic would help further your progress.

There are a number of websites offering free arabic lessons on the internet
Watching films and tutorials on the web to learn Arabic for free is key to making progress.

Podcasts are quite popular among Arabic-speaking people. They are an excellent way to learn Arabic for free.

  • The courses offered by podcast are completely free, unlike private lessons or classroom-based lessons.
  • Learning this way is fun and entertaining. Make progress without drudgery or toil.
  • Videos help you practice your Arabic pronunciation (phonetics, letters of the alphabet, consonants, vowels) whenever you like and as often as you like in the privacy of your own home.
  • Learn by imitation without worrying about copying a teacher's guttural acrobatics and tricks. Simply repeat what you hear.
  • Free videos in which sentences appear on the screen help language learners memorize Arabic words by stimulating the visual memory.

Check out these sites:,,, and

If you've attained an intermediate level of Arabic, try listening to music on radio websites. Take a listen at You'll find an extensive list of Arabic language and English language online radio stations that play Arabic music.

Furthermore, Arabic music lovers should check out Hiba Music. Listening to music in Arabic helps language learners assimilate the pronunciations studied in any free online Arabic courses they may be taking.

Take note of the words and phrases that occur repeatedly.

Learn Arabic for Free Online

In addition to videos and podcasts, many native Arabic speakers have created websites in order to share their linguistic skills and promote Arabic culture.

Find free Arabic resources online
Surf the web to find the free Arabic instruction that suits you best.

If you lack the financial means to enroll in private Arabic courses, the internet can be a gold mine of resources that will only cost a monthly subscription and a few clicks.

You may only be a beginner learning basic Arabic at the moment, but you'll soon be bilingual and speaking Arabic fluently with the help of interactive websites on the internet.

Learning the language of the prophet Muhammad (you should know that there are websites where you can learn to read the Quran online if your goal is to pursue a Quranic or Islamic education) is not necessarily as easy as learning French or Spanish.

Nevertheless, here is a collection of Arabic websites where your can find free online Arabic courses.

  • Hello World: We mentioned this site earlier. Hello World is designed to teach Arabic to children, but there is no reason that a child-at-heart couldn't take advantage of its fun and interactive approach to learning the Arabic language. Use their dictionary and flashcards. Play games, such as bingo, tic-tac-toe, and memory. Delve into various concepts about daily life, animals, colors, etc. Just have fun while learning a foreign language!
  • Busuu: Busuu is a website and application available for Android and Apple smartphones that offers free and premium language instruction (12 languages in all). Free memberships provide language students with access to flashcards and revision by a native Arabic speaker.
  • Looklex: This site offers online Arabic courses (oral expression, the alphabet, reading and writing Arabic, pronunciation and phonetics, vocabulary, etc.)
  • Loecsen: Here you'll find individualized instruction in Arabic that is uncomplicated and accessible to everyone. The Loecsen method puts an emphasis on learning Arabic vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, and expressions.
  • Goethe Verlag: This site is an excellent resource for learning the language of Allah, featuring MP3 files you can download for memorizing vocabulary words, grammar lessons, pronunciation practice, and learning Arabic sentences.
  • Named after Ghalib Al-Hakkak, associate professor of Arabic at the Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, this site serves students at the Université de la Sorbonne. But, any internet user can access its extensive resources for learning the literary and dialectical Arabic spoken in all Arabic countries. You'll find exercises, word banks for improving vocabulary, a selection of sites about language and culture in the Arab world, and an online textbook for learning Arabic that has been read and recorded in MP3 format by the professor.

Now let's take a look at a few applications for Android, Windows, and iOS.

Websites for learning Arabic have now been adapted for cell phones and tablets. Developers and systems integrators have enhanced their reading format.

The following free applications feature courses for learning the Arabic alphabet (consonants and vowels), word pronunciation, numbers, vocabulary words - everything you'll need to become fluently bilingual:

  • Arabic by Nemo
  • Arabic Alphabet
  • 6000 Words

Learn Arabic Calligraphy for Free

One look and you'll agree that writing Arabic is a true graphic art.

Arabic writing is over one thousand years old (dating back to the 6th century AD, in fact). This beautiful script requires extraordinary meticulousness, finesse, and precision.

Arabic calligraphy falls somewhere between writing and illustration.

Not all foreign languages have such artistic writing. Hindi, Japanese, Chinese, and Arabic calligraphy are multi-secular and do not allow for improvisation.

The Arabic alphabet originated with the Aramaic people, whose descendants currently live in Jordan, and the Nabataeans of Syria, who were descendants of the Phoneticians, an ancient civilization who lived in what is today Lebanon.

The Phoneticians enjoyed such economic and cultural prosperity that subsequent empires and civilizations readily adopted their alphabet. From this developed the Arabic, Greek, and eventually our modern Latin alphabets.

There are many types of Arabic calligraphy.

  • Kufic style
  • Diwani style
  • Farsi style
  • Nastalik style

Look for tutorials on YouTube to learn more about each style of Arabic calligraphy. They can help you learn how to write/draw elements of grammar, personal and possessive pronouns, verbs, vocabulary words, letters of the alphabet, vowels, and even your own name.

Click here to watch a video about Arabic calligraphy.

The skilled hands of an expert are quite impressive and will inspire you to learn Arabic calligraphy too, if only for the beautiful movements.

So, how do you learn Arabic for free? With diligence, attention, focus, and concentration. It will only cost you a bit of motivation and elbow grease!

Once you have the basics, why not look for "Arabic classes London" and take some lessons with a private tutor to consolidate your newfound knowledge of Arabic?

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