Learning a language is tough, and even though Arabic is spoken by a growing population, resources for learning this foreign language remain difficult to find.

The popularity of languages such as English, German, Portuguese, and Spanish, coupled with Arabic's unfortunate reputation for being hard to learn are both to blame.

Part of the difficulty with learning Arabic is knowing what type of Arabic classes to take.

Basically, you need to know that modern standard Arabic (Msa) is the written form of the language which is common to the whole Arab world.

The story for spoken Arabic is a little bit more complex because there are a number of different Arabic dialects which change from country to country. If you are in Egypt, or Lebanon, or Saudi Arabia, or any other country in the Middle East or North Africa where Arabic is an official language (there are 26), the form of Arabic spoken will differ.

Therefore, most language courses in Arabic tend to focus on Msa, but if you are planning to visit or live in, or do business with a native speaker from a specific country, then learning the dialect of that country would be advisable.

Nevertheless, Arabic is spoken by hundreds of millions of people across the globe, and is subsequently of obvious strategic importance economically, socially, and culturally.

How might you become one of them?

Of course, you're not looking to spend a lot of money. Is it possible to learn Arabic for free? Take a look at the numerous resources online.

Discover Arabic Lessons

There are plenty of free Arabic lessons online to get you started
Join the hundreds of millions of Arabic speakers worldwide!

Arabic is spoken by nearly 300 million people all over the world as a native language. It is an official language in 26 countries, including the 22 Arab league members, and is used in powerful organisations such as the United Nations.

This shows how widespread the Arabic language is around the world. Why not discover Arabic for yourself today?

These days, the internet is full of resources and tools that offer free Arabic courses online.

Have Fun Learning Arabic with Hello World

Take a quick but thorough tour of the websites offering free Arabic lessons online, and you'll see that Hello World is easily one of the most pleasant for learning basic Arabic.

Whether you are a beginner, or would like your child to learn Arabic, this site seems ideal for both reading and writing.

Find free Arabic courses today
Having fun helps you learn.

Fun is the focal point on Hello World and is often the best way to assimilate a new language. Entertaining the learner is a great way to inspire and motivate him or her to make progress.

Hello World encourages beginners to discover Arabic through games based on learning:

  • numbers
  • letters
  • days of the week
  • expressions
  • colors
  • fruits and vegetables
  • songs
  • ocean animals

Learners can play games online such as bingo, memory, and tic-tac-toe.

Other tools available to students include a dictionary, flashcards, and worksheets. In short, Hello World is a comprehensive and fun resource for improving your Arabic online.

Learn Arabic Online with Videos

Learning a new language is always more effective with a private tutor.

Here at Superprof, we strongly believe in and promote this idea.

But, we are also aware that not everyone can afford to pay for the luxury of learning with a private teacher.

For motivated learners such as these, studying free-of-charge is certainly within reach.

It is possible to combine your desire to learn with a teacher and free Arabic courses.

There are plenty of websites that offer videos and podcasts to help you with anything from the Arabic alphabet, to Arabic pronunciation.

For example, fluentu.com has a large collection of videos for you to browse.

The site includes an article that describes 14 YouTube videos that teach Arabic to adults as well as children. Also included is advice on how to best take advantage of the videos.

Worried about the difficulty level? Start with the video entitled "Easy Languages". This video teaches language through information about Egyptian culture and customs and includes English subtitles.

Take your first steps toward learning Arabic with these helpful videos.

Watch the news in Arabic for free.
Immerse yourself in learning Arabic by watching Arabic news channels

Once you've mastered the basics of the Arabic language, try watching the news in Arabic.

Learning Arabic Grammar with Al Jazeera

Certain major foreign media networks have become references for teaching their native language.

The BBC is an excellent example. Teachers and students worldwide use its website to learn English. TV reports, documentary radio, exercises, feature stories, and grammar lessons, among others, are available.

Everything you need to know about English can be found on the BBC website.

Likewise, those who wish to learn Arabic for free online can turn to Al Jazeera.

40 million viewers worldwide enjoy this multilingual Qatari-run television network, nicely complimented by one of the most comprehensive websites on the internet.

The media has played a major role in the propagation of the Arabic language across the planet.

By browsing the Al Jazeera website, you will pick up new Arabic words and vocabulary, as well as learning about the Arabic language and culture.

This site is written in both English and Arabic, perfect for taking your first steps toward fluency. Explore this educational portal further to find incredible resources for learning Arabic through media. Take a look at:

  • translated feature articles about the Arabic world
  • TV reports in Arabic with Arabic subtitles for listening and reading at the same time
  • numerous blog articles to read
  • an entire page dedicated to Arabic grammar including basic grammar, word function and declension, the indirect case, nouns, verbs, determinants, syntactic analysis, the subject, the direct case, definite and indefinite nouns, coordination, emphasis, direct objects, adverbs, exceptions, etc.
  • current events in images
  • poetry

The resources for improving your Arabic for free online with Al Jazeera are clearly significant! Be aware though that the site seems most adapted for users who already speak some Arabic.

Complete beginners may quickly become a bit lost. Others, however, can take full advantage of the written and oral comprehension exercises offered by the Qatari website.

Find Out How to Conjugate Arabic Verbs

Now that we've covered how to have fun while learning Arabic, where to find videos for learning the language, how to improve grammar and reading, we can now go on to learning to conjugate with the ACON Arabic Verb Conjugator!

ACON serves as an international educational reference for Arabic conjugation.

In fact, several prestigious universities, such as Oxford, Georgetown, Harvard, Cambridge, and Columbia, use this tool, not to mention the U.S. Army, the UN, and the European Union.

You can learn Arabic verb conjugation online
The United Nations uses ACON to conjugate Arabic verbs!

What's more, over the past nine years, nearly 200,000 people from 199 countries across the globe have visited ACON Arabic Conjugator.

If you've ever searched for how to conjugate a verb in English, you will surely do the same many times in Arabic. Go directly to ACON where, unlike other online tools, the exact verb you need will be conjugated. Stop wasting time looking for a similar, but inaccurate way of conjugation verbs, and go straight to this site!

ACON Arabic Conjugator also has an application for iOS smartphones and Android phones.

Learning Arabic Using Audio

Don't have time to sit and watch a video? Would you like to have your Arabic lessons in an audio format? Well, look no further than the Live Lingua Project. This resource offers free ebooks and dozens of audio recordings of Arabic lessons from the U.S. Peace Corps.

Choose your dialect from among Chadian, Jordanian, Mauritanian, Moroccan, Tunisian, and Egyptian Arabic.

Access training manuals used to prepare Peace Corps volunteer to work overseas. Unit topics include greetings, money, giving and getting directions, weather and seasons, drinks, the post office, etc. Prepare yourself to handle daily life and activities in Arabic.

Learning Arabic is important in today's world
Learn everyday phrases and be ready to handle any situation.

Learn Arabic Anywhere, Anytime

Equipped with a smartphone or a computer and thanks to automatic tools and specially-made videos, it's quite easy to learn Arabic for free online.

By using the internet you can find exactly what you need. It doesn't matter if you want to learn Arabic vocabulary, grammatical structures, Arabic script, or even the art of Arabic calligraphy. There are resources on the internet to help you achieved your goals.

Even if you want to learn classical Arabic, conversational Arabic, or colloquial Arabic, the internet has you covered.

Once you've explored the above options and started to make good progress, keep in mind that hiring a private and affordable Arabic teacher is entirely possible. For example, google "learn Arabic London" or Edinburgh or Swansea for an Arabic teacher near you.


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