"Photography is all light and shadows," Anonymous

With the arrival of more and more smartphones to take pictures with, photography is becoming more and more accessible to more and more people.

Nevertheless, there are not many people who know how to take a beautiful portrait or to use the right colours for a landscape shot. This is where a photography professor enters the scene: a specialist will pass on his knowledge to benefit students of all levels for rapid improvement in photography.

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Why Should You Take Photo Classes with a Photographer?

The Advantages of a Class with a Photography Tutor

Photo lessons are the best way to improve your skills in analog photography, digital photography, or landscape photography.

Learn framing and composition with a photo teacher!

Photography lessons are taught by professionals: your photography tutor is not only a professional photographer who knows how to handle his or her digital SLR camera perfectly, but also an educated pedagogue.

Taking an in-home photo course allows amateur photographers to discover all the basics of photography at his or her own pace.

The benefits of private lessons in photography are these:

  • Regular follow-up with the teacher,
  • Active listening during the lesson,
  • More small group pedagogy in individual classes than in school
  • Affordable price with special rate packages,
  • A more relaxed atmosphere than at a photo school
  • Rapid development in photography skills,
  • Varied subjects.

It is possible to start a self-taught course, but a student wishing to become a photographer must trust an expert when it comes to sharpness, exposure, or shutter speed!

In short, to know everything he or she needs to know to become the future Robert Doisneau.

A Photography Lesson

You want to learn how to take beautiful photos and discover post image processing with editing software? What if you used photography tutoring?

To take an optimal lesson in photography, a student must get organized in order to avoid losing time at the beginning of each class. First, the student can set up his photo material (tripod, choice of fixed focal length, setting up the photo studio...) without the help of a teacher.

Students are also encouraged to study the manual of their digital camera first for a better understanding of the camera options.

The photo course usually takes place in six steps:

  • Introduction to the photo class during which the teacher explains the content of the course and the student defines his or her objectives,
  • Learning photo techniques with the tutor,
  • Sharing images between the tutor and the student,
  • Which photos should be kept,
  • Image editing,
  • Final assessment and analysis of the student's progress.

At the end of the photoshoot, the work is far from over!

The student can review the photo techniques himself using a free photo tutorial, a free online photo lesson, or an application to learn how to edit the photo. Automatic mode, manual mode, depth of field...There are so many concepts to learn on your own.

Studying means allowing two courses before seeing your tutor again and saving some pennies as a budding photographer!

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Where Can One Find a Photography Tutor?

Places Where One Can Find a Photography Tutor

There are many solutions to finding a photography tutor.

Shoot in cool places for more original photos!

Whether it is to improve framing and composition, know how to use the auto mode, or to choose the aperture of the diaphragm, the student will have to find the right photography tutor.

Unlike mathematics, English, physics, or chemistry classes, photography classes are becoming more rare, although it is quite possible to find them in major cities. If you are motivated enough you will have no problem finding your dream tutor.

To find a photo tutor in your area, you can go through:

  • Photography schools,
  • Photography associations,
  • Photography tutoring agencies,
  • Online classifieds of photo classes,
  • Classifieds in neighborhood shops,
  • Classified ads in newspapers and/or magazines on photography,
  • Word of mouth between photography students.

Nevertheless, not everyone lives in a big city!

Even students living in small towns can improve their shooting through online tutoring. Working via a webcam and a microphone, you can take a photo class directly on your laptop. All you need is a good Internet connection as to develop your knowledge of white balance, street photography, or light painting!

Take advantage of digital resources in order to take a quick tour of the photographers available to take beginner photo classes!

How to Choose One's Photography Tutor

Who will you choose as your photography tutor?

When looking for a tutor, students should not rush into an inappropriate photography class. You must analyze both the content of the course, as well as the profile of the tutor in order to take a photo course that is in perfect harmony with your expectations as a beginner in photography.

Here are some criteria to take into account when choosing your photography tutor:

  • The price of the course,
  • The level of the course,
  • The experience of the pro photographer,
  • The diplomas of the professor of photography,
  • The type of teaching (small group lessons, photo lessons via webcam...),
  • The duration of the lesson (4 hour photo course or weekly photo course),
  • What the photo tutor specializes in,
  • The geographical location of the course,
  • The possible costs of renting a photo studio.

Look up the best photography courses online on the Superprof platform.

Do not panic: on Superprof, the vast majority of photo teachers offer a free photo introduction class. The student can very well test different lessons in order to find the tutor who corresponds to his or her speed and learning style.

Last tip: be sure to discuss the modalities of the lesson with the teacher before the first lesson. You will be able to define a lesson schedule, but also discuss your final objectives and negotiate a discount for your photography classes.

Do not forget that photography is above all a question of feeling: if the teaching method of the tutor is one you like from the beginning, it means that you will progress more quickly with that tutor!

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Learn the Specifics of Photography with a Professional

Specializations in Photography

Photography, like any art, is composed of many artistic trends that directly influence photography techniques.

Want to learn to immortalize moments with your device?

Although we advise you to approach several photography styles during your photography training, you should first concentrate on a single aspect of photography.

For example, why not study the artistic currents of photography through a book on learning photography.

Photography teachers offer different types of classes:

  • Black and white photo course,
  • Landscape photo course,
  • Macro photography course,
  • Wedding photo course,
  • Night photo course,
  • Portrait photo course,
  • Photojournalism course,
  • Animal photo course,
  • Culinary photo course, etc.

Depending on the lesson, the student may need a different digital device.

For this reason you should never rush when buying your first camera. Beginners do not always know what camera equipment is needed for shooting, and invest in the wrong camera or the wrong flash.

So, think carefully and analyze your photographic style and expectations as an artist before embarking on one type of photo mission!

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Learning Professional Techniques with a Professional Photographer

To go from novice photographer to pro photographer, learning photo techniques is a must!

The teacher will give you dozens of photo tips in order to have you take the best shots.

Even if you change your specialty en route, the techniques will remain the same. Each tutor has increased knowledge in certain areas: you can find teachers trained in natural light, while others are experts in soft focus, etc.

Get to know your Canon EOS camera better, learn post-production photo retouching, or understand the use of a polarizing filter - there are as many possible subjects to discuss during your photo shoot with a professional as there are cameras to choose from!

Photo techniques are only theory to some people, but they are nonetheless essential if you want to learn to shoot everything with your camera. Don't forget that if you don't have all the photo techniques out there, you may be missing one way to capture something the way you want.

With increased technical knowledge you will be able to take out your camera under all circumstances and get much better photos than an amateur photographer would!

So, why wouldn't you make an effort and learn everything about photography in the company of an expert in photography?


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