Would you like to teach yourself, or be taught, how to create fantastic latte art?

Perhaps you've given it a shot yourself and just haven't had much success. The good news is that there are loads of tutorials online that you can read or watch to try to advance your skills.

Let us take you through a few good tutorials and get you on your way with making latte art!

Why Choose Tutorials Over A 1-2-1 Class?

The most obvious answer to this question is the saving.

Why should you pay out for a class with a tutor when you could potentially teach yourself at home? We say 'potentially' because not everybody responds well to self-tuition and therefore computer tutorials may not suit everyone.

If, however, you are someone who grasps things quickly, or you have had experience of making basic latte art already, then you might find an online lesson a satisfactory way to improve your latte art skills. However, someone with little experience with the tools and who needs to see the demonstrations in 3D may not develop their skill further.

Do you want to be taught how to do latte art at home?
It's latte h-ART! Teach yourself how to make this design with an online tutorial. Photo credit: PoYang_博仰 on VisualHunt.com / CC BY-ND

Secondly, the fact that you can use your own tools and equipment. When choosing to study latte art, this is normally so that you can wow people with your creations in your own space. So the idea of using someone else's machinery might seem a bit backwards to you, because you'll effectively be learning step by step tips on how to do it all over again when you get home to your own stuff. Thankfully, most coffee equipment is quite similar because these tools have been developed for the specific uses that we are talking about so one can't be too far off the other.

Last, but not least, is the fact that it is convenient to learn from the comfort of your own home, making some keen learners more efficient with their learning because they can pick up and stop a tutorial whenever it suits them. Plus, they can watch the tutorial on their kitchen worktop whilst following the instructions in real time and trying to make the perfect crema in which to pour their perfectly steamed white milk.

How to Teach Yourself With An Online Tutorial?

To be in with a good chance of learning how to create a Rosetta, Tulip or heart design on your coffee, then your best bet is to use a tutorial whilst actually trying to follow the directions. By all means, watch latte art videos on your laptop until you fall asleep if that's what works best for you, though! Maybe you might want to mix up trying the latte art with watching videos so you don't use up all your coffee - because sometimes you CAN have too much coffee!

So, if you are happy to teach yourself using your tools at home and nothing else but the Internet, then we have tracked down some of the best online tutorials for you, many with videos or images.

We suggest you set up your laptop on a clean surface near your coffee machine, and with your volume turned up. You might find yourself having to pause the video content and rewind it watch again how the pro does it, so bear this in mind when setting up your space. A mobile phone may work but a larger screen, like that on an iPad would be preferable.

Try out a few different latte art styles to get a feel for it.
Which will become your signature design? Photo credit: rooracer on Visual Hunt / CC BY-ND

Latte Art Video Tutorials

  • Coffeefusion - Latte Art Basics Tutorial - Latte Art 101

Just under 5 and a half minutes long, this coffee making tutorial gives you a visual guide to making latte art at home, but the good thing is that it starts right from the beginning, showing you how to prepare the different components of your coffee from the espresso shot to the foaming milk.

Remember you can use a separate steaming wand to steam the milk if you don't have one attached to your coffee machine or you can use the microwave to achieve the foam effect that you need for pouring a rosetta or heart art design in your cup like a barista.

The up-close footage makes it feel as if you are there leaning over the coffee cup and allows you to check all the details and actions that make a perfect piece of latte art. In the video, you even get shown alternative ways to create the art (i.e. different positioning of the spout in the cup).

What we love about this online tutorial for coffee latte art is the way that the coffee maker speaks so clearly, describing and explaining the reasons behind his actions and how this affects your latte art, along with the multiple repetitions of the actual actions for you to study.

  • Starbucks Coffee - How to make latte art at home

A shorter drink tutorial here at just over 2 minutes, this Starbucks video is used to show how the chain gets its signature look on their coffees. They say:

"For many, latte art is a mystery. The way baristas create designs like hearts and tulips seems like magic. But with the right gear and a bit of practice, you can create your own latte art at home. Watch as Starbucks coffee master Jacob Weber walks you through the basics."

Jacob is the coffee master and explains how the equipment you use can really impact the product you make. The video footage, as you'd expect, is highly professional and this clarity means it is a great one for studying up-close details once again. With great tips from professionals in frothing and designing coffee (or Caffe) and milk, you can't go far wrong with this!

Website Tutorials for Latte Art

This latte art is impressive!
Could you challenge yourself to create some truly amazing late art? Photo credit: ajay_suresh on Visual Hunt / CC BY
  • Coffee Science - How to do latte art

This informative guide for coffee enthusiasts, in particular latte art amateurs, is a written guide offered in text form on a website.

It starts with some pointers of what not to do when trying to create latte art and focuses on a few common mistakes people make in order to help you avoid falling at these hurdles too.

It covers how best to prepare your espresso, how to heat the milk in your pitcher or jug with a wand, how to pour the steaming foam from the jug to hit the crema just right - basically everything up to actually drinking your coffee! You'll start to feel like a barista in no time!

It then gives you a very detailed account of how to prepare your ingredients, split into phases. You must, of course, get all these important steps right if you want to be successful in creating latte art.

When it comes to explaining how to create the different shapes and patterns on top of your coffee, the descriptions could perhaps be longer and contain more images of the steps and processes but if you already have a bit of experience with a coffee cup and some steamed milk then you should be fine following these simple steps.

If, however, you are a complete latte art beginner, then you may wish to either practice first with the ingredients to get some first-hand experience or use this nifty guide alongside other tutorials that include video or photographic content to help you along.

Now this final barista tutorial on our list is one for you absolute beginners with no experience at all of pouring an espresso, let alone whipping up a cappuccino or flat white with some latte art on it!

It begins by listing all the tools and ingredients you need to embark on this challenge (like a pitcher or jug, the steaming wand, wide-rimmed cups, etc) and gives you some options on how to prepare your milk (with a microwave option there for those who don't have steam wands or a high-spec 'caffe' or coffee machine).

Then, it gives you a combination of short paragraphs explaining the technique involved in how to create latte art designs supported by videos (all on one page, no going back and forth between tabs).

What we love about this guide, though, is that it focuses on the common milky designs first like the Rosetta and the Heart but then it moves onto some other cool styles of latte art involving syrup. And lots of us like our syrup in a coffee don't we? Especially with the festive season upon us and the opportunity to play around with different flavours like gingerbread, marshmallow and even winter spices.

Top tip: Try to focus your efforts on nailing one design before moving onto others as you may begin to confuse the step by step methods and pour your milk wrong.

The guide helps you to create cool etch spirals and circles that are so striking to look at, with the warm brown backdrop and dark brown chocolate syrup creating the wow factor.

It ends with a very sweet tutorial on how to make a bear face on your cup of coffee, a great one for any kids in your life (this could also be done with hot chocolate if you prepare the ingredients right.

The guide is really encouraging and very easy to follow so it gets a big thumbs up from us!

And there you have it - your introduction to creating latte art! We hope that you get on ok with this new skill and hope to help you once you are ready to move onto the next stage of latte design!

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