Historically, Bengali and Hindi share the same lineage. Both have originated from Sanskrit. In fact, in the contemporary social milieu of modern India, the Bengali and Hindi languages share a lot in common. Both languages belong to the Indo-Aryan group of languages. In spoken terms, both share a lot of common words and phrases, differing only in the way they are pronounced.

Hindi in Numbers

Globally, there are approximately 615 million Hindi speakers, the majority of whom are native to India. In 2011, there were 612 million Hindi speakers in India, 1.3 million Hindi speakers in Nepal, 361,000 Hindi speakers in South Africa (in 2003), and 50,000 Hindi speakers in Singapore (in 2017).

Here is a one-stop guide to finding the best spoken Hindi tuitions in India.

Hindi is the mother tongue of the majority of residents of the northern Indian states of Rajasthan, Delhi, Haryana, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Himachal Pradesh, Jharkhand, and Bihar.

Hindi shares its historical lineage with Arabic and Persian, owing to centuries of dynastic rule under the Delhi sultans and Mughal emperors | Source: VisualHunt

Here is your complete guide to Hindi speaking courses in Madurai and Ahmedabad.

Spoken Hindi Classes in Kolkata

Kolkata, formerly Calcutta, is a city of sharp contrasts that has had to incorporate strong European influence, owing to its status as the capital of British administration. At the same time, it has had to overcome the limitations of this same colonial legacy in order to build its unique identity in contemporary India. In the process, a beautiful amalgamation of the East and West has been created.

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The platform offers a large database of tutors and institutes for private Hindi lessons in Madurai. Students can choose from both one-to-one or group lessons. Online tutoring options are also available.

The platform specifically caters to school students of classes 11 and 12.

With LearnPick, students can get a world-class mentor who will help them achieve better grades in Hindi, whether it is the ICSE curriculum, or CBSE or any other regional boards of education in India. Tutors on LearnPick charge tuition fees as low as INR 300/hour!

Pick from a variety of Hindi learning options such as Hindi coaching institutes or private Hindi tutors | Source: LearnPick

For a complete list of options in Hindi language courses in Chennai, check out this guide.

Ask a Question

One of the unique features of the website is that it lets students post academic questions for free. Tutors registered on the website are free to take on and answer such queries, relevant to their area of expertise.

So, if you just need a couple of questions answered in domains of Hindi vocabulary, or Hindi listening skills, instead of a whole subject being explained, avail this service now!

Comprehensive Tutor Profiles

Detailed profiles of tutors and institutes are provided on the website, based on qualification, expertise, teaching techniques, hourly rates, and availability. Students can post their requirement for free and expect a prompt callback from potential candidates in Madurai.


Touted as India's largest online network of learners and teachers, UrbanPro aims to be a one-stop solution for students across the learning spectrum and teachers, aspiring and experienced alike.

The platform boasts of a whopping 6.5 lakh verified tutors, trainers and institutes and a reliable partner to more than 25 lakh students, parents, and professionals.

UrbanPro is a meeting point for students and teachers across 1000+ categories of learning.

The platform allows students and parents the flexibility to compare multiple tutors, private language trainers, online Hindi tutors, and coaching institutes and choose the ones that are ideally suited to the personal requirements of each.

Here is your complete guide to Hindi speaking courses in Mumbai.

Reasonably worked out rates enable students to learn Hindi online and to improve their Hindi speaking and reading skills. So, whether you are preparing for a job interview, or the IAS entrance exams, or simply want to have a fluent Hindi conversation with someone, sign up and get your ideal Hindi teacher today!

UrbanPro Fee Calculator

Different tutors charge variables tuition fees for their services. The deciding criteria for fees are usually the type of service (online or offline), the board of education, number of days/week or number of hours a day, tutors' experience and qualification, etc.

Choose from an impressive database of verified tutors, language training institutes and online Hindi classes and teachers | Source: UrbanPro

UrbanPro offers a unique form of assistance in this regard with the UrbanPro tuition fee calculator. What's more, you can browse the many reviews about your prospective tutors before making your final choice.


Superprof was founded by Yann Leguillon and Wilfried Granier in Paris in 2013 and has since expanded around the world to 14 countries including India.

India's national capital has some really good Hindi speaking courses. Check them out here.

Superprof is the perfect website to learn the Hindi language from a pool of over 451 talented and experienced language trainers. With an average price as affordable as INR 655/hour, Superprof Hindi tutors come with their own five-star ratings.

Plenty of Flexible Choices

At Superprof, we offer a free service that helps tutors and tutees find each other via a secure and easy-to-use online tuition platform. You can either take Hindi lessons locally in Kolkata, one-on-one or online from anywhere in India or even across the globe!

Whether you’re a beginner in Hindi lessons or are looking to further hone your skills in the language,Superprof is the right place for you as our tutors will tailor their classes to specific learning requirements!

Schedule your classes and pay your tutors securely, all from your inbox. The incredible Student Pass gives you unlimited access to all teachers, coaches, and masterclasses for a whole year!

superprof interface
Friendly user interfaces make online learning platforms really popular among the contemporary generation of learners | Source: Supeprof India

Driving Innovation

Since it was founded in August of 2013, Superprof has become a high-quality resource in the eyes of all who wish to find a reliable and quality Hindi tutor or start a tutoring business. It enables learners to engage in novel and innovative ways to study.

Find your perfect private teacher from Superprof's accredited database. You get to decide fees and schedule directly with your chosen tutor. There are no hidden charges!

For options in Hindi speaking courses in Hyderabad, read our comprehensive guide here.

Whether at home or in a classroom, your search for Hindi tuition near me ends with Superprof. Take advantage of the close supervision in Kolkata by an experienced teacher. Improve your grades or your performance, refine your accent, work better and more efficiently with someone guiding you.

IITT Language Academy

The Academy is a subsidiary of the Institute of International Teachers Training. It conducts language courses for the benefit of foreigners traveling to India, non-Hindi speakers and practically everyone who wants to learn Hindi.

The Hindi Course in Kolkata

The course consists of comprehensive study materials aimed at easing the learner into the language, along with the ability to explore a new culture. The Academy faculty focuses its attention on problem-solving during language training, especially in the areas of Hindi pronunciation and Hindi grammar.

Learning a new language is an excellent way to learn about a new culture | Source: IITT Language Academy

Take a Hindi class with the Language Academy to improve your Hindi writing, speaking, and communication. Specifically, expert trainers at the Academy focus on developing Hindi vocabulary, syntax along with new words and phrases. Interactive examples help students to memorize what is being taught.


TeacherOn.com is a free-to-use website, where students and teachers find a common meeting ground. The website boasts of an inventory of over 3500 subjects, Hindi is one of them.

Check out our top five Hindi speaking courses in Pune.

Their vision is to create an agreement between the teaching styles of tutors and the learning needs of students. They are also committed to guarding their patrons against spammers.

TeacherOn.com takes care to create comprehensive tutor profiles with all relevant information that would serve as a good starting point for students and parents to shortlist candidates.

Hindi tutors Madurai
Choose from a galaxy of experienced and talented teachers who meet your learning needs | Source: TeacherOn.com

Cyber Safety

The platform has a unique system of credits through the use of virtual coins that nullifies the fluctuations arising out of the use of varied currencies across the globe. Tutors and students can use these coins to contact each other. This is a positive step in the direction of cyber safety for both parties.

TeacherOn offers both online tutoring options as well as personal home-based tuitions and coaching institutes, with tuition fees ranging between INR 275/ hour to 1,500/ hour.

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