Economical and effective, private tutoring has proven itself to be a great option for struggling students.

Recently, the personal education market has been booming but why?

You'd think that as the world becomes more technologically savvy the education system would improve. That is not the case. Education systems have failed us due to complicated curriculums and overcrowded classrooms which leave the students behind without the remedial help they need.

Private tutors are like superheroes because they come on the scene and guide their pupils step by step in order for them to achieve academic success.

Private tutors and Superman are pretty much the same thing; saving the day one struggling student at a time!

Available and pedagogical, private teachers make it their priority to take time and listen to the student's concerns and they are equipped to pinpoint the difficulties that the student may face.

So, what are you waiting for? Discover the benefits of extra school support at home today!

Remedial Support as a Remedy to Parental Omnipresence

Omnipresence is something that is common and present everywhere, just like the threat of natural disasters! 

Therefore, parents, instead of playing the role of teacher have the confidence that qualified academic tutors will provide the extra school support that your child needs.

Parental omnipresence is a recurring problem in many United Kingdom-based homes: believing that mommy knows best, parents may overprotect their children and this can easily hinder the educational progress of the pupil.

Being a present parent is a positive thing, but sometimes you just need to learn to cut the cord!

Of course, during the first few years of primary school, the child must be guided by his loving parents. However, after awhile the student must learn to become autonomous.

Many parents, teachers and psychologists alike all believe that after a certain age students must complete their homework by themselves.

Dr Kate Ellis Davies states something that is extremely logical and helpful to both students and parents:

"Helping can be simply being aware of the amount of homework set and helping children to plan ahead and time manage the different tasks they need to do. This kind of help is commonly encouraged by schools, with parents or caregivers initialling homework diaries, for example. Children tend to respond positively."

This quote is stated in the link above and lets parents know that children of a more mature age, past the ages of 10-12, do not appreciate helicopter parenting. Children of this age should be able to do their homework by themselves. If you spend hours every night standing over your child's shoulder watching and criticizing their homework this will only harm their academic success and it is something that is not very appreciated by primary and secondary school teacher's.

Parents sometimes may provide helpful advice and tips but they must never play their teacher. 

Private tutors available near you
Superprof has a wide variety of qualified private tutors to choose from without breaking the bank! (Source: Visual Hunt)

However, for parents with children who are beyond the more mature age of 10-12, it is essential for parents to make homework help fun and guide your child to becoming independent in the future.

The basic rules of education must always be followed and taught:

  • Avoid being absent as much as possible,
  • Be punctual and try to never arrive late at school,
  • Reconcile the child with education by explaining the benefits of school,
  • Never criticize the education system in front of the child,
  • Explain the importance of mastering the basic elements of education such as writing, mathematics, reading etc.,
  • Teach them to respect their teacher at all times (very important and courteous!),
  •  Create friendships with their classmates to avoid social exclusion etc.

On the other hand, from high school and beyond, parents must avoid being on the backs of their children as much as possible.

It, therefore, seems that it would be very smart to consider replacing the parents help with that of an at home private tutor!

Many parents still believe that they can assume the role of a personal academic instructor but that is not always the case, it is much wiser to leave it to the professionals!

Personal tutors create lesson plans that are tailored for the student and at same time show study skills that will guarantee academic excellence. 

Rita Eichenstein PhD is a pediatric neuropsychologist that was quoted in a 2017 article written by, stating that the most strenuous part of the primary school-parent relationship is homework. She goes on to say:

"By the time it's homework time, most parents are pooped. Whether they work full time or are busy shuffling their kids around, making dinner and supervising bath and bed time routines, parents are not the ideal homework monitor..." 

To respect the parental role and ensure good grades for your child, the best is to go through the private, at-home education system.

Pedagogical and serious, academic tutors will get to know the student while helping him to improve in all subjects!

Read about how the education system is preparing children for the world of work.

Academic Support to Cure the Errors of the UK Education System

If you have completely lost hope in the National Education System, why not resort to academic advising to fix the learning errors of your child?

Today, home tutoring is on the rise with an estimated one in four parents paying tutors to coach their children. 

University students, secondary school students, primary school students and even kindergarten students (however, a bit more rare), there really is no age to begin!

But, why such an interest in private tutoring?

More and more parents across the United Kingdom are losing faith in the flawed Education System!

According to a 2017 study done by the World Top 20 project, the United Kingdom ranks 7th worldwide for the best education systems.

That is a great stat but the article goes on to explain that the UK has dropped a spot from last year and if the problem with teachers continues to occur the United Kingdom may fall out of the top 10 for the first time ever!

This decline is concerning and could rapidly drop in the next few years if the teacher's complaints against the Education System are not resolved.

Who are the ones most affected by these statistics? You guessed it, the young, innocent classroom students.

To prevent your child from suffering from classroom anxiety and this dysfunction, why not call a private tutor to remedy these issues?

Durant private tutoring, your child will be able to review all important Key Stage 2 subjects such as:

  • English (spelling, grammar, punctuation),
  • Mathematics (subtraction, addition, division and other basic teachings),
  • Science,
  • Design Technology,
  • History,
  • Computing,
  • Ancient and Modern Foreign Languages (Latin or French, Spanish and German).

Home tutoring is a great way to provide supplemental instruction and ensure a student's academic success!

Also completing the work of an education advisor, a private teacher will teach the personal sessions at a regular pace to overcome the educational difficulties of the UK Educational System.

In a calm, relaxed and individualized way, the struggling student can enjoy tailored extra school support classes in the evening or online at a time convenient for the pupil. The pupil should also take advantage of the summer and winter holidays to further his understanding of what he is learning. The student chooses and the private tutor achieves!

Thanks to a professional training, the private tutor knows how to accompany the pupil through his weaknesses and transmits the basic notions of the subjects that are taught in the school curriculum.

Academic failure will become something of the distant past!

With an adapted methodology, your personal academic advisor will establish a love for learning in your child all while making the sessions very engaging. This is something that is invaluable and will be appreciated for years to come.

Remedial Teaching to Avoid School Dropouts

Home tutoring is a brilliant way to avoid a lifelong exit from the school system.

Bully Free Zone
Bullying affects many secondary school students and needs to stop! (Source: Visual Hunt)

Secondary school dropouts have become a major issue in the UK, with a fifth of British teenagers dropping out of school before or at the age of 16. This is disturbing and needs to be avoided!

That means that most students have abandoned school before receiving their Key Stage 4 qualifications or taking the very important A-Level style subjects.

Once again, the United Kingdom is not a shining gem in comparison to other European nations: according to a recent study conducted by the OECD, numbers show that 18% of youngsters failed to remain in school before the standardized school leaving age (countries such as the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovenia show very low percentages)!

The OECD goes on to explain that the main reason for this devastating trend is the inequality among students in the classroom.

The majority of the 18% of dropouts are from poor, underprivileged and immigrant families. 

Warning! School dropout is not necessarily synonymous with academic failure: some students feel out of place, rejected and judged so they decide to leave this poisonous environment.

Some of the many reasons for school dropout include:

  • Religious motives,
  • Confidence lost towards the Education System and disinterest in higher education,
  • Their impression of knowing more than the teacher,
  • Peer pressure and failure to get along with fellow students (bullying a sad but common factor),
  • Rejection of the elementary teachings in the curriculum,
  • Boredom in class,
  • Preferring a more active and sporty lifestyle (if you can kick or dribble a ball who needs a diploma?).

The main risk of dropping out?

Being part of the NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training) social class. Every parent's worst nightmare!

The majority of British students touched by these issues are from families with economic problems.

The numbers have surged in recent years and in the UK alone, 4.1 million children are now living in relative poverty. This accounts for 30% of all children.

To avoid these concerning statistics, you have to start as early as possible: as soon as you go back to school after the summer holidays do not hesitate to call a private tutoring to avoid dropping out of school!

The personal academic coach is there to successfully empower and provide the educational support that your child needs.

More than just a normal classroom teacher, a personal tutor works as a counsellor for the student and helps him realize the importance of secondary school completion. This slowly helps to regain his broken self-confidence.

To progress at an intensive and effective pace, tutoring courses are particularly effective because the private teacher shows their academic skills and perceptively adapts to the level of the student.

While learning a second language or science and technology, parents can opt for the less-expensive online tutoring available on reliable websites such as Superprof. The tutors are highly qualified with a wealth of academic resources.

Without any commitment, these online educational support organizations are THE solution to avoid the dropping out of students across the UK!

Get a good home tutor on Superprof.

Hiring Private Tutors to Avoid Failing Important Examinations

Choosing personal tutoring services to avoid failing crucial exams is a brilliant decision, a time saver and a smart investment.

In this world's current social and economic climate, your child cannot afford the luxury of not graduating and not getting a well-paying job in the future.

Whether your child is preparing to study at prestigious universities or attend a vocational school or community college, he will need at least a minimum of training to guarantee a successful future.

Getting that diploma feels so good
Future success is possible with a personal tutor who will adapt their ways to fit your situation. (Source: Visual Hunt)

Private academic tutors are here to save the day!

Practising oral presentations or responding to reading, nothing will be left to chance: a private teacher will do everything in their power to avoid failure and ensure student success.

The A-Level pass grades fell last year for the first time in 3 years, this is mostly due to the introduction of new exams. 

Failing these exams leaves students completely discouraged and the risk of dropping out of further education increases dramatically.

The ideal situation is to prepare ahead and succeed on the first try!

Regardless of the exam, you are about to take, you can find private tutors suited to your needs:

  • GCE Advanced Level,
  • International Baccalaureate,
  • National Vocational Qualifications,
  • BTEC First Diploma,
  • Bachelor's Degree,
  • Master's Degree,
  • Doctorate.

In order to fill in the many gaps, the private teacher will use his valuable tips and tricks to help you train before the big day: online exercises, worksheets, examination reviews... the tools are endless!

Many students are often worried about oral examinations which are a lot more stressful than written tests.

Do not panic, just breathe and hire a private tutor to assist!

Personal tutors organize interview simulations to be more relaxed on exam day. Practice makes perfect and is the secret to success!

Feel free to consult the profiles of Superprof's extraordinary selection of private tutors: some of them are qualified and specialized in exam preparation.

With regard to the end-of-year exams, it is best to prepare and adopt a study pace of learning as soon as the school year begins. Thus, you will not have to schedule intensive study sessions near the test dates because you will have worked in advance with your private teacher to pinpoint your weaknesses.

Parents you don't need to worry about your wallet either!

There are many foundations such as the Education Endowment Foundation that has been offering free school tuition to families from low-income households. This means that parents can spend this money saved and enrol their child at a tutoring centre. It's really a win-win situation!

To be part of the successful social class is priceless, therefore, there is nothing better than to ensure your child's education through home tutoring!

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