A well-structured education system is a prominent necessity for any country to develop. It is essential for a child to learn the basic subjects like language, maths and science right from an early age. The Indian education system allows every child to get the right exposure to the subjects mentioned above. In such a scenario, the demand for maths teachers in the country is rapidly increasing.

At present, many cities in the country are going through advanced urbanization which is leading to the inception of new schools and colleges. It is quite natural for new schools and colleges to recruit new teachers. So, as a student of mathematics, you can expect more job exposures on having a desire to be a teacher. Similarly, a maths tutor can earn a decent amount of money providing house coaching to the students either exclusively to a student or in small groups.

Online Teaching Jobs In India

Online teaching jobs have become a new trend in India, the sector is massively growing due to the improvement in the technological facilities provided in India. This not only benefits the teachers who can share their knowledge offline but also through online knowledge platforms. For students, they get to choose from teachers all over India, and get the flexibility to decide whether online tutors suit their needs or, whether it is private teachers who help them score more.

In India, the students are taught mathematics from the nursery level up to the 10+2 standard. There are mainly three types of school boards in India. They are CISCE Board, CBSE Board and the State Education Boards. Mathematics is a compulsory subject up to the 10th standard in all three boards. The students can opt for maths in the intermediate stage if they choose the science stream.

In the college level, Indian students can get the BSc. degree in mathematics. The leading universities in India also offer MSc. programs in Mathematics. So, maths teachers are needed in every phase of education. Students opting for different engineering streams also need skilled maths teachers and tutors.

Maths tutor Jobs - Rising demand

The demand for maths tutor jobs online are increasing for several reasons. They are discussed below in details:

Increase in the number of students

Education in India is rapidly getting accessible as people of different socio-economic classes are admitting the youngsters to different schools. So, if you are a maths teacher, you might get the responsibility to teach maths to a group of pupils in a section. A particular school will thus need at least four to five maths teachers.

Good maths teachers and tutors often deliver both school classes along with the tuitions. So, a student gets accustomed to the style of the teacher resulting in an outstanding score in the examination.

The number of mathematics graduate students are increasing gradually due to the elevating interest among them to pursue a degree in maths. Moreover, all engineering colleges around the country recruit mathematics professors.

As there are different levels of students studying mathematics, aspiring mathematics teachers can get a job in schools or go for online math tutor jobs after completing the graduation fundamentally. However, for teaching in colleges and universities, a post-graduate of PhD degree is compulsory.

Outstanding guidance

No matter if you are a maths teacher or a tutor, you can provide the overall guidance to the students. This is another reason why demand is increasing in the country. If a maths teacher is responsible for teaching a chapter in the class, the responsibility of reviewing and further doubt clearance can be taken by the maths tutor.

Nowadays, Indian parents are rapidly becoming keen to provide substantial guidance to their children when it comes to maths. A maths tutor might be vital for a student who is unable to learn in a classroom due to poor communication skill or lack of concept.

An excellent maths tutor can thus, help a particular student to score extraordinarily in the examination by providing them with the necessary guidance.

In-Depth Learning

Explore the best of you being a maths teacher. (Source: pixabay )

As a scientific subject, mathematics must be learned in an in-depth manner. A good maths tutor must always take an in-depth approach while teaching a student. Comparatively, maths teachers of schools and colleges might have less time in hand to go in-depth of a chapter. So, the need for a maths tutor can rise.

Maths tutors can help the students by guiding them with the vast yet interesting syllabus for the various competitive examinations. There is a prominent demand of the maths tutors among the students who apply for the GATE, Joint Entrance Examination, CAT, GMAT and more. The aspirants of UPSC examinations and other government job examinations also need maths teachers for guidance.

In the case of guidance for maths concerning the competitive examinations, many students take the help of the online maths tutors.

Qualities required for math tutor jobs

There are some qualities that every maths teacher or tutor should have. Some of the qualities are discussed here in details. You must always consider gaining these skills while math tutoring jobs for highschool students:

Good Communication Skills

An efficient maths teacher must always make sure building an effective communication cycle with the students. Without excellent communication, the students might face problem to understand the various mathematical problems and concepts. In the case of poor communication, there will be more chances for students to experience fear while doing mathematics.

Knowledge of Concepts and Solution

Mathematics totally depends upon several concepts and solutions. Some of the leading ideas are Number Theories, Arithmetic, Algebra, Trigonometry, Mensuration, Geometry, Probability, Limits, Calculus etc. Apart from these, there are several complicated concepts that a mathematics teacher or a tutor has to know. The quality of an excellent teacher also depends upon how easily he can come up with an easy yet logical solution to the problems.

A person who knows easier solutions to every problem can be one of the best mathematics teachers or tutors.

Skills of Pattern Identification

Mathematics is a subject that is related to patterns. Every mathematical problem belongs to one pattern or other. Every good maths teacher must have the skill to understand the pattern of the sum instantly. Moreover, it is important that the teacher is able to make the students understand it properly.


It is a natural fact that every student might not have the same level of dedication to mathematics. In such scenarios, students can be more prone to making mistakes. A teacher or tutor who guides such students must handle the matter with patience. At times, the maths teachers in educational organizations might provide less time to a weak student, but a tutor must always take the responsibility of making the student clear all doubts. One must avoid being rude with the students as it can turn the students shy to express their doubts.

Ways of Instructions

Friendly Maths teachers help students learn faster. (Photo credit: dharder9475 via VisualHunt / CC BY-NC)

A maths teacher or tutor should have a clear idea about the various ways to instruct the students. In the case of maths, logical instructions should be given in such a way that the student is able to remember it for a long time. Skillful maths teachers always instruct the students relating a mathematical problem to any real-life scenario. You can consider these people as efficient teachers.

Educational Qualification required for Math tutor jobs

As mathematics is taught to the students in multiple levels, maths teachers and tutors might have different qualifications. The details about the educational qualifications are mentioned below. Always check for these qualifications if you are appointing a maths tutor for your child.

Passed 12th Standard (Higher Secondary)

In India, the people who have passed the higher secondary with mathematics as a subject can teach maths to the students of the primary level.

Graduate with BSc. Mathematics

Anyone who has completed the graduation with Mathematics as a subject can teach the students from the 5th standard to 12th standard. In some instances, the school might give priority to a person who carries honors in mathematics.

Post-Graduation and PhD in Mathematics

A person who has completed both post-graduation and PhD in mathematics is eligible to be a professor who can teach the graduate students in the college. These people can also be recruited as a maths professor in the engineering colleges in the country.

Hence, this is the versatility of mathematics as a subject in India. There is no doubt regarding the high demand for the maths teacher or tutor. The only thing that needs to be checked is that a maths teacher turns into a friend for the student.

In a country like India, the need for efficient maths teacher will not diminish. Rather, it would keep increasing day by day. Both the students and teachers need to cooperate and coordinate with each other to make sure that the subject is studied with interest in the country.

If you desire to be a maths teacher in future, it is crucial for you to keep practicing the concepts that are mainly taught in the educational programs in schools and colleges. The future career as a mathematics teacher can be a glittering one. Several young and promising students will surround you. On becoming a professor, you can hope to work for a new invention. Furthermore, you can open your own online channel and become a self-appointed maths teacher serving the youth. At present, there are higher chances that your YouTube channel can turn out to be a big hit if you deliver relevant and informative content.

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