Practice makes perfect. Like any instrument and any musician, the violin and violinist are no different. To be able to create the best sound, practice is required and a lot of it. But how do you maximise your music lessons and fast-track yourself to creating successful music?

There are many ways in which to learn to play the violin, but whichever path you choose violin lessons will play a big part in speeding up the process. You may choose to study online, with free self-study resources or perhaps with a private violin teacher.

A key to deciding how you would like to learn is to be aware of your goals for the instrument. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of each learning route and hopefully by the end of this article you will closer to making the best choice for you and your violin.

Playing the violin has enormous rewards.
Playing the violin takes enormous discipline. Photo Source: Unsplash

Benefits Of Music Lessons

The violin is one of the most beautiful instruments that you can choose. Although the road to being proficient is a long one, once you have achieved fluency there will be nothing to hold you back.

These are the top benefits for remaining focused and dedicated to your violin practice.

  1. Violin is excellent for mental health and improving brain function overall.
  2. Sensory dexterity: Violin musicians may have the ability to tune into sounds better than some other people due to years of ear training.
  3. Learning violin can support a better attention span, patience and memory over time.
  4. Practising the violin is great to build confidence, self-esteem and self-awareness.
  5. Can increase wellbeing, reduces stress and it also provides an emotional outlet.
  6. An essential tip for playing the violin better is good posture. Practising the violin encourages better posture while standing and health awareness of the body.
  7. Playing the violin naturally instils the better organisation, self-discipline and heightened motivation.
  8. The violin community is very supportive and encouraging, which is perfect if you like to feel like part of something bigger. Although you spend your time learning how to play the violin alone or with your teacher. You will be able to join the violin community and even join orchestras, group violin classes London, music groups or get access to better schools including music schools.
high-speed internet connection, an excellent clear camera, an excellent microphone
Studying violin online can save you quite a bit of money vs the same in person violin class. Photo Source: Unsplash

Pros And Cons Of Online Violin Lessons

Studying online is a happy medium between taking private lessons which are structured and expensive and studying alone which is free and unstructured.  Learning how to play the violin online is a great way to study with professionals from around the world. You can choose to study with any great violin teacher or musician that offers to teach music online.

All without having to fly across the world, you can meet them on Skype or Google hangouts, with apps like WhatsApp or Facebook chat, even with webinar software such as go to webinar.  In fact, as long as you have a strong internet connection, a good camera and microphone, your lesson will be almost like being taught in person.

A key benefit of studying online is that you can save quite a bit of money vs the same in person violin class. Working with a tutor online can be very engaging as they can incorporate the power of the internet into the lesson. Also, you will be able to learn which websites you can use to practice outside of the lesson.

Although studying online can seem more casual it should be treated with the same level of discipline and focus that you give to 1-1 lessons. Violin teachers where ever they are based will want to see you make progress towards your goals.

Advantages Of Online Music Lessons

  • You learn anywhere at any time that you want to as long as the music teacher is available.
  • There are a wide variety of apps, software’s and communication tools with which to meet your violin tutor.
  • Studying online is a very engaging and fun way to study as you have lots of tools at your disposal and have to be a bit more creative to get your point across.
  • You can record your lessons and watch them as many times as you like.
  • Great for students from remote areas and student who prefer to have a wide selection of violin teachers to learn from.
  • Useful for the beginner violin to study music theory, how to read violin sheet music, and the basics of music education.
  • Perfect for musicians who already know the basics to intermediate about how to play the violin and just need to have regular follow up music lessons to ask questions or practice specific areas for improvement.

Disadvantages Of Online Violin Classes

  • The teacher cannot help you physically so things like tuning your violin, finger placement, posture, violin maintenance and the flow of your movement could suffer if they cannot see you clearly enough to advise a correction.
  • You need to have a high-speed internet connection, an excellent clear camera, an excellent microphone.
  • Internet connections can fail so can equipment.
  • This is not the best route if you hope to be a professional musician although it would work well with private one to one violin classes.

Pros And Cons Of Self Study Lessons

Self-study is a great way to study the violin for anyone who is highly motivated, focused and serious about music. There are so many benefits including saving a lot of money on the cost of private violin lessons.

If you are a musician, who has studied and learned how to play the guitar, cello or other stringed instruments in the past. You will likely be able to learn the basics of the violin without too much difficulty, you will also become accustomed to tuning your strings and will be able to learn how to tune your violin. Finger placement may also be familiar to you if you have a musical background.

Most importantly if you also know how to read music, you will be in for a treat. However, if you have no background in music, are not a music prodigy, a beginner in the ideas of self-motivation and determination. You might want to consider another learning option as this may not be the option that will support you to succeed.

Advantages Of Self Study

  • Great for people who have a musical background.
  • Very suitable for a musician who knows how to play string instruments.
  • Possible for highly motivated and patience students.
  • This is the cheapest option, and there is nothing to pay unless you choose to seek outside help.
  • There is a plethora of free material online and offline, including apps. That can help you with your violin lessons and personal curriculum.
  • Will let you progress at you own pace, you may study as much or as little as you want to without worrying about meeting set targets.

Disadvantages Of Self Study

  • Not suitable for students who have low levels of discipline.
  • Not great for beginners who want to learn to read sheet music
  • Very challenging for beginners to learn violin in this way.
  • Is lonely and lacks encouragement.
  • Lack of structure may slow progress.
  • Lack of guidance may create bad habits and hinder performance.
The road to being proficient is a long one.
The violin is one of the most beautiful instruments that you can choose. Photo Source: Unsplash

Pros And Cons Of In-Person Lessons

Learning the violin privately and in-person is hands down the best way to learn the instrument. If you are able to find a teacher, violinist or music program available in your local area. This is how the most talented violinists have been taught and continue to learn today.

If you wish to follow in their footsteps, you will be encouraged to study in this way. When you study with a violinist privately, you will be taught everything you need to know to become an active musician. Having your teacher with you means that you will be able to learn with ear training how to tune your violin correctly, you will be able to see how they hold the instrument and they will be able to correct you physically.

The teacher will be able to troubleshoot any issues with your performance quickly and help you with it. Such as fixing your posture, finger placement, helping you to tune your violin and look after it. To attend lessons, you need to bring nothing more than a passion for the violin, your violin and an open mind that is ready to learn.

The best thing about private lessons is that your violin tutor will be able to spot any habits that you are starting to form and defeat them quickly.

Advantages Of Private Lessons

  • Having a private teacher focuses you on learning the violin
  • Playing the violin with your teaching will be inspiring and encouraging as you see yourself improve.
  • You don’t need any out of the ordinary equipment, you, your violin and bow are enough to get started.
  • You will have a hands-on approach to learning which will protect your progress and dispel any bad habits which could affect your success later one.
  • Your environment will be distraction free
  • You will get a first-hand look at the right posture, finger placement and how to maintain your instrument.
  • Great for all ages especially very young students who will need a more hands-on approach to learning.

Disadvantages Of Having A Private Violin Instructor

  • Violin takes a long time to learn, and the private lesson can be expensive.
  • There is little in the way of flexibility went it come to scheduling, and if you travel, you are likely to miss lessons.
  • Your selection of violin teachers near me is limited to your local area.
  • You will have to motivate yourself to leave home to travel to the violin lesson.

All 3 of these routes to learning the violin have their pros and their cons. Once you know your goals the best course for you will become clear. There is no doubt about it, playing the violin takes enormous discipline. It is a very technical instrument to master, but it has considerable benefits if you are willing to stay the course. With passion, dedication and the right Violin lessons, you will be able to become accomplished in playing your beloved violin.

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