"Music is everywhere around us. Just listen." Movie August Rush

I love this quote, and I would take it a step further and say that free music is everywhere around us if you have a WIFI ready device, just search for it.

Taking a drum lesson is not for everyone. The cost, the schedule and the structure of the classes with the drum teacher can be prohibitive. Especially if you find that you are outgrowing the teacher and not on the right track with your progress. If you are new to the drumming, it could help to have a hands-on teacher to show you how to do everything. But once your confidence grows, it is possible to take music lessons for free online, Of course, these courses will not be personalised, but they will allow you to expand your learning on your own schedule.

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How To Learn Drumming For Free?

Here are some tips for not spending a penny to learn the drums. Take a drumming or percussion course in association and music school. They offer trial classes for everyone to introduce their courses.

  1. At the end of the school year, it is often possible to test drumming lessons in a music association, a school or even a music conservatory.
  2. During the summers season, some schools and colleges run a summer school in which you can access short 1 day courses in your choice of topic. They do this to attract new students to their premises.
  3. Often a trial period is also set up during September so that students can test several courses, and decide if the professor's suits them. If you can not find any free trial course call your local college or school and ask if they offer that service.

If you live in a place with lots of schools and colleges, there is nothing to stop you from attending trials at every school or association in your area.

You can learn to play drums according to different styles and with different learning methods. It is very enriching to learn or advance your progress in areas that you had previously misunderstood. When you work alone, it is easy to start to get into bad habits that hinder your progress. But learning a new technique with a live teacher can help to open you up to new techniques for drummers and to gain the essential dexterity with the right hand or left hand.

You could use the opportunity while at the trial classes to network. All of the other students in the class are interested in learning to play the drums just like you are. Perhaps you will find an opportunity to create a band and improve your skills that way.

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Find A Drumming Mentor

When a friend of mine tried the drums, he was lucky to have his father as a teacher. He learned mostly alone, but he got valuable advice which helped him to improve rapidly.

Get the word out that you want to learn the drums, let your friends, family, classmate or work colleagues know that you are open to having a mentor. Perhaps you could swap a skill that you know well with them if they also need help with something that you can provide. If you have friends who live in a family of musicians, you could really benefit from their valuable advice and learn the art of improvisation, the basics of drums or learn your own rhythm in a fun way, Doing this with a mentor that you admire is a sure way to improve your drumming skills rapidly.

  1. Expand the circle and ask people to spread the word, if no one in your family practices the drums, ask everyone else. You could even put a post online and see if anyone has some spare time to help you out. You would be amazed at the number of people willing to share their knowledge without financial compensation. Giving you totally free courses if you find the rare pearl.
  2. Service exchange platforms like helpx can be a great resource for you to learn the drums. For example perhaps if you do one hour of gardening for the host, it can entitle you to one hour of drums! Helpx is most commonly used for hosts to connect with international guests, but nothing is stopping you from connecting people in your city and setting up a help exchange.

To have piano, electric guitar or drums lessons, why not offer your time to a bar owner who is also a musician. You could do an hour of bartering and get an hour of drum training. The options are truly endless if you are able to be creative and find a good, fair way to help someone in exchange for some help. If you feel that you have nothing to swap, think about things that people tend not to like to do. Everyone can offer a service: cleaning, cooking, ironing, Admin, Childcare, tutoring in your profession or special expertise.  You will find something to do in exchange for a drumming course if you really want to.

This is a great way to benefit from personal and individual lessons without opening your wallet and, you get to feel useful in return.

The faster you learn and the better you become.
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Free Classes At Drum Festivals

The drums are an increasingly popular instrument, festivals regularly take place throughout the year and offer free taster session of instruments or even short courses to learn the basics of becoming a drummer.

Here are several festivals that can open new horizons for you to practice your percussion instrument:

  • The Bag'Show in France
  • The Drum Festival in Switzerland,
  • Le London Drum Show in the UK

While this is not completely free as you probably have to buy a ticket to get into the festival but once there you will have access to valuable free classes which are taught by successful drummers.

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Free Drum Tutorials On The Internet

With a little determination, it is quite possible to learn the drum entirely online. Especially if you combine all the methods in this article to progress without paying a penny. The internet is a treasure trove of information and is full of free content for you to go from beginner drummer to expert drummer. Full tutorials, free advice, free sheet music, free step by step classes to learn a song, all without paying any money. This is such a valuable resource and should be incorporated into your learning program, even if you decide to learn in another way.

One of the best resources for you find videos is via YouTube channels. These channels are dedicated to supporting your learning and can help you to learn the basics of the drums. This will help you, to reproduce full songs with different musical styles.

Here are a few of the best You channels for getting free drum lessons :

  1. Drumeo


Drumeo (short for Drum Education Online) is run by founders Jared Falk (Drummer) and Rick Kettner (Drum Teacher). With almost 1 million subscribers this channel claims to have the most free, drumming videos in the world. The cool thing about this channel is that they have contact with a famous drummer who comes to perform. That is cool straight away, then they are also teaching you everything that you need to know to be an awesome drummer. Check them out!

  1. DrumsTheWord


DrumsTheWord is run by Rob, he is a drummer who gives free lesson on learning how to drum your favourite songs and sound better and better all the time. The channel offers 100% free content, and you can get longer content on his website.

  1. 180Drums


180Drums say that they bring you real reviews that will help you to get real results. They also inspire with songs from pro drummers and share tips to make your learning journey easier.

  1. DailyDrumLesson


This channel wants to work with you to take your drumming to the next level. They help people who are beginners as well as more advanced musicians. They have lots of videos and are ready to share a free lesson with you for you to succeed as a drummer and become the best you can at drumming.

  1. Mikes Lessons


Mike Johnston is a drummer and a very successful one, he has toured the world, been on TV, been in movies, recorded soundtracks, won awards and played for lots of artists. He owns Sacramento's only drum school called  "The Drum Lab."

YouTube gives you the opportunity to have access to drumming videos at any time of the day or night, and the quality of the videos are amazing. The drum teachers really explain to you what is going on and what they are doing and why. If you are able to pick a few of these methods and mix it up to suit your lifestyle you will be playing the drums before you know it.

However, learning on your own schedule does come with a warning. Life tends to get busy and if you are not motivated to start then, you never will. If you want to achieve your goal of learning the drums, then you must push yourself and make it a priority in your life. This is why it is also advisable to vary your drumming method so that you will remain interested, motivated and focused on your musical goal. So which free drumming method will you choose? 

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