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Want to Learn German?

Our German tutors share their tips and tricks with you to help you learn the language of Goethe. Whether you are a beginner, looking to practice, or prepare for an exam, you will find help you need on Superprof.

Superprof is the place to be for German teachers and we have thousands of them across our website. Check out there profiles and find German lessons near you!

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German Lessons for Every Level

With Superprof, learning German has never been so easy. In just a few clicks, you can find a private tutor near you who can help you quickly learn German, no matter what your level is.

Starting German Classes

German students in primary school, secondary school, or at university will find a huge range of at-home German tutorials. For those starting to learn German, private classes are a great option.

The price of German lessons tends to vary according to your level. That means beginners can often expect to pay very affordable rates.

Since the classes are tailored to you, you’ll quickly start making progress. The support provided by your private tutor will also help you stay motivated when learning to speak German.

Unlike learning to speak German on your own, when you learn German with a German teacher, it’s much easier to overcome the difficulties of learning a foreign language.

The Advantages of Taking German Courses

A private German tutor will give you regular support and help you learn the basics (German grammar, declensions, vocabulary, conjugations, verbs, syntax, adverbs, prepositions, idiomatic expressions, etc.) as well as focusing on the pronunciation.

If you want to learn German (or any language for that matter), you need to practise speaking, writing, and reading, and listening.

Whether you wish to take German classes for beginners’, at the intermediate level, advanced German lessons , German conversation classes, intensive classes, adult classes, or small group classes, you’ll find plenty of different private tutors who can help you get a better understanding of the German language and improve your linguistic skills.

Who are our German Tutors?

Would you like to learn German but don’t know where to start?

Are you studying German but need some help improving?

Are you thinking of learning German and living in Germany or just visiting?

Find out how to choose the best German tutor for you with Superprof. Plenty of German-speaking students are offering German help. Their advanced knowledge of the language can help German students who are struggling when it comes to speaking German.

Why Learn German?

Learning German could be an interesting choice for your career.

Germany is one of the most powerful economies in Europe.

There are plenty of business opportunities for those learning German.

Learning German with Bilingual Tutors

Those who speak both German and English fluently can help students effectively learn German and explain advanced concepts in English.

Getting private tutorials with a private German tutor whose native language is German will also help you learn more about not just the language, but also German culture and German traditions.

Learning with a native speaker can help you learn about all aspects of German.

There are also qualified German teachers who usually work in schools that offer private German tutorials.

Their knowledge of the curriculum can be useful for students who need help catching up or those who want intensive German lessons in order to prepare for German exams.

While immersion in the target country is arguably the best way to learn a language, you can’t always just move to Germany for several months.

Of course, another way to learn German is by taking German lessons, listening to German music, watching a German TV show or film. This can help you quickly learn German and become bilingual.