Having teaching skills can be immensely rewarding as these skills are transferable to a wide variety of job markets. All it takes is a bit of repurposing of your teaching skills. So, if you are thinking of leaving your teaching job behind or have retired from your teaching and are looking for new roles, think smart and get cracking!

Leading classrooms and developing young minds requires huge stores of patience, empathy, strategic thinking, and communication ability that can translate to any number of careers.

It is not difficult to find new jobs for a teacher who is willing to use his/her experience in the classroom to find a related job or even to launch a brand new career. Some of the best jobs for former teachers rely on transferable skills like communication, management, problem-solving, and decision-making skills. In this article, we take a look at the top 10 alternate career options for teachers.

1. Private Tutor

Many teaching skills come in handy in the classroom for a teacher, can also be transferred to the world of private tutoring. As a private tutor, there is ample opportunity to share your subject knowledge and help others learn. However, you can steer clear of the politics and bureaucracy found in the education system, which allows you to focus on what you do best, that is teach.

Private tutors also enjoy the flexibility of setting their own hours, deciding how many students they want to teach, and how they want to teach (one-on-one classes or online lessons), as well as being in control of the environment in which their students learn. The administrative skills that a former teacher may have acquired as a teacher will help them stay organized and run their own tutoring business.

2. Writer

This is one of the easier career switches for teachers, as far as jobs for people with a B.Ed. in India go. This is because, along the course of your degree education, as well as the subsequent training and experience you gained as a teacher, you pick up important skills of creativity, adaptability, and critical thinking that are useful skills to excel in the profession of writing.

Career paths for ex-teachers
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Use your subject matter expertise to write online content or a nonfiction book. For the more creative ones, the option of writing fiction stories also holds great promise. Content writers with teaching experience are also much sought after in the world of curriculum development, including the creation of curriculum resources, lesson plans, test questions, and textbooks that can be used in the classroom.

3. Training and Development Manager

Put your supervision, organizational skills, and curriculum development knowledge to good use by considering a career as a training and development manager. While some training and development managers have a human resources background, many also have an educational background and hold degrees in an educational or related field. The job description of such professionals include:

  1. Assessment of training needs within an organization
  2. Creation of training course content
  3. Selecting training materials
  4. Overseeing training and development staff, including program directors, instructional designers, and course instructors.

4. Interpreter or Translator

Former teachers who taught a foreign language in the classroom are in demand in interpreting and translation roles in multinational organizations. Such roles usually entail the interpretation of spoken or signed messages and the translation of written texts. Teachers can apply their reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills for the effective execution of such roles.

5. Life Coach

In the role of a teacher, people spend a considerable amount of time conducting assessments, setting goals, and motivating students - skills that can lead to your development as a mentor and coach to help other people develop emotionally, cognitively, academically, and professionally.

Life coaches are also called executive coaches or enrichment specialists. They are entrusted with the role of helping other people establish goals for themselves and developing action plans to achieve them. Most life coaches are self-employed, giving them more flexibility to choose their clients. However, they may also be employed by residential welfare or treatment facilities.

Get into publishing as an ex-teacher
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6. Educational Program Director or School Principal

Many former teachers find it difficult to stay away from the educational field even after they have retired from their teaching jobs, although they might not want to go back to the classroom. Such experienced teachers can use their planning, organizational, and administrative skills to work as an educational or academic program director to plan and develop learning programs. Such roles in demand in libraries, museums, zoos, parks, and other organizations that offer education to visiting guests. Becoming the principal of your former school is another option for ex-teachers wanting to get into administrative roles.

7. Educational Consultant

Teachers are always looking for ways to develop as educational professionals and to be in step with the changing educational trends. This makes many teachers ideally suited for the role of an educational consultant. Such consultants have the option of working as independent consultants or in full-time roles.

Teaching is a lifelong process of learning.

Educational consultants make recommendations related to instructional planning, curriculum development, administrative procedures, educational policies, and assessment methods, based on their own knowledge and experience. Their role is in great demand in both schools and government agencies involved in running the course of education in India.

8. Admissions Consultant

Assessment and evaluation are, probably, the two areas in which teachers gain the maximum competency at the end of their tenures. These 2 skills are a great fit in the domain of admissions consulting. An admissions consultant is entrusted with the job of evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of a student and making recommendations, based on this evaluation, to colleges, universities, and graduate schools that align with that student's specific abilities and learning goals.

Many students also take the help of admission consultants to strengthen their application materials, including the reading and editing of application essays, suggesting content for recommendation letters, or preparing the student for the interview process. It is imperative for an admission consultant to be familiar with the college or graduate school application process. 

Teachers have transferable skills
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9. School Counselor

Helping people is one of the fundamental tenets of teaching that also makes it such an attractive profession. The same is true for the profession of counseling. Former teachers are ideally suited for the role of a school counselor because they can interact with the students on a one-on-one basis while being able to assess and evaluate independently. 

School counselors are instrumental in helping young students develop social and academic skills. They are also responsible for identifying special needs or abnormal behaviors in students. Not just young students, but older students can also seek a counselor's advice on academic and career plans, including the selection of high school classes, colleges, or career paths. While most school counselors work in school settings, a few are also employed in healthcare or social services.

10. Corporate Trainer

Education does not stop even after one is out of the classroom. Corporate employees are also students who seek continuous education. Former teachers can take up the role of corporate trainers and teach a company's employees new skills, techniques, and procedures, keeping the company’s goals in focus while doing so.

Corporate trainers are usually required to create and make presentations using digital media, efficiently work with teams and individuals to identify problems and solutions and exercise impeccable organizational skills.

As you can see, choosing an alternative job is not always difficult for teachers as it does not require a complete overhaul of one’s current knowledge and skills. It is, in fact, as straightforward as it sounds - ask questions, build your resume, apply to a new line of work, and starting a new profession!

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