A programmer is a person who fixes a problem that you don't know you have, in a way you don't undertsand.

The primary function of a computer programmer and developer is to develop solutions to complex problems, using computer code. JavaScript is the most common scripting language that is used on HTML pages to enhance them and give you the best web content. If you are an aspiring programmer or developer, you can make use of a JavaScript tutorial and learn about an array of new computing skills that can help you with professional development as well.

JavaScript is usually embedded in an HTML code and can accentuate web pages, making the content more vibrant and dynamic. Besides this primary function, a java code also offers an array of other benefits, making it a popular choice as a web page scripting language.

What is an HTML code?

What Is JavaScript?

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JavaScript codes provide multiple options in formatting the content on a web page.

While HTML pages are useful to display static content, for example, an image, most web pages today are rarely static. You will observe a lot of dynamic content on any web page you visit. For example, you will have one or the other from the following list:

  • Slideshows.
  • Interactive images.
  • Menu options. 
  • Dynamic forms. 

JavaScript comes as an embedded code in HTML and mastering these skills is essential for a programmer. While there is an array of programming languages used for scripting on the web, JavaScript is the most popular and easy-to-use. It can function as a foundation for interactive web pages, using codes at the backend.

Two Ways to Use JavaScript Code

There are two types of functions performed by a JavaScript code. The first type is where you can embed all the JavaScript code in the HTML code. The second type, on the other hand, uses an entirely separate JavaScript file from within a Script element. The latter is enclosed by Script tags. 

You can identify a JavaScript file by the extension marked with .js. JavaScript finds its widest use in interacting with an HTML object. However, you can also learn new ways of clubbing it with non-HTML objects like browser plugins, or CSS properties, etc.

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For a beginner or a new user, all you need is a basic text editor like Notepad in Windows, in order to write a good JavaScript code. There are other editors like BBEdit that have advanced features like syntax highlighting that allows you to identify data or code or JavaScript elements easily. JavaScript codes are supported by any regular web browsers including Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Google Chrome.

JavaScript Functions: Key Terms

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As discussed above, the main function of JavaScript is to enhance HTML pages. But how does it do all this? Below are the ways a JavaScript code can be used to enhance HTML web content:

  • Change HTML content using JavaScript code.
  • JavaScript can change the element content of an HTML code.
  • You can use JavaScript to alter HTML attribute values.
  • Change HTML styles or CSS, using JavaScript.
  • JavaScript can be used to hide or show HTML elements.

JavaScript Function Definition

A block of code that has a specific design directed towards executing a particular task is a JavaScript function. You would need to invoke a function in JavaScript in order for it to perform its specific task.

Syntax Function

In order to define a JavaScript function, you have to type in the function keyword, followed by the name and brackets. Function names are combinations of letters, numbers, and symbols. The brackets usually contain the parameter names.

When you invoke a JavaScript function, you are essentially sending argument values to the function. These arguments behave as local variables within the function.

Invocation of Function

You can only make a function code perform if you invoke or call for the function. You can use the following actions to invoke a JavaScript function:

  1. Event occurrence: for example, the click of a button.
  2. Code invocation: you can invoke a function from a JavaScript code.
  3. Self-invocation: you can write codes to automatically invoke a function.

Return of JavaScript Function

A return statement is used to end a function. This implies the stoppage of all function execution. For example, if you had invoked the function from a statement, the JavaScript function will return to execute the code, following the invocation of the statement. This is done by computing a return value by the function.

You can use functions to define a code at the start of the JavaScript and use the same code over and over again. Using different arguments, you can alter the outcomes of the code. Just like variables, functions can also be used in formulas, assignments, and calculations. 

JavaScript Const

When an identifier cannot be reassigned, it is denoted or represented by the term const. A const object can have mutable properties, unlike immutable datatypes. An example of an immutable data type is immutable.js.

JavaScript Class

Special JavaScript functions are defined as classes. JavaScript classes use inheritance based on prototypes. The class syntax is categorized into two key elements:

  1. Class expressions: This is one of the methods of defining a class in ECMAScript 2015. Class expressions may or may not carry a name.
  2. Class declarations: This type of class uses a prototype-based inheritance to create a new class with a given name.

Advantages of JavaScript

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Developers widely use JavaScript to create vibrant and dynamic web pages.

JavaScript is one of the most popular and easiest programming languages, used by developers all over the world. It offers an array of benefits and uses and is also a relatively easies scripting language.

Benefits of Being a Client-Side Language

This is the main reason why this scripting language is so popular. Instead of a web server, the JavaScript code is executed on the user's processor. This results in the reduction of the server load to a significant extent. It also saves a lot of resources and bandwidth problems at the user's end.

Easy Scripting Language

One huge benefit of learning JavaScript is that it offers syntax, which is similar to learning the English language. Using the DOM model, it provides an array of options in its functionalities vis-a-vis the various objects on web pages. This makes it easier for a beginner to develop a script easily.

Fast End-User Experience

This follows from the first advantage of JavaScript being a client-side language. This facilitates almost instant processing of the task on web pages and saves you the time to process data on the host web server, preventing back and forth transfer of information and saving of resources and time.

Extended Web Page Functionality

As a JavaScript developer, you can also write and execute JavaScript codes on multiple web pages. For example, you can make use of add-ons like Greasemonkey to implement a code on an external web page.

Platform Independence

Any standard browser today is JavaScript-enable. This makes interpreting a JavaScript code easy. In addition, you can use an array of computer hardware to write a JavaScript program.

Event-Based Programming Language

Since it depends on programs, the execution of various codes can occur as soon as the concerned event occurs in JavaScript. For example, with the click of the mouse cursor, you can execute a JavaScript code.

Procedural Programming Capabilities

JavaScript is one scripting language that embodies all sorts of programming capabilities. This includes branching, looping, condition checking, etc.

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Learn JavaScript for a Flourishing Career in Programming

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A career in a programming language can grow immensely with a strong knowledge base in JavaScript | Source: Hunters Race on Unsplash

JavaScript is the duct tape of the internet. - Charlie Campbell

An introduction to JavaScript for beginners can be useful to get started on the path of becoming a successful computer professional. The key components of such an introductory course are:

  • Introduction to JavaScript Programming.
  • JavaScript- Key Terms and Concepts.
  • HTML and JavaScript.
  • Building Blocks of JavaScript.
  • JavaScript Operators and Variables.
  • JavaScript Functions and Objects.
  • The Window Object.
  • HTML Frames.

Once you have mastered the foundation skills in JavaScript and gained new knowledge, getting a lucrative job offer will then be only a matter of time. In India, programming developers are in high demand, thanks to the growing dependence of businesses on technology and digital tools.

As a JavaScript developer, you can apply to any of these job profiles:

  1. Web Developer.
  2. Programmer.
  3. Web Content Developer.
  4. Business Consultant.
  5. Web Innovation Specialist.

Overall, JavaScript is a must-know scripting language if you are eyeing for a career in computer science or computer engineering. You can start exploring options immediately after passing out of school by enrolling in a beginner's course or an online certification course. The expert team of tutors at Superprof can also lend support with building a basic understanding of this programming language. So, go ahead and book your first class right away!

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