Technology won't replace teachers, but teachers who use technology will probably replace teachers who do not.

To move ahead in life, you have to be skilled at using computers. Computer literacy is a life skill that has come to feature on top of anyone's priority lists. The British Deputy High Commissioner in Kolkata at the inauguration of an e-learning center recently declared that 'computer literacy is as essential as literacy itself'. India, being one of the youngest nations in the world, is also home to some of the best computer geniuses and computer teachers.

Computer and IT are two domains that are interlinked and that present highly lucrative career opportunities. You can work as experts who help businesses grow and scale to greater heights. You can also become a network security expert and help governments in designing complex defense systems.

Find out more about your options in computer science in India.

How can you improve productivity on computers?
Computer courses are available in plenty and offer multiple specializations.

You can join computer classes immediately after leaving school or even during the final years of school. There are many full-time and distance learning computer courses available today. A computer course after 12th can be on any of these subjects:

  1. Data Entry Operator course.
  2. Animation and VFX.
  3. Web Application Design and Development.
  4. Digital marketing.
  5. Graphic designing.
  6. Computer-Aided Design and Drafting (CAAD).
  7. Website Design and Development.
  8. Programming and Computer Language (C++ and Java).

These are just a few courses one can start learning from the IT tutors available on Superprof India. All these subjects are taught with the objective of finding you a desirable profile in the job market. Find out more about the top computer courses that make you market-ready.

Tips to Find A Good Computer Teacher

Computer classes are as effective as their teachers. Hence, it is important to put some thought into choosing your tutors wisely. You can use these tips in your search for a computer teacher:

  • Choose online computer courses. They are tailormade, with each module designed with you in mind.
  • Choose teachers who offer one-on-one coaching spaces. 
  • Align your learning goals with the teaching style. 
  • Choose mid-level experts who can teach exactly what you need and not everything under the sun.
  • Find a teacher who can expose you to practical experiences. When you are learning about computers, this is mandatory.
  • Find a teacher who can be a good mentor, and can help you learn even after the course is over.

Choose from Different Types of Tutoring

Just like any other subject, you can learn computer in myriad ways- in a classroom setting, through recorded sessions, and through online computer courses. Only you have the power to decide which style to opt for. But go for the one that is most effective, and not just convenient to enhance your learning.

Private Tutors

Private tutors are the norm today. The computer teacher will come and teach you in the comfort of your home and on your personal computer. It couldn't get better than this. You can fix a stipulated number of days and leave the rest to the tutor.

The advantage of this is that you get the undivided attention of your teacher and can learn without any distractions. And in case your tutor can't make it on a particular day, you can always go for a live class online.

Learn in a Group

This is a popular method of teaching among many computer teachers. They would just invite you and your peers to a commonly agreed location that has a classroom setting and conduct the class there. This is advantageous from the teacher's point since it gives them access to multiple students at a time. With the help of technology, they can easily project the course module on a screen and help you make progress. Find all about online computer courses and their benefits. 

For you, the student, the benefit of learning in a group is that you gain access to a community that shares your learning goals and career aspirations. This is immensely helpful when you are doing your project work or practical training. 

Become an Apprentice

This one is another easy and effective way to learn on the job. Through an apprenticeship, you get exposed to the real-time challenges and get to work on the solutions, while learning new skills and also getting paid.

A lot of teachers also encourage their students to intern with a company so they can learn from industry leaders and experts other than themselves.

Find Computer Teachers Who Suit Your Budget

Computer tutor fees
Computer teachers are highly affordable in India.

For you, the student, a deciding factor for a computer teacher is her tuition fees. Go for tutors who are mid-level tutors with average years of practical experience and a good hold on computer skills.

Things to Look Out for While Choosing a Computer Teacher

Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher. - Chinese proverb.

Good computer courses are as good as the teachers who teach the subject. Invest in a good teacher and a mentor who can handhold you every step of the learning journey. Look for teachers who are good at teaching computers to beginners. You can consider these parameters while deciding on your tutor:

  1. Experience: You may not want to go for a very experienced professional, who cannot teach you the basics. Look for a fair amount of experience with computer theories and practical exposure, that decide the teachers' remuneration.
  2. Expertise: Look for teachers who are experts at one or more domains, especially if you are looking to develop specific skills. But remember, a lot of expertise can also drive up the tuition fees.
  3. Choose the number of sessions: Decide beforehand how many days or sessions you want with the computer teacher. You can choose to pay them per session or on a monthly basis.

Where Can You Find Good Computer Teachers?

The task of finding a good computer teacher, whether private computer classes or one for online computer courses, can be tedious and look challenging. But there are a few good avenues to source your tutor.

Educational Institutions

There are tons of vocational training institutes and IT colleges that have great faculty. You can start contacting them to find yourself a good fit. This is a great source to find good computer teachers since their expertise would already have been vetted and their profiles backed by an institution that builds their credibility.

Local Listings and Classifieds

For a computer course after 12th, you can keep a close watch on the classifieds column of the local newspaper or check ads placed in local shops. The advantage of this is you will find tutors close to home, most of the time. Moreover, you can negotiate better with such individuals.

Online Platforms

Platforms like Superprof allow you to contact a particular tutor and other students to help with your search. You can also search teachers via location in order to find IT tutors near you and then proceed to filter them down according to their specialisms and experience.

What is Needed of You

onlinecomputer learning
Whether you are in your 20's or 60's, you must be fully committed to the program before you even sign up. | Source: Freepik

Learning computers can be easy if you want to make it so. A good computer teacher can only get you so far with learning the subject. So, before you even begin your hunt for a good tutor, you may want to check a few things about yourself.

Your Level of Motivation

Are looking to sign up because your friend did or because you want to learn a new skill? It is important to ask yourself this. This is crucial in deciding the outcome of your learning and how best you can absorb what your tutor delivers. Simply put, you must be motivated enough to finish the journey in order to step up and move ahead, and not just add another certification to your portfolio.

Your Time Investment

Learning a new skill requires patience, perseverance, commitment, and grit. But most importantly, it requires time. If you think that you cannot dedicate the requisite time to complete the different legs of the learning journey including your project work and internship, then you can always wait and revisit the idea at a later time.

A good way to manage time is to set yourself a consistent schedule. And stick to it. So if you want your computer teacher to only teach you on weekends, try not to change that every week. Consistency in your timetable is important to get into a rhythm of studying. And it helps both yourself and your tutor.

Your Reason to Join the Computer Course

Before starting out, ask yourself this- Why do I want to learn a new skill? Why a hard subject like computers? 

The answers to these questions will also help you in determining the type of tutor you want and would fit you best. This, in turn, will help you with getting tailormade study programs that are designed with the sole aim of enhancing your learning. After all, you don't become an expert at software development or network security just like that. There is a lot of grit and determination that helps you along the way.

So, let your potential be unleashed under the guidance of great computer teachers and mentors. Choose the one who can be a co-voyager in your journey of discovering computers.

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