In education, technology can be a life-changer, a game changer, for kids who are both in school and out of school.- Queen Rania of Jordan

The internet is synonymous with learning. Especially for the children and youth. It has had a revolutionizing effect in changing the way people learn and helped them break away from traditional learning methods. If you are planning to take a computer course after 12th, then you will be swamped with options.

Learning computers is easy thanks to the use of technology. You can take online classes, both short courses, and diplomas, on some of the best online portals that offer a computer course.

Why Should I Take an Online Computer Class?

Take a course
Online classes can be self-paced or timed, giving you the flexibility to learn and apply. Source: Freepik

Computer courses are available in abundance on the internet. But don't get the wrong idea about them. Online classes are as focused and student-centric as live classes in physical classrooms. This means that they demand sincerity, concentration, and regular assessments to help you progress. Remember, online computer courses teach you the same details of computer knowledge as any other course including, but not limited to:

  • Basic computer commands.
  • Internet usage.
  • Software development.
  • Coding and programming.
  • Multimedia designing. 

Advantages of Online Computer Courses

Just like any other online course, learning computers online has a number of benefits. The most important one is that you can use a computer to learn about computers! 

Self-paced Learning

Who would have thought that creating a website or a mobile phone application would be child's play? Most online computer courses teach through recorded videos that you can download and watch in a loop to suit your pace of learning. This prevents a dip in motivation and attention and stops your learning from getting hampered. You can learn and apply new skills at the tip of your fingertips:

  • Develop a new website.
  • Optimize your internet search.
  • Manage and edit blogs.
  • Create and upload videos.
  • Develop new software with programming codes. 

Choose What You Want to Learn

While regular courses come with mandates of the subjects to be included and taught, in online computer courses, you can choose the subjects and skills that you wish to pick up. Note, that some online courses may require prior knowledge of basic computer functions.

So, if you already are a graduate in computer science or a computer science engineer, you can opt to learn only those IT skills that apply to your research or work area. Some online courses allow you to design your program structures. You can choose from these top applications and subjects:

  • Computer programming.
  • IT equipment.
  • Web development.
  • Hardware and software development. 
  • Networking and security.
  • C++ and Java.

Apply What You Learn, As You Learn

Practice makes a man perfect!

Online computer classes allow ample scope for demonstrating and applying new skills as you make progress. There are self-assessments, peer-graded assessments, and project work to monitor and evaluate your progress. You can always reach out to the online tutors for addressing your queries, mentoring, and feedback on your work.

Find a good computer science course online.

Easily Find Online Computer Courses

Online learning tool
Online resources are gaining popularity to enhance learning.

There are a number of options for you on the internet if you are looking to learn from the comfort of your home. With the gradual transition to e-learning, more and more platforms are investing resources to expand their subject and tutor base. This helps you immensely to narrow down your preferences when it comes to the core subjects you wish to learn in a computer course.

You will find a bunch of free courses online, but not all of them will give you what you want. So, basically, go for the courses that have been tried and tested. Peer references and recommendations can be really useful. Also, look for reviews, offerings, and certifications that can add to your portfolio rather than just become another thing to complete.

Be careful of fake sites and phishing adverts that are posted solely with the intention of making money. So, stay away from promos that flash "Learn Programming in Just 1 Day". These are usually bogus and baseless since however advanced your learning capacity maybe, just the sheer volume of the subject matter will not let you complete a new course in just 24 hours.

The best way to go about choosing your online computer course site is to try a demo. Most of the reliable and good sites offer free videos and demos that do not charge you anything. So, test the waters before you decide to jump in.

Do thorough research on the internet about multiple online portals. Visit their websites to check authenticity, rates of success, their history, online tutoring faculty, student record, etc. There is also another formula for learning information technology online - having 1 on 1 coaching sessions with a private online tutor via a shared screen.

If online courses are not your cup of tea, you can always find a good university to get a degree in computer science.

Can Anyone Apply for an Online Computer Course?

The simple answer is a resounding yes. All you need is a computer and the internet. The rest of the stuff like necessary software and accessories can be added to the list as and when required.

Choose a Good Computer

The basic requirement for an online class is to have a computer. Although a personal laptop is preferred to store your notes and project work, a shared desktop will also do.

Step-by-step Guide to Choosing the Right Computer

  1. Start with the storage. Check the memory space and the RAM storage capacity. Most online courses will require you to download and store a lot of data and new software.
  2. Install the basic software. This includes the MS Office suite and online working tools like Google spreadsheets.
  3. Install the add-ons. You can add Paintshop Pro, PhotoShop, etc. to boost your online learning experience.
  4. Check internet compatibility. With the transition from the 4G network to 5G, internet speed fluctuations are common. Make sure your plug-ins are installed and are compatible with your internet network.

Computer Accessories

Apart from the basic accessories like a keyboard and mouse, make sure you have sound headphones so you don't miss out on important points during the tutorial. Go for the ones with the noise-cancellation feature to ensure uninterrupted learning.

Have an external hard drive ready for backup. It is recommended to store your downloads on this rather than on your system.

High-speed Internet

This is a must for online computer courses. Be it live streaming or recorded classes, without high-speed internet, you are in for some major challenges. The courses require high-speed downloads, especially for project work.

Effective Ways to Improve Your Computer Skills for Free

Improve your computer skills
Improve your computer skills for free, working from home.

While an online computer course is a good starting point to develop and hone your computer knowledge and skills, you can supplement that learning with some self-learning exercises as well. This will only add to your resume and will go a long way in landing you a desirable job in the IT domain.

These five tips can be really effective in building your understanding of the details of computer knowledge and give you the required practical experience.

Identify What You Need and Want to Learn

Most people opt for an online computer course when they wish to improve their skills and rise up the career ladder. It is thus very helpful to identify what you want to be where desire to be. A good place to start would be sifting through job descriptions of the desired job profiles. This will also ease the process of choosing the right courses for yourself.

Set a Timeline

The danger of self-paced learning is that you can drop out of a program very easily. Hence, it is imperative that you set yourself a timeline to finish a course in order to align it with your professional goals. The easiest way to do this is to create a timetable that you can refer to and that can help track your progress and gaps.

Start with the Basics

This means that you should have a fair understanding of handling a computer and working with it. All it requires is practice and a little spirit of adventure. Try out different things on your computer and get well-versed with its various functions. This little, yet significant exercise will help expedite your e-learning process.

Set Yourself Learning Goals

The basic premise you can start with is that you don't and you can't learn everything about computers in one go. It is easier to create short-term goals to choose the most appropriate online computer course. Before starting your course, define your targets and the level that you would like to acquire. You can start with a bucket list of all things you wish to learn and then break them down into smaller and achievable goals.

Practice Regularly

This can't be emphasized enough. Computers are all about doing. You can be a geek and memorize everything about its functioning, but until and unless you put them to practice, you will never quite flourish at it. Online computer courses are a great way to learn about computer language and programming. You can get in touch with the tutors at Superprof and start your tech journey from right here.

And if all this looks too overwhelming, find a good computer teacher to teach you the basics.

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