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Are you looking to increase your level of expertise and understanding of computers and IT courses? If the answer is yes, then you will find study support easily with the top IT colleges in India. But if you really want to study computer modules in-depth and wish to develop applications based on your learning, then you need to understand the basic components of computer learning. Computer science students often fall short of becoming experts at computing due to a lack of a solid foundation in IT skills. 

You can easily find a good computer course by searching for the best computer classes near me tag on the internet. But the best computer course is one that combines elements of theoretical knowledge and exposure to practical experience beyond what your college campus can offer. And it doesn't matter if you are a student or a professional, skills in computing are essential to both kick-start your career and to expedite its growth.

So, what are these basics of computing that make up the top computer courses list? Scroll down to find out more.

Computer Memory

IT training courses can help get you the career you really want
The RAM serves the same purpose as human memory.

An introduction to a computer module or even a software application would require a basic understanding of the core components of a computer. Starting with how it stores and uses data. 

Random Access Memory (RAM)

As the name suggests, you can access this type of memory randomly. This means the computer uses the RAM to store working data, that can be read or changed in any order. Note that the RAM is a temporary file storage location.

Read-Only Memory (ROM)

This is almost similar to long-term memory storage in the human brain. You can apply the ROM to retrieve data stored over a long period of data. By its very nature, the data stored here cannot be altered after the software has been developed and stored.

Important Computer Concepts

A third-year university student in computer science should be able to tell you the core functions of computers. Your level of understanding is a step-by-step guide to becoming a professional with computer expertise, one who has built a niche in the domain of computers.

Beginners, on the other hand, especially those doing a networking or web design computer class, should be aware of basic things like IP addresses. In order to get your credits and computer course certificate, it is better to do some self-learning to get yourself started. 

IP Address

IP is short for Internet Protocol, which is more like a professional protocol that each computer in the world is expected to follow. An IP address is unique to each computer, that appears in the form of a combination of characters. It allows computers to exchange information with one another over the same network. An IP address is a complete set of information vis-a-vis a specific computer. Needless to say that a computer course module is incomplete without this concept. 

Computer Database

Databases power the online world of cloud computing. As part of your computer class, you will learn how to organize, store, and collect online data. This process results in the generation of a database that is a reference point for future work in businesses, project work, individual information storing, etc.

Computer Server

Whether you are teaching online or uploading hours of media on YouTube, a computer server is what makes all this happen. A computer server is just another computer that facilitates data requests and information delivery to other computers over the internet. Servers are also termed as data centers or interconnected computers designed to serve as a command processing unit at the backend. 

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing
Cloud Computing is the future of learning and growth | Source: Freepik

If you want to study computer science or get a certificate in an advanced computer course, you must be aware of the notion of cloud computing. You can get a university degree in the subject or take up an optional computer class, but be sure to familiarize yourself with the idea of cloud computing.

The design, development, and delivery of computing services over the internet are what constitutes cloud computing. In terms of the practical application of cloud computing, e-commerce is the best example. Cloud computing services offer a complete package in terms of customer support, payment links, and product selection for online businesses. You can easily learn about cloud computing from any online computer course or through expert tutors like those available at Superprof.

Find out about information technology courses that you can pursue for cloud computing.

Important Concepts Associated with Cloud Computing

Whatever amount of fees you are paying for a computer course online, they must be teaching you about cloud computing. It is an essential element of your computer class and important to build your practical knowledge. There are a few other terms you will come across while learning about cloud computing. Get hold of a good computer teacher to help you build clarity.


Short for Hypertext Markup Language, HTML isn't really a programming language. It is one of the computer systems used to tag text files on webpages. This is very useful to achieve font, color, graphic, and hyperlink effects. SOo, if you want to tell the computer to put some text in bold, you just have to put <b> before the word or words you want to appear in bold. Then you need to put </b> at the end.

Microsoft Office Suite

You are of course aware of the idea of website design and development. While working on the cloud, it extremely beneficial to be well-versed with the MS (Microsoft) Office Suite. This means an expert level understanding of MS Word, Excel, and Powerpoint. With the help of the MS Office Suite, you can significantly reduce the number of hours and time investment to build a dynamic and user-friendly website.

You can always look up teaching sites like Superprof to brush up your MS Office skills. 


You must have come across this term while visiting various websites on the internet. What it means is that your browser is trying to leave an imprint on your computer memory of the site you are visiting. Just like your brain does when you are visiting your old school campus. But unlike a virus or malware, these imprints are mostly harmless and are usually saved on some drive on your computer. These are temporary files, located in the RAM, and can be easily removed. Cookies are generally used for e-commerce sites like Amazon or Flipkart. 

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Cloud computing is associated with the risk of cyber-attacks and cybersecurity. If you are training to become a computer expert, then you have to study how to keep computers safe. Not every information stored or accessed on the cloud is reliable and harmless. The VPN acts as a secure tunnel to pass information from point A to point B through the internet. A VPN is usually safe and can't be easily hacked into. Information passing through a VPN network is usually encrypted, which adds extra layers of security to it against attackers.

Computer Programming Languages

Computer language
Programming languages are very useful in software development and application.

You might not think that programmers are artists, but programming is an extremely creative profession. It's logic-based creativity. - John Romero

If you wish to apply the basic concepts of computer programming, then learning about computer languages is the natural next step to get things moving. A good computer course in a programming language will teach you to decode computer data, develop software using codes, and even design software applications over time. 

There are many options in a computer programming language to choose from. The top ones to consider would be:

  1. Python.
  2. C++.
  3. JavaScript.
  4. R.
  5. Swift.

Programming languages can boost your college credits, help you get ahead in your job, and make you an expert at web application development. Gain the required experience to form a strong base before you build your expertise in the world of programming. Find out about the career prospects in programming.

Binary Code

At the end of the 1930s, Claude Shannon showed that it was possible to carry logic operations by using the number 1 as “true” and the number 0 as “false”. This process of encoding information came to be termed as binary. In computer language, only two codes are used to encode information, 1 or 0, and that is why the name binary. 

The bit (short for binary digit) is the smallest amount of information that a computer can deal with. A bit is one of two states: 1 or 0. A byte is 8 bits and can have 256 different values. If you try to apply these data to your daily life, they might turn out to be irrelevant. But when you are talking about computer courses and programming languages, they assume great importance, especially to study languages like C++ and Java. 

Find out about coding courses and how they can help.

Computer training can be tricky. Students from all backgrounds and streams of computer science can choose to study further and specialize in or more computer skills. You can aspire for a career in computer systems and security, or software design and development, or even hardware design and maintenance. But your starting point will always be a firm understanding of the basic concepts of computer functioning. So, do the right thing and use the Superprof platform to find an expert tutor for an introduction to the world of computing.

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