The computer was born to solve problems that did not exist before. - Bill Gates

Thanks to the IT boom in India, there is a huge demand for computer skills and IT experts. But despite the growing number of IT professionals, there is still a shortage of excellent working professionals with a strong foundation in computer skills. Many industries are facing a manpower crunch largely due to the fact that young graduate students are unaware of the career options beyond their campus placement processes.

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With the advances made in the field of technology and the advent of online computer classes, things are, however, changing. A student no longer has to rely solely on computer science teachers or dedicate a lot of time to qualify for the top IT jobs in India. 

There are multiple options in terms of well-paying jobs in the market if you invest enough time in learning about the basics of computing and get support in career counseling. Here is a look at the best professional roles that multiple sectors are offering.r

Web Developer

Web developer
A web developer can design and develop websites, webpages, and much more, making the role a highly versatile one.

The main job of a web developer is to design and develop digital programs for users, using various computer programming languages like C++, Java, and Python. The portfolio is that of a manager who handles the project from scratch to finish. As a web developer, you can use specific software to design your product.

You can invest a year or so in learning and training in web development from a computer teacher, including building your practical knowledge, before you can hone your skills to become an expert at it. Web developers are in high demand in many industries, thanks to the dependence on digital marketing and cloud computing to run businesses. You will be glad to know that it is one of the most searched jobs on LinkedIn. As a fresher, you can earn a minimum of INR 3,50,000 per year in this role, which will only increase with your growing level of expertise. 

Skills Required

  • Basic understanding of programming languages.
  • Analytical skills.

  • Creativity.

  • Product design.

What are the basic skills required for a beginner's job as a web developer?

Application Developer

If someone asks which is the best computer course, the answer in most cases would be this. Your computer class will teach you to develop software applications for mobile phones and tablets. Developing apps has a bright future ahead of it. Apps are in great demand and you actually get an app for all your daily and special needs. A great example is the Microsoft Office app that helps you access important documents on-the-go. 

You can go for a certificate programmer or full-fledged university course. This area of computer skills is in high demand anywhere. Whether you are just getting an introduction to this computer course or enrolled in an advanced program, rest assured that there are some great jobs with high salaries that are in store for you at the end of it.

The technical execution and design of an app are the subject matter of an app developer. This can include designing a new app or providing support to upgrading an existing one, based on a design brief received from the customer. Frequent and regular testing of the app is important to ensure its success when it hits the market and also while it is in use, in order to fix bugs. You can start earning a good salary as high as INR 5,00,00 with a specialization in this computer science course. 

Skills Required

  • Application development.

  • Software development.
  • Analytical skills.

  • Product design.

  • Teaching skills.

Network Analyst

Another popular search result under the tag of computer classes near me is this. A business needs security to protect its data and store information on the cloud. The job of a network analyst is to decode complex computer networks and the embedded information and generate insights for the growth of a business. Companies view network analysts as an indispensable asset, without whom business analysis and planning cannot be done.

A network analyst has a very high level of computer expertise and would usually have the best computer course as its foundation. They can earn around INR 3,00,000 per annum, on average, even with a basic computer degree, or an online study program certificate.

Web Designer

Web Designers
Web designers are also developers with high levels of creativity and designs expertise.

A computer training centre can also curate courses for a computer web designer. This is a variant of the web developer profile but requires more creativity. A web designer’s job is to create the visual identity of the brand’s website, and strictly follow the design brief to uphold the brand image. 

The primary goal here is to make a website more appealing, dynamic, and vibrant. This helps attract more customer traffic to websites and are most useful to support e-commerce sites and digital marketing.

A web designer probably needs to be a master of Photoshop, Illustrator, and Illustrator as well as Flash and After Effects. They’ll need a knowledge of HTML and CSS to help them more easily work alongside the site’s developers. A web designer can earn a very high salary of up to INR 8,00,000 per annum.

Skills Required

  • Advanced understanding of Photoshop, Illustrator, and Flash.
  • Basic understanding of HTML and CSS.
  • High level of creativity.
  • Understanding of brand computing.

While you can learn Photoshop for free, to become a web designer, you’ll probably need to study digital design with IT or an IT subject with supplementary courses in digital design. A private tutor from platforms like Superprof can also be really helpful in teaching you online and helping you with a self-paced learning course. 

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Expert

This is one job that does not require you to get a certificate in any of the formal computer courses. This is more of learning on the job kind of a role. But one that has high-income potential and definitely requires a basic understanding of computer functions.

SEO Experts are becoming increasingly sought-after. Companies and agencies are hiring SEO specialists and experts to ensure that their webpages are the most visited and appear on top of search options when you search on any search engine. Your main job as an SEO expert is to boost and optimize search using keywords that customers are most likely to use in their computer searchers. 

Skills Required

  • Be aware of SEO techniques and tools.

  • Good writing and editing skills.

  • Stakeholder understanding for better optimization. 

  • Expert level in communication and presentation. 

  • Updated on the latest trends, news, and global information.

A base in Marketing and Communication can come in handy to increase your level of expertise, although there is no mandatory degree required to become an SEO expert. But you can find tons of online resources to study on your own. Most SEO experts are hired in freelance jobs, resulting in a win-win for both the employer and you. In fact, many SEO experts are university students, looking to earn a good amount of money to cover their tuition fees. The average annual salary varies hugely and depends a great deal on your client network.

Technology (Project) Manager

Technology management
The project manager has the important role of curating technology solutions for businesses | Source: totalbusinessmagazine

As the name suggests, this is more of a managerial role than a core IT profile. As the project manager, you will be handling a team of computer developers, whose main job is to identify, design, and develop software solutions for the smooth running of business operations. Your job as a manager will be to provide the design brief and ensure that it is adhered to.

The project manager may also be entrusted with the budget allocated for technology support including learning and development processes, as well as team building. An efficient manager may well be handling several projects at the same time, and be expected to work like a computer herself, at times. 

Skills Required

  • Diligence.

  • Leadership.
  • Excellent communication skills

  • A postgraduate degree in computer science or computer engineering.

  • Managing multiple portfolios.

  • Organization and management skills.

In addition to the above, due weightage is given to your work experience and level of expertise in handling large volumes of data, and of course in the field of computer science itself. The average annual salary hovers around INR 12,00,000.

Everyone should know how to program a computer because it teaches you how to think. - Steve Jobs

Approach a computer course as you would any other creative skills. This eases your learning process and helps you study better. Remember that not all IT jobs require you to have high levels of expertise in programming. There are other important skills like project management, content writing and editing, and leadership skills. The most important skill is to be open to learning and to adapt as an when required.

Great employers prefer experience and learning orientation more than university degrees in computer science. The best computer course would also teach you stuff beyond how to face a campus recruitment interview for an IT role. The IT domain is here to stay and that makes it a sound investment in choosing a computer class to put your valuable time in.

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