There are two types of people in the world - the ones who want to visit France at least once in their lifetime, and the others who already reside in that country. While the French language rules the hearts of most of the language lovers, the country is on the wishlist of every vagabond. The tourism sector of the country contributes largely to the economic development of France but also makes it so happening and eventful. The fascinating fact about France is Eiffel Tower Louvre, and there are no second thoughts about it! But that is not the only thing that you must know about the country that has so much to offer to the world.

Taking part in the learning process of the French language is not enough to become the best at it! Gathering information about the country will help you more in exploring career possibilities.

French lovers are always curious about France tourism and the reason behind their success. Is it the food that attracts people or the rich history that enfolds in the country? You can get answers to such questions if you do not limit yourself to the French classes. You may also have a look at the world travel guide and collect information about France.

The most visited country the world knows about was this one at a time when globalisation was sprawling its roots in the world. Let us know some fun facts about France tourism!

Eiffel Tower
France is the proud possessor of one of the seven wonders in the world! Source:

France Info About The Tourism Sector

Who does not desire to watch the sunset near Eiffel Tower in Paris? Well, you will find nobody saying “NO” to that question. But as you will start collecting France info, you will find that it is not the only tourists’ fascination in the country. In 2019, France ranked number 1 on the list of most visited destinations in the world. Some of the enthralling facts about the tourism sector of France will amaze you, and make you want to visit the country!

  • The Eiffel Tower is the most-visited paid monument while the Louvre is the most-visited art museum in the world. Both of these tourist destinations are worth paying a visit! 
  • In 2016, the travel and tourism sector contributed a whopping 198.3 billion euros to the GDP of France and also created as many as 2.8 billion jobs in the tourism employment sector.
  • The country has a maximum of 37 tourist sites and locations inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Most of these featured cities are of high cultural interests and values as it turns out to the visitors.
  • Les Plus Beaux Villages de France (meaning The most beautiful villages of France in English) is an association that promotes green tourism by maintaining quality heritage in centres like Locronan, Collonges-la-Rouge, Montsoreau, etc.
  • Disneyland attends over 15million visitors every year, being one of the most fascinated and desired theme parks in the world.
  • France is a well-balanced tourist spot with sun, mountains and sea, all in one country for the visitors to please their eye sights!
  • Around 80 per cent of France’s geographical location is the countryside with most of it covered in tranquil and some stunning picturesque.
  • The unit selling point of the country’s tourism sector is that it offers great pleasure to people who love art, culture and history.

The major thing about France tourism is that it embraces people in a warm and sensible atmosphere that we all crave for!

As a French language lover, you will love spending time reading about the country’s tourism and the stories behind its restoration.

Learn French: Unknown Facts About The Country

If you map France culture and its heritage to understand why it enjoys such a gravity among the world economies, you will come across some unknown facts that the French people and its republic government know. To learn French efficiently, you must be an active participant and reader about its culture and legacy. A brief overview of such information will allow you to alleviate your knowledge!

Polygamous Was The First Dynasty Of France

The Franks migrated to the regions of Europe that we know as France today, after the disintegration of the Roman Empire. The Kings of the Frankish dynasty wived several women, even after Clovis I adapted baptism. However, you will find many scholars delivering conflicted views on this historical information.

Village Royal Paris
A mesmerising view of the Village Royal Paris in France covered in colourful umbrellas. Source:

Gaulish Was The Local Language Before French

Around 50-58 BC, the Romans invaded and resided in a territory named “Gaul”, subjugating the entire locality of what constitutes France now. This information is present in a memoir written by Julius Caesar. The Gauls spoke the “Gaulish” language which was somewhat similar to Old Briton, Cornish and Welsh.

The Country Of Volcanoes!

One of the oldest mountain ranges in the world, the Massif Central dominates the centre of France. Some of these mountains used to be in the state of active volcanoes! However, the last eruption was back in 4040 BC, which is long before the invention of steel and writing. So, you do not need to worry about this fact as it is non-existent!

French Schools Are In Every Inhabited Country

French language schools like Alliance Francaise are operational in almost every inhabited country in the world. The French government plays a huge role in the establishment of these schools. The motive is to promote the language and its culture across the globe so that the dominance of the country retains in the world market. Also, French being one of the most desirable languages gives more alleviation to this expansion.

French Toast Was A Means Of Using Old Bread

French toast is one of the traditional French foods that is locally known as “pain perdu” or what we may term as “lost bread” in English. The idea of making this toast was to use old and hardened bread that is difficult to eat. It is cooked by soaking the bread in a mixture of eggs and milk and then frying it on the pan. This toast is a staple breakfast in France even if it is not as popular as the Croissant.

Eiffel Has A Secret Apartment Atop The Tower

Gustave Eiffel, the builder of the Eiffel Tower, built his own private and secret apartment atop the tower to welcome his guests, mostly intellectuals and scientists. This apartment is now open to tourists and visitors where you can admire the wax statues of Eiffel and a few of his honoured guests.

Love locks
The “love locks” were one of the top enchantments for love birds across the world! Source:

French Cuisine: The All-Time Favourites

Have you ever tried any famous French cuisine that is easily available in Indian restaurants? Well, if you have not, you might want to try a few of the following items to treat your taste buds with something delicious!

  • Macarons - A sweet dish made with the colour essence of fruits and buttercream fillings inside them.
  • Tarte Tatin - One of the best apple tarts you could have that is baked with caramel and sugar.
  • Bouillabaisse - A seafood stew made with shellfish, fresh bony fish, vegetables, mussels, olive oil and herbs. If you love seafood, especially fish, you should miss out on this one!
  • Salade Nicoise - A perfectly balanced salad made with canned tuna fish, lettuce, hard-boiled eggs, onions, tomatoes, black olives, green beans, caper berries, etc. This salad is nothing less than a bowl of nutrition.
  • Ratatouille - This one is a thick vegetable stew, perfect for the vegetarians who keep looking for nutritional diets. Zucchini, bell peppers, tomatoes, onions, eggplants and garlic are the major ingredients.

Why Is France The Perfect Student Country?

If you have been asking your teachers and educational counsellors that “Why is France the perfect student country?”, you will get a similar answer from all of them. France is perfect because of its well-organised vocational training and educational programmes for international students. You can get in touch with a native French teacher using the Superprof platform, and get all the details while learning French.

Most of the students share their pleasing experience as a learner in the country. Superprof will allow you to get the exposure you need to that country for becoming a part of its education system. As it is not an e-learning centre but a platform that enables teachers and students across the world, find one another for online classes. Get all the details you need if you have been considering to pursue your higher studies in France.

Ski Skiing
The France Ski Skiing area is the perfect place for mountain lovers in the country. Source:

You can mark it on your bucket list to visit France after completing your French-speaking course to communicate with the ever-welcoming people of the country. Also, reading about tourist sites and locations will help you make your travel goals easily! Enjoy the privilege of being in the country that verbalises your favourite foreign language.

But before that, master your skills with the online tutors from Superprof and make the most of your time in doing something productive. You may also speak about these facts with your Superprof tutor to enhance your linguistic proficiency!

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