An individual comes across many challenges in his life. There are those who succumb to it and those who easily wade through every difficulty set before them. The difference in the attitude between the first and second set of people is not some hereditary or good luck. Rather, it often turns out that the second category of people exhibits traits which resonate with the leadership qualities they possess.

It might seem that not everyone is imbued with the leadership qualities which come to aid them in tight situations. But rest assured, the quality of a leader has less to do with his own individuality than with what he has rightfully acquired to help him deal with practical difficulties. 

There are many leadership training programmes which help cultivate the requisite set of traits to be a good leader.

You might have come across many people who talk about leadership training courses at your workplace or elsewhere. People, especially in the field of business and management, resonate the groomed qualities and skills which a leader ought to have. This is due to the fact that they often have to lead a team who are dependent on them. From them, therefore, it can be understood that with proper training you too can go from being under-confident to a great leader. 

Acquiring leadership qualities will take you a long way in your career. It will push you to the extremities of your capabilities which otherwise lie latent in you. So if you are lacking in confidence and want to bring out the best in you a leadership training course will come off as great help.

Basics About Personality Development

One of the prime attributes common to great leaders is that they have come a long in their personality development. Try to read about these leaders and you will come to know how important it is to make your personality improve.

Given below are certain tips which will help you nurture your overall personality-

Know The Self

The first important thing about an individual self is the knowledge of his or her own merits and demerits. Try to know your strong and weak points and make the best use of the former and work on the latter. Though it is by no means possible that a person can be best in everything. But a person with a strong quality will often exhibit his confidence in taking up any task that is put in front of him. 

Stop Comparing

One of the biggest let down in a person’s growth comes less from his own shortcomings and more from how he sees others.  It is only by stopping to compare yourself with others that you can learn to appreciate your own worth. As the saying goes, the grass is greener on the other side. So no matter how good you are in what you do you will always feel that the Other is better.

Keep growing
The only competition you should have is with yourself. Source: iconsout

The sooner you get rid of this endless cycle of comparisons the sooner your personality will hit a mark. 

Improve Your Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence or emotional quotient refers to the ability to relieve your stress and calmly handle challenging situations, without losing out on your empathy and competence. It is a positive outlook which helps you control yourself and spread good vibes all around you. If you are kinder to others in your professional it will only help you grow yourself as a person. All good leaders manifest a consistent level of emotional intelligence.  

Sharpen Your Communication Skills

It often happens with many people that they are really meritorious but are unable to communicate either their potential or what they want to say. You must have witnessed this in your classroom: when a teacher asks a question to the class, some students who know the answer still lack the confidence to come in direct communication with the teacher in front of the class. The better you communicate with others the better your personality will flourish. Learning the various aspects of communication skills will be an important stepping stone in your personality development. Therefore, do not hesitate to communicate. 

Important Qualities Of A Leader

Leaders are not born, they are created. There are a certain set of qualities which a leader possesses which help him communicate better with others, manage his time well, lead his team in an efficient way, overcome challenges, and keep his clients happy. Some of the qualities of a leader are as follows: 


As the famous fantasy writer C.S. Lewis beautifully put it, “Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.” There could not be a better definition of integrity than this. Integrity in a leader makes him gain the admiration of his team. Besides, a leader cannot expect the same integrity from others if he himself is not showing this leadership trait. 

Integrity involves admitting 

  •  the mistakes you did
  •  doing your work with all sincerity and honesty
  •  giving others the room to grow
  •  Not tolerating compromise in quality either in your work or from your team. 


Being a leader is not just work. It is also to understand the hearts of your team members or those who are under you. The emotional intelligence you showcase for yourself and for others will make the team appreciate you. It will also help them see you not as their tyrant boss but rather as a mentor and advisor who wants them to grow as well. With empathy, you will be able to create a positive atmosphere at your workplace. 

Spontaneous Decision Making 

One of the greatest qualities of a leader is his ability to take important decisions against the pressing of time. Since the pressure of the field of business and management is often overpowering, it requires decisions to be taken instantly. 

Smart decision making distinguishes a leader from others. Source: The Hindu

Great leaders know, with their keen insight of the situation, what decision will be the most effective in a given situation. It cannot be the case that all his decisions will be for the best but that more often than not he will live up to his promises. 

Influence On Others

A good leader exhibits, through his leadership style, a profound influence on those who follow him. He will not make the work to be reduced as a mere mechanical process but will ensure that it becomes as engaging as possible. He will inspire others to be like him and to be cooperative with him.

Use Of Leadership Skill In Daily Life

Good leadership qualities do not only help you in your workplace but also in your everyday life. Here is how you can use your leadership skill to put to use in your daily life.

Confident Decision Making

You often come across people who cannot decide on important things because of the availability of more than one alternative to choose from. One of the great takeaways of leadership skill is to help choose one alternative among many with an analytical and feasible approach.

Leadership skills
Leadership skills help in approaching a decision with the right understanding. Source: Times of India

Being unsure about oneself will also lead to making decisions which may turn out as not approached with the right perspective. 

Optimistic Outlook

A leader knows how to see through any difficult situation. Therefore, it is not in his taste to be pessimistic about anything. He will always approach any situation with his problem-solving skills and with absolute determination. Knowing that tackling a problem face to face ensures the problem is half solved already is always in the mind of the leader.  

Encouraging Others

The optimistic outlook of a leader does not remove dark clouds from his life alone. He also helps others overcome their hurdles. Be it a friend or a relative, a good leader will make him comfortable with the problem he is facing and show him or her the right course of action. 

A leader knows how to positively encourage others to do something. Source: Hope Community Church

With this positive attribute in a leader, the others will be encouraged to be like him. It also helps in building a strong relationship between them.

A Wide Network 

As communication is an important leadership skill, it helps an individual in establishing a diverse network of relations with many people. You will be able to create a good reach in the society knowing who to approach for a particular task and whose help to take in a given situation. Only through good communication skills is it possible to establish this personal social network. Knowing many useful people will help you solve problems in a relatively shorter time

How To Be A Good Leader?

With all said and done about leadership, the important question which will come to your mind is-

  • how to be a good leader? 
  • Where to look for learning?
  • Is there any easy way of doing this?

To answer all three at once, you do not have to look far to learn leadership skills. Online platforms like Superprof make it easy for you to search for a right instructor or tutor for you. All you have to do ( in case of Superprof) is to visit their website and enter the subject (leadership, for instance) along with the pin code or the name of your city.

With just a click a list of all who provide leadership learning courses will be on your screen. All you will have to then is to just choose the one you find the most suitable for yourself.

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