Since times immemorial the success of any enterprise has depended largely upon the cohesive functioning of a group that has evolved meticulously as a team. But, what is the cementing force that acts consistently to transform a group into a winning team? Surely, there must be many such forces that must be acting in accordance with the circumstances to deliver the best result. However, of all these forces, it is the leadership skill that cements the bond between individual members of any group or a team. It must be borne in mind that leadership is always accompanied by a multitude of other personality traits.

Leadership skills are not only about leading or directing a team under a strict and authoritarian regime. They are a set of skills that drive a team or a group of people to achieve a common goal or objective with the given set of constraints and resources. Google, Amazon, Facebook are not just a sound business idea that got transformed into some of the greatest business enterprises. They have been able to achieve success under the persistent leadership of some of the brightest minds.

To command is to serve, nothing more and nothing less. -Andre Malraux

Leadership is a combination of many stimulating factors combined together. Source:

Thus, there are many resources that have been developed and are constantly under development to facilitate leadership development. Many people are eyeing upon such resources that are efficient and effective in teaching the essence of leadership development. Many certified trainers and corporate executives, leaders of big organizations conduct guidance on similar topics both in offline and online mode as per the convenience of the aspirants.

Leadership For Personal Development

Leadership skills are not just meant for the top-level executives, ministers, CXO’s, defence force captains, commanders, or captains of any sports team. In fact, leadership is a skill that must be exhibited by all. Very naturally, many people must have had experiences right since their early childhood of observing in their classes that few of their classmates had the influence to exercise control and guide other kids, Similarly, as time would have passed, many other kids would have started displaying similar attributes who otherwise were very dormant and were always driven by others.

This simply means that there always emerges situations, desires, and circumstances driven need to stay ahead and lead others into performing actions that suit your ideologies and requirements. There is also an aspect hidden here that while few people have the inborn charisma to lead others, many others learn this skill by observing other leaders and seeking guidance from others for their very own personal development.

Leadership is essentially required at levels of the existing hierarchy of the system, be it in a government, bureaucracy, sports, classroom, corporates. A person even at the mid-seniority level needs some leadership attribute to drive his team to accomplish the target set by the senior management. And as an individual progresses and gains promotion, leadership becomes sounder and more seasoned with experience and learning of other skills such as emotional intelligence, technical expertise, negotiation and conflict resolution skills, presentation skills, and many other combinations of techno-managerial skills.

Importance Of Leadership Development Training

As it is commonly understood and realized in today’s lifestyle, that leadership does not mean dictating and directing others whether subordinate to you or not. Leadership is aimed towards collective progress and achievement under the guidance of distinguished personnel who is also equally involved in performing the tasks along with additional accountability for the success or failure of the planned task. Thus, organizations are looking forward to conducting leadership development training sessions for their employees on a periodic basis as per the business objective. Leadership development training programs are gaining fast importance because of many different but very prominent reasons.

Personal Growth And Development

People with effective leadership skills gain more recognition in their personal and professional life. Hence, it is not just the money they want through their occupation, but also opportunities to develop their interpersonal skills to emerge as a leader. People who take ownership of their tasks especially under adverse conditions and motivate and encourage their team members, juniors, and seniors as well are the preferred candidates for any organization. Leadership builds risk-taking and problem-solving skills.

Organizational Competitive Advantage

Leadership development does not happen overnight. Companies take cognizance of the same. Hence, they are focusing more on developing leading skills in their workforce as the competition in businesses is becoming fiercer with the advent of new competitors offering the same or very similar products and services.

Leadership training
Leadership training is essential for having a competitive advantage over others. Source:

Organizations are seeking to nurture the potential of their workforce and are collecting data about their employee’s areas of improvement, their strengths and weaknesses to prepare the best talent for their organizations. Companies also want their employees to realize their employer is aligned with their personal development in synchronization with enhanced business growth and expansion. This is to increase task efficiency and citizenship in the working culture of the company. With training sessions on leadership, people are empowered to take initiative and stand out as distinct and important in their organizations.

Specialized Training Programs

People seldom know how, where, and when to channelize their skills and efficiencies. A well-organized training program helps individuals to explore their hidden talents, eliminate their weak points and enhance their strengths. Many specialized institutions in India of high repute such as the Indian Institute of Management (IIM)s are imparting training through specialized certification and training sessions through different offline and online modes as per different industrial requirements to improve leadership skills and enhance decision-making aptitude for effective management skills.

Prominent Leadership Skills Examples

As discussed in the preceding sections there are many different scenarios and time-related factors under which leadership style can be explored and exercises. Hence, based upon different personality traits, human behaviour, and situations there are many different leadership skills examples based on different leadership theories. These are very good learning points to develop core leadership skills and are available through several online and offline platforms.

  • Situation-Based Leadership- This type of leadership style depends largely on the available resources, constraints, circumstances, and the psychology of the other people with whom the task is to be accomplished. Good leaders need to be highly considerate and conscious in terms of their emotional appeal and cleverly identify how to motivate the team to accomplish the task even if the members are initially non-supportive.
  • Goal-Oriented Leadership- This is a very important leadership style. Leaders need to emphasize the achievement of the common goals and objectives through a well-defined path to success by providing the team with adequate resources, information, guidance, and support. It is one of the most essential leadership skills that enable the leader to take care of the personal growth of the team members as well.
  • Participation Based Leadership- Leaders actually participate in the task and take accountability for their decisions as a whole. It provides a great learning opportunity for developing leadership.
  • Leadership based on favouritism- Under circumstances of time pressure or high targets, leaders succumb to this most criticized form of leadership. They are imperatively inclined to form and work in close groups with the like-minded people within a team of given members which hurts the morale of the team as a whole.
  • Charismatic Leadership- It is a characteristic of great leaders who have always impressed others with their exceptional leadership skills abilities. It is something that people and behavioural scientists of all times believe is very hard to be developed with different kinds of leadership skills training. Charismatic leaders set a very appealing vision before the audience and their team, make them believe that the target is achievable-come what may, and describe a set of value-based actions for achieving the unattainable successfully. Such leaders are mostly believed to have an inborn aura that can easily influence the audience. Mahatma Gandhi and Subhash Chandra Bose are some of the greatest charismatic leaders of all time.
Leaders of all time
Some of the legendary charismatic leaders of all times in world history. Source:
  • Transformational leadership- Leaders with the qualities of transformational leadership can easily coax and convince the team members to give their own self-interests to help the team with their skills and abilities to achieve the targeted goals and objectives. It gives an opportunity to all the participants for developing leadership skills.

Importance Of Leadership Skills?

So, what are the importance of leadership skills? The importance of soft skills cannot be ignored in a fast and challenging work environment. Out there in the market are many competitors, who are working hard to gain an edge over others. Hence, just getting expertise in technical skills won’t be enough. With good leadership skills, a person can easily achieve success both in his professional and personal life.

Leadership skills
Leadership skills can be boosted with effective training. Source:

As was mentioned previously, most of the kids realize the importance of leadership skills very early in their childhood either consciously or subconsciously. With leadership skill development several other personality traits and interpersonal characteristics also get into the process of nurturing.

People begin to understand the ethical and unethical perspectives of their decisions and actions. They tend to realize that trust is the founding stone to execute any task successfully. Such people become socially active and considerate for a healthy living environment. Similarly, you can also avail of online sessions to identify and strengthen your leadership skills with Superprof which gives you the liberty to choose the best coach for this purpose.

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