You might be looking for a new language to learn, or you might already be learning a foreign language. If you are looking for a language, then have you considered Spanish?

Spanish is a language spoken by around 440 million native speakers in 20 different countries. What's more, it is one of the six official languages of the UN, meaning it's appeal both politically and economically is wide ranging.

There are certain things to consider when improving Spanish skills, such as which learning method suits you best. If you have already learned a second language, you should know which one is the best for you:

  1. If you are a visual learner, you should not choose "audio" classes, such as those found on podcasts. Instead turn to flash cards, movies with subtitles and highly visual courses.
  2. If you are an auditory learner, listen to music, download podcasts and listen to audio books. Use free audiovisual aids available on the Internet to improve your learning.
  3. If you are a kinesthetic learner, then you will need to have interaction in your learning methods. Take a course where you talk with students and a Spanish teacher, or order a software program where you play games or just interact with Spanish speakers as much as possible.

Naturally, you'll want to learn Spanish online quickly. That is why we have come up with these 5 pieces of advice for learning Spanish at speed!

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Become Fluent in Spanish by Taking Private Lessons

Find a good private spanish teacher
Taking Spanish classes with a private teacher can be a great way to learn fluent Spanish

If you want to improve your Spanish skills, the first method to think about is taking Spanish classes.

Obviously, it is an effective method if you have a good teacher. Just being a native speaker isn't enough. They need to be able to teach! You don't want to risk having a bad first experience which could put you off speaking Spanish for life. However, a teacher who has a good teaching method that matches your learning style will give you the confidence needed when learning a new language.

Whatever your age, you have two choices: group Spanish (compulsory for students) or private lessons. That said, nothing prevents you from combing the two.

Thus, for students, it is possible to hire a tutor to complement your Spanish course at school. This will allow you to catch up if you are lagging behind, or become even better, depending on your level.

For adults, group classes have the advantage of allowing you to communicate easily with other participants. Therefore, you will have lots of opportunities to practice with people of the same level as you. Private lessons, on the other hand, will depend entirely on the quality of the teacher. In addition, they are obviously more expensive than group Spanish courses.

In reality, choosing a group course or a private Spanish classes in Mumbai depends largely on your budget and whether you want to meet people or not.

How to Speak Spanish Fluently: Immersion!

Spanish immersion is an incredibly effective way to become fluent in Spanish. It will help you not only with Spanish vocabulary, but you will learn a lot about the pronunciation of specific Spanish words and what is the perfect situation to to use them in.

Whether on holiday or an extended stay, this is a good opportunity to immerse yourself fully in the culture of the country that you choose (don't forget there are 20 different options!). Forget the English language during your stay. You will have to force yourself to only speak Spanish.

If you do spend time with other native English speakers, you will gradually slip in to bad habits by conversing in your mother tongue which defeats the point of going to a Spanish speaking country to learn Spanish!

Travel to an Hispanic country to learn Spanish
Learning Spanish could take you to Spain, Argentina, or even Costa Rica

The best way to immerse yourself completely in the language of the country is to go alone. If you travel for a short period of time, the progress will be less meaningful than if you stay in the country for a long time. Yet, by immersing yourself completely in the language, you will soon feel more at ease.

Immersion is a great way to learn conversational Spanish as you will get plenty of chance to practise your speaking skills. After all this will be your primary form of communication, just as is the case when speaking English.

If you are new to Spanish, we advise you to spend a couple of months doing a Spanish course when you arrive in order to learn some of the basics. This will enable you to get a good grounding in the Spanish language, and how it works grammatically. In the evening, listen exclusively to Spanish TV or radio broadcasts. And try to go out with Spanish speaking people. If you couple all of these things together, you will have a completely immersive experience.

Your goal is to be able to think, dream, and become bilingual in Spanish. By following our advice, you should get there with a little bit of hard work.

This is the best method to learn to speak Spanish, and in theory it is a low cost option when you consider that your actual learning will take place on the streets of Madrid, Buenos Aires, or Bogotá.

Learn Spanish easily:

  • Learn to speak Spanish with native speakers, native speakers,
  • Take free conversation classes to learn Spanish quickly,
  • Practice at the same time on pronunciation, the Spanish vocabulary,
  • Enjoy free Spanish lessons on every street corner to better understand how to learn Spanish,
  • Spanish language immersion is better than online Spanish courses as you get more chance to practise and experience the language at work.

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Learn Spanish with the Internet and Textbooks

Although to learn Spanish online is mainly a method used by people who want to learn Spanish on their own, it is also suitable for those who take classes and who wish to train alone, as a complement. For example, learning Spanish by listening to podcasts can act as a great back up to your Spanish lessons with a teacher as you can solely work on your listening skills, whilst honing your grammar skills in the classroom.

Use Books to Study Spanish

To learn Spanish quickly, there is also a great selection of books and tons of resources on the internet.

The internet is full of reviews of the different Spanish books available, as well as places to buy them. You can find Spanish books on Amazon with competitive prices and a number of different reviews by people who bought the different options.

However, be sure to look for reviews outside of this platform, too. This will give you a more well rounded view of the different options available to you.

You will also need to find a book that suits your level. A lot of books are aimed at beginners, but you can also find books to help you work on your Spanish if you are of an intermediate level for example.

Learning Spanish Online: What Resources are Available?

The internet is a treasure trove of information on whatever subject you are looking for, including Spanish. This means that there are a huge number of resources available to help you study Spanish, and to support your learning process.

For example, you can learn Spanish on YouTube through a variety of Spanish lessons london which have been uploaded by users, or videos on specific subjects that perhaps you are struggling with, such as the subjunctive or the different conditional tenses.

Downloaded specialised apps for your phone
How long to learn Spanish? Download an app and use the internet to learn it quickly!

You will also quickly realise that the Internet offers a huge selection of app to learn Spanish for free. These might be general apps to learn Spanish, or apps that specifically deal with vocabulary or grammar.

If you want our opinion, we recommend that you choose a paid online learning method.

Why? To motivate you. And because the tools are usually better than the free options

Take the example of a subscription card to a sports club. If you pay a monthly subscription card, you will feel guilty for missing a session. Not because it's better for you, but because you're paying for nothing. It's the same when it comes to apps. By paying for an app (with subscription or not) you will be more motivated to continue.

With a free app, you will feel less pressure to use it, and you will have to rely more on motivating yourself to study.

Language Exchange with Spanish Speakers

Just as you could make your way to a Spanish country, talking with Spanish speakers in your country is a great way to improve your Spanish.

Indeed, rather than using a screen and/or headphones to listen to and imitate people speaking the Spanish language, why not meet Spanish speakers directly? Obviously, it's easier in Spain or in a Hispanic country. But you can also easily find Hispanic communities in a lot of cities throughout the world.

If you want to do it the old fashioned way then you can even try to find a Spanish pen-pal. They will also be interested in exchanging ideas in English. It's give-and-take. At first you can chat very well by mail or messenger. Then, when you feel more comfortable, go for Skype or the phone.

In addition to corresponding with Spanish speaker at a distance, find out about the events dedicated to Spanish culture where you live. If you live in a big city, there will be regular events. This can be the opportunity to meet many Spanish speakers. 

And if all else fails, you can learn Spanish through Spanish films. This obviously isn't the most interactive way of learning the language of Cervantes, but it will definitely give you ample opportunity to practise listening, as well as finding relevant and useful pieces of vocabulary.

Take Pleasure in Learning the Spanish language 

It's a fact; we learn faster when we are having fun!

Opening a book and trying to learn Spanish has its merits, but if you are not fully engaged with it then you won't remember all of what you read.

Keep a positive attitude to learning
With some hard work you could be fluent in Spanish

To promote an excellent memorization of information, it is better to find a way to make learning as fun as possible. So, rather than packing in long hours over a small period of time, go for shorter periods of learning (10-15 minutes at a time) over a long period. Rather than learn 100 words of vocabulary a day, opt to learn a dozen. It will be much more effective.

In doing so, you will be able to consolidate your bases and climb the language learning ladder one step at a time. Indeed, by taking the time to learn a language, you stop as long as necessary on a difficult part in order to be assured of having assimilated it well.

Try listening to more and more Spanish music, to read Spanish books and to watch Spanish movies. Choose songs, books or movies which are easy, at first. These could be things that are designed for Spanish native speaking children who are learning the language as well.

Thus, in addition to learning Spanish, you will develop your knowledge of contemporary Spanish culture, or other Spanish speaking cultures.

And yes to learn Spanish is easier than learning Russian, Portuguese, or even English. The Spanish language is easy for beginners who want to quickly progress.

This will allow you to progress quickly in Spanish and acquire the basics: and be able to master Spanish numbers, Spanish grammar, Spanish vocabulary to become much more than just a beginner in Spanish.

On-line, you can find free Spanish lessons and free classes to progress and get by quickly in Spanish.

Obviously, it is not prohibited to use several methods at the same time. For example, you can go to Spain, take a few books with you, take Spanish classes in bangalore and talk to the locals all at the same time. By doing this, you will progress at dazzling speed. The more immersive your experience, you quicker you will learn.

But before you go, do not forget to have fun! Take the time to ask yourself how to get the most out of your Spanish language learning. This, in our view, is the first step.

You need to know: whatever method you choose, learning a language is no mean feat. Only regular exercises can help you progress quickly towards fluency in Spanish.

And yes, the idea is to be able to progress in the Spanish language and especially to be able to get by in Spanish and hold a conversation. In the end, it means that you will have to know at least  some Spanish phrases and vocabulary to be able to align two words. So go get your dose of Spanish grammar and an online dictionary such as Word Reference.

With these ingredients and our advice, you will progress quickly in Spanish and you will have the perfect method to learn Spanish easily and quickly.

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