“The Dance: A minimum of explanation, a minimum of anecdotes - and a maximum of sensations.” - Maurice Béjart

A lot of people are interested in taking dance classes London.

What about you?

No matter what style of dance you do, there are plenty of physical and mental benefits.

1. Dance to Relieve Stress

There are several physical benefits to dancing but we often forget about the mental benefits. Dance classes can help you reduce stress and have a positive effect on your mental wellbeing.

Work can often stress us out and your daily routine might be a source of stress, too.

What are the mental benefits of dancing?
Get rid of anxiety through dance. (Source: Wokandapix)

Dancing allows us to get rid of our stress! It can help us relax and take our minds off the daily concerns we're subjected to. A bit like a massage, dancing relaxes the body.

Dancing is also an opportunity to not think about the things that stress us out for a few hours. A few sessions a week can really help get rid of your daily stress.

Additionally, since dancing is a physical activity, it comes with the same mood-enhancing benefits as any other physical activity. When you exercise, your brain releases endorphins, a group of hormones that have a positive effect on our mood.

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2. Gaining Confidence

Dancing is also great for your self-confidence. You can learn more about your body and how it moves. In dance classes, the teacher will encourage their students to express themselves.

It’s a new way to express yourself.

Bit by bit, dance students will learn to face their fears of performing in front of others. While your first time performing might make you nervous, you'll soon become so used to dancing in front of others that you'll not even give it a second thought.

You can get dance classes throughout the year and you’ll see the effects that dancing can have on your self-confidence. It doesn’t matter what style of dance, either. Since all styles of dance require you to perform in front of others, you can pick whatever style you like!

3. Improve Your Figure with Dancing

Dancing is both an art form and a sport. Like most physical activities, dancing can help you lose weight, stay in shape, or tone up.

Studies have shown that you need to do at least 30 minutes of physical activity per day. It’s therefore important to have an activity you can do every day. Especially if you spend most of your days sitting down.

That’s why activities like Zumba have become very popular in recent years. Zumba is a combination of dancing and physical activities. At the end of a class, everyone’s out of breath and it’s a great way to lose a few pounds, get healthier, and tone up, all while doing an enjoyable bit of dancing.

4. Become More Flexible by Dancing

With stretching, warming up, and moves like the splits, dancing can help people become more flexible.

Have you met someone who’s taken dance lessons? Have you seen how flexible they are?

How do you become more flexible?
Become as flexible as a contortionist! (Source: Pexels)

It’s easier to stay in shape when you’re flexible. It’s easier to climb stairs, sit on the floor, etc. This also means you’re less likely to get injured.

Dance lessons are great for improving your flexibility. You’ll become a genuine contortionist. With private tutorials, dance schools, and dance courses, there are plenty of ways to become more flexible.

While you don't need to be able to do the splits in order to dance, with regular warmups and stretches, you'll start seeing the benefits sooner than you think!

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5. Improve Your Memory by Dancing

Dancing works your body and your mind. Certain styles, like hip-hop, jazz, and ballet, require the students to remember a sequence of steps in order to create choreography.

You have to remember every single step. Of course, you’ll be able to copy someone else in the class, but this does mean that you’ll always be a bit behind.

Don’t worry if you have the memory of a goldfish since you can work on it. In fact, over time, your brain will become more adept at remembering dance steps.

Throughout the year, you’ll work out techniques and methods to help you remember. You'll also start seeing patterns emerge and know that once you've done a certain step, there are only a few specific steps that can follow it.

Music plays an important role in remembering dance steps and certain parts of songs can remind you of what you’re supposed to be doing. It’ll help make learning choreography easier.

Do you know what to expect from your first dance lesson?

6. Become More Creative

Dancing is above all an artistic pursuit which allows you to express an idea through your choreography. You’ll speak using your body language. Dancers can look for inspiration in other arts or by watching other dancers or choreographers.

Dance classes encourage their students to use their imagination to create new movements. The ability to imagine and create is highly sought after in professional domains, too. It’s a good quality to have.

How do you choreograph a dance routine?
Choreographing dance moves requires creativity. (Source: AdinaVoicu)

Whether you do tap, ballroom dancing, merengue, jazz, boogie-woogie, waltz, mambo, cha cha, or swing, you’ll need to be imaginative and creative.

Dancing is a great opportunity for creative people to flex their creative muscle. Additionally, if you're not creative, dancing can help you become more creative and give you more opportunities to think creatively.

Don’t hesitate to get dance classes during your free time or an intensive course during your holidays.

7. Work On Your Concentration

Concentration is useful for when you’re working, too. In today’s world, it’s very easy to struggle to concentrate. We jump from channel to channel, skip songs we don’t like, etc.

The younger generation has even more distractions to deal with. Dancing can help you to concentrate.

Dance lessons usually last an hour or two. There are often very few distractions in a dance studio. Most dance studios have mirrors on the wall so you can see how you're doing.

Dancing is an activity you can enjoy, too. Your brain will learn how to stay focused on one task: following the choreography.

Learning to concentrate can take a bit of effort, but you’ll soon see how dance can help you to achieve this.

8. Become More Disciplined

While dancing is an artistic activity, it’s important to be disciplined and follow certain rules to ensure that the choreography appears planned.

This is especially true when a lot of dancing isn’t done on your own. In most dance classes, there a number of rules you have to follow, too.

The choreography is often done for groups or couples. This means you’ll need to follow the rules so that you’re in sync with your dance partners.

Becoming a good dancer takes time and commitment. While it might seem easier to skip your dance class because you're tired after work, by sticking at it, you'll start reaping all the physical and mental benefits as well as learning discipline.

This can help you a lot in everyday life, too. This means doing the best you can for yourself.

How much do private dance tutorials cost?
A lot of choreography requires discipline. (Source: delo)

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with a bit of freestyle, either! Sometimes rules were meant to be broken!

To truly invoke your style, discover what dance accessories you will need!

9. Balance and Stability

Like a lot of other sporting activities (working out, skating, etc.), dancing can help you work on your balance. You need to be able to balance on one leg or arm, for example.

Dance lessons can help you get to know your body better and learn how to move better. Through training, you’ll improve your balance.

Dancing can also strengthen certain muscles. Your hips and legs will get stronger, too. Of course, you need to pay particular attention if you have preexisting conditions. Talk to your tutor, teacher, or doctor in order to find out about any precautions you should take.

Learning to dance in group classes or private tutorials is sometimes more effective than certain medical treatments.

10. Improving Your Heart Rate

Do you need to get into sport in order to improve your cardio?

Taking dance lessons could be the solution to your problems. Dancing can be as good for you as swimming or running in terms of cardio and endurance.

These types of activities can strengthen your heart and improve your lung capacity. Over time, you’ll improve your endurance and be more capable of doing longer sessions.

Don’t forget about dancing if you need to be doing more exercises. The advantage is that dancing can also be a hobby.

Why not make the most of doing sport and having fun?

Whether you do oriental dance, ballroom dancing, Cuban salsa, flamenco, contemporary dance, Latin dance, African dance, bachata, or rumba is up to you!

Aren't you ready to discover how you can start dancing now?

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