"I never regret when I do it, I always regret when I don't" - Unknown

Everyone who has fitness goals knows that they need to pay attention to diet and exercise if they want to be fit and healthy. But there is so much that can distract us from this on a daily basis unless you are one of the celebrities or a fitness model. You may find it too expensive to hire a online personal trainer or difficult to find the time to continue working out every day. You may not be motivated and just need some fitness inspiration.

Instagram fitness models who post hashtags like # fitspiration are using the online fitness ecosystem to encourage us to stick to our fitness goals. So that we can achieve not just a 'perfect' body or better body image but that we can live a healthy lifestyle. When you make the commitment to get fitter and stay motivated to follow your path. You can transform your life, feel happier, look physically healthier and improve your ability to stay motivated in all parts of your life.

This mind-body connection is the key to your success, you have to commit to never give up and have the right mindset to stay motivated to get fit. Having confidence in yourself can motivate you to do something, regardless of the activity in question.

Achieving your goals in sports and fitness can be quite complicated. Especially when you have a lack of motivation and negative thinking about what you can achieve. In this article, we will present you with some inspirational quotes to help you to fight through any excuses for inspiration.

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Effort makes us go forward.
Effort is that notion that pushes us forward into our maximum potential. Photo Source: Unsplash
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Why Motivate Yourself To Do Sports Through Quotes?

The very idea of changing our routines to incorporate sports is a big mental decision. This is the first thing that we have to do when we first decide to make changes in our lives. The thought process needs to be conclusive and aligned with our beliefs before we can ever hope to do anything. This mental activity must match our expectations, our aspirations in life, or our way of seeing things and our way of managing our time.

In the beginning, especially, fitness classes near me can become a real ordeal, an obstacle course of things to learn and things to do. Where to lose weight, having to set goals, buying and putting on sportswear, or just planning which physical exercise you want to do. All of this is before you even step into a gym or look for a personal trainer.

With such a long list of things to achieve just to get started, it is no surprise that people procrastinate. We have all brought a fitness outfit with good intentions and never worn it or planned to go for a jog every morning and instead stayed In bed.

Exercise is a foundation for our health, physical activity and nutrition, regular practice is full of good values. Motivational and inspirational fitness quotes, help us to remind us about the goals that we have set for ourselves. Written by inspiring people who have walked in our shoes but have managed to find success. These quotes shine a light to highlight the core of our reasons for setting the targets and support us to take the courage to choose the right action. Here are some of them!

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Inspirational Sports And Fitness Quotes

“It's Your Workout, Your Time, Your Body, Own It”.

This quote is telling you to take ownership of your workout. It is saying that there is no right way and that it is up to you how you want to work out. When you use your time and your body, you can choose your workout. But also that you should work out and take responsibility for actually taking action.

Whether it is self-esteem, or doing things out of your comfort zone. It is important to remember that intrinsic motivation is everything and that you are the incarnation of that movement.

“Sports consists of delegating to the body some of the strongest virtues of the soul: energy, daring, patience. It's the opposite of the disease”  - Jean Giraudoux

Jean Giraudoux describes sport, as something very positive which, allows us to develop and stimulate the body and the spirit. To be in good physical shape, you need to become aware of your potential and the potential that fitness brings to your health. This quote reminds you that sports are your allies on the road to better health.

“When you're at the gym feeling like you'll never be one of those people who look like they've been working out their entire lives, remember that they all started somewhere.”

We may perceive other people who have perfect bodies to have achieved the unattainable. Because they already have the model physique, it seems that you could never even get close to their success. This quote reminds you that the only thing that distinguishes you from them is hard work and dedication. It tells you that we all started somewhere but that if they can do it so can you.

“Sport is a complete escape from life”  - François Hertel

This quote highlights the positive nature of sport, be it fitness, bodybuilding or running. It shows us that if we choose to use sport to change our bodies that we also get a secret bonus with it. Which allows everything outside of sports to melt away, negative things like stress, problems and difficulties. As if doing a sports activity, could give us wings to float above everything that is bringing us down. This makes me think of something else, almost like meditation or mindfulness perhaps. It reminds me that fitness is a little bubble of well-being that I can access at any time in an ocean of stress as if it was the key to happiness.

Fitness inspiration can motivate us to be our best.
It is with little phrases of this type that, when repeated every day in our mind and consciousness, will make us want to surpass ourselves. Photo Source: Unsplash

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Health And Fitness Quotes About Effort

Without a little effort, sport would not be beneficial, you can put on your gym clothes, workout for 10 minutes and then eat a pizza. But because this is not how the Anabolic window works this wouldn't give you any results. The exercises that we will perform with sports or with bodybuilding machines build and condition our muscles.

Also more important than that, we have to take a little effort to learn about what we need to know to get the results that we want. In short, the energy that we put into anything in life is what defines our results. So it is essential to know how to motivate yourself each day and in each session!

“Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway”. - Earl Nightingale.

This quote is based on the time that we put into our goals, sometimes they can seem so far away and too complicated, so we give up. But Nightingale says that it may take time but this time will pass anyway. If you are not using the time to achieve your goals, then the time will pass with you not reaching your goals. The point is that the time will pass anyway, so we have to decide what we want to do, and how we want to use our time. This is one of my favourite quotes because it highlights that if you don’t put effort into this moment, years could pass and you will be no closer to your goals. We can all relate to this!

“Squat, jump, climb, spear, lift” - Unknown

A little sentence from an unknown author in the form of short action verbs that perfectly represents the effort of ‘doing’ in sport. No matter what you choose weight training, cardio training, or fitness, It prompts you just to do something and get moving. This is meant to help us to get motivated, by presenting us with options that are only action. When procrastinating we give ourselves the choice of doing or not doing. But this is giving an opportunity to procrastinate your squatting with jumping or procrastinate your jumping with climbing. It is saying that you don’t have to do one thing, but you should do something. Great quote!

“No pain, no gain.”

A very famous idiom that has even been used to inspire the title for a bodybuilding movie 'Pain and Gain' which is a story based on Danny Lupos true crime story about a fitness gym. There is no secret recipe, we all know, about the importance of effort to achieve our objectives. It takes the effort to realize our dreams and to build muscle with efficiency, especially in sport. This reminds us that it does take hard work but that the reward for your hard work is the gain or goal that you were working hard for.

Quotes motivate you to be your best.
No matter how much effort you input to play sports, quotes will always remind you to move forward.
Photo Source: Unsplash

Health And Fitness Inspiration Quotes About The Potential

We all have the potential, to be an athlete with a massive build and exceptional strength. Although not all of us aspire to achieve this potential because we are all good at something and we all have different interests. But at least we should use our potential to remain fit and healthy. We should never forget that we have this potential, and although you want to remain healthy, even sickness can be a catalyst to push you to achieve better health.

“The resistance you face in the gym and the resistance you face in life can only make you stronger” - Arnold Schwarzenegger

This quote from the father of bodybuilding reminds us that struggles are struggles. Be they in the gym or in life, but we should see them as opportunities to become stronger. They allow us to flourish on a daily basis, to find the necessary strength, and to develop our minds, our positive vision of ourselves, of our body, and life in general. A real-life lesson in the form of a short quote!

“I believe that when your body is strong, your mind is also strong. When I spend time away from the gym, my mind sinks quietly into a small depression” - Henry Rollins

Rollins highlights one of the scientifically proven benefits of sports practice and fitness. That regular fitness improves your mood and lowers that of depression. When it comes to motivating yourself to go to the gym remembering the benefits for your mind and body can inspire you.

In short, whether with sports or fitness, your effort and motivation are essential. Creating a rich discipline, in regards to your health will improve your life in all areas. When you feel that your motivation needs a boost, quotes from people who have laid the foundation of excellence. Can give you all of the fitness guidance that you need to recharge yourself to keep working towards your goal. I hope this article will be your workout motivation on your way to your best fitness!

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