In the Indian education system, economics has been one of the most important subjects. Many students, all over India are choosing this subject due to its huge career scope. If you are pursuing your higher studies in economics, there are chances for you to opt for economics jobs as a tutor or offering lessons as freelancer. By providing economics lessons, you can easily make a decent amount of money and help the students to excel in the subject.

As per the education system in India, a student gets exposed to economics in the 9th standard. Furthermore, students of arts, science and commerce stream can choose economics at intermediate levels i.e. 11th and 12th standards. Different universities offer graduate programs (bachelor’s degree) in economics under all three streams mentioned above. The students can also opt for honours or major program according to the norms of the university. Moreover, students with exponential scores can choose a master degree in economics and pursue further higher studies in the country.

Hence, it is obvious that you can get a lot of students of different age groups by becoming an economics tutor.

Qualification for becoming an economics tutor

There is no mandatory qualification one needs to have in India to provide the economics tuitions. Any student who has the basic knowledge about both microeconomics and macroeconomics can teach a student. However, it will be best if the tutor has completed economics degree courses.

Not only the Indian students but the guardians too play a vital role in choosing the tutors. So, you need to have a professional approach and an excellent profile while starting your career as an economics tutor.

Choosing your students

You may opt to teach economics to females only, to promote gender equality in the field
You will be surprised by the variety of students you can find in the field of economics Source: Pixabay Credit: Rawpixel

As an economics tutor, you can choose your students boldly considering the degree that you have. If you have already completed a PhD program in economics, you can deliver tuitions to school, college and university students. Here are the specializations concerning the students that you can choose:

  • School students: Students with economics as a subject in schools can be the pupils. While accepting a student, you must consider checking his knowledge on the basic concepts of the subject.
  • College and university students: A student who is having economics in his bachelor’s degree or master’s program as a Regular/Honours/Major subject can be the target audience.
  • Students opting for government service examination: Questions related to economics are frequently asked in the competitive exams. So, many people appearing for different government examinations keep searching for economics tuitions. As a tutor, you must keep in mind to deliver the lessons technically following the question pattern to such people.

Besides, people seeking economics degree jobs can approach you for coaching.

In case you have already completed your master’s degree, you can deliver the economic lessons to all categories of the students mentioned above.

Dealing with economics

If you have a clear knowledge about economics as a subject, you can fragmentize a syllabus into two different parts like micro and macroeconomics. This helps you to deliver all the lessons in a better way.

Any student who is taking tuitions from you can easily grasp all the lessons if you deliver it in two different sections. In India, the economics syllabus of every level is divided into the two parts mentioned above. For enhanced references, you can suggest different books to your students. Different eminent economists have written numerous economics books.

While you deliver a lesson on a certain topic, try to give relevant examples as the students as they can have a clear idea that retains for a longer time in their minds.

You might often find your students to lose interest in economics due to the presence and necessary application of complicated theory and numerical. Take time and allow your students to understand a problem on their own and keep clarifying them unless they fully learn basic economics.

As a tutor, you can suggest your pupils attain the seminars related to economics. If you are providing tuitions to someone who is pursuing a master’s degree or PhD in economics, the seminars can be crucially helpful.

The seminars related to economics are often organized at different venues in some of the leading cities in India. Along with the seminars, they can also attain the workshops in the major cities. At times, seminars and workshops related to economics can be organised in a college or university.

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Teaching international economics might bring more students than any obscure economics theory
What type of economics you teach may influence which students you attract Source: Pixabay Credit: Media Modifier

Things to avoid as an economics tutor

Providing economics tuition to the students might seem to be an easy job if you have already completed an advanced degree. However, there are some approaches you should avoid while taking the classes. They are given below:

Over expectation from the students

As an economics tutor, you must never expect complete excellence from every student. It can lead you to over expectation, and you might end up losing the pace. Economics is comprised of several complicated theories and numerical concepts. The learning ability of the students might differ a lot. You must consider it while making someone understand the concepts of economics.


Intolerance towards the students can be dangerous for an economics tutor. Over expectation can be considered as the root of intolerance. If you are too much intolerant to a student, he might develop a fear resulting in loss of interest in economics. Furthermore, there are chances that your reputation might worsen as an intolerant tutor.

By minimizing the approaches mentioned above, you can easily make a students’ base. It will help you make good mone.

Good approaches to take as an economics tutor

To enhance your reputation as an economics tutor, you can always take the teaching approaches mentioned below. These approaches must be taken by every economics tutor who is expecting to expand the pupils’ base.

Comprehensive studying

Comprehensive studying is very important in the case of economics. You can merge a concept of economics along with the models, graphs and numerical problems related to it. This can effectively save time for you and help your students to be on the right track for further preparations.

Answer the questions

Your students can bring up to you several questions related to a concept of economics as you deliver the lessons. Always try to answer them conceptually along with relevant examples. This can help your students to remember a topic for a longer time. Moreover, answering questions can help you to judge your student in terms of his potential to learn economics.

Ways of getting economics students

In India, there are different ways you can get economics students to start up with the tuition career. Some effective ways are discussed below:

Printed advertisement

You can incorporate the printed advertisement regarding your economics coaching in India trough the newspapers. Furthermore, you can print leaflets and handbills and publish or distribute them among people near schools, colleges and universities where economics is taught.

Online platform

It will be a bold strategy for you to use the online platform and start informative economic tuitions in the online medium. Outstanding content enriched in facts and figures can ensure the elevation of the viewer’s base.

Joining a tuition centre

In all major cities in India, there are numerous tuition centres. The main aim of these tuition centres is to provide extra guidance to the students after the schools and colleges. You might expect a decent rush of students in the tuition centres.

Join an educational organization

Joining an educational organization like a school or college in India can improve your exposure a lot, helping you to make a prominent student’s base as an economics tutor.

Tips to remember while advertising

The most effective way you can present yourself as an economics tutor is by advertising. Here are some tips that you can consider to make your advertisements beneficial as well as cost-saving:

Look for free online advertising platforms

There are certain free online advertising platforms where you can put your ad regarding the economics tuition. Moreover, the best move you can make is to post the advertisements on relevant groups of social-networking sites. Thus, you can save a lot of money while reaching to a vast number of people at a time.

Mention relevant facts in the ads

You should remember to mention your name and contact details in the advertisements correctly. As a tutor, you should also mention your qualification and academic or professional experience related to economics. Always consider the above facts to be vital while expecting a sharp development in your career as an economics tutor.

Hence, these are some ways how you can improve your skills for being the most credible economics tutor. Moreover, the tips related to the advertisement mentioned above can be helpful as you can get decent numbers of students within a short span.

Being an economics tutor can be very helpful for you as you develop a mindset to be in the academic stream of the subject. It can help you to unwind the deeper notches of the subject, thus ensuring a prominent chance for you to excel as an economics teacher in the future. Besides, you can make decent money by pricing your economics classes appropriately.

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