Born Cassius Clay, Mohamed Ali nicknamed himself “The Greatest.” However, with 56 victories out of 61 fights won as a professional, Ali eventually acknowledged that the greatest boxer of all time was Ray "Sugar" Robinson with 202 fights and 174 victories during his professional career.

If your goal is to follow in the footsteps of the best boxers of all time, you have a tough job ahead of you! One thing that can help you get started is taking online boxing lessons. Joining an online gym can help you learn the basics of a boxer's posture, strength training, punches, fitness and mobility. Boxing can also give you many great health benefits.

However, to reach the top, you may need to turn to a professional in order to gain the confidence to start sparring in the ring with other amateur boxers. Learning with professional trainers won’t just help you get fit through high intensity, aerobic exercise. Boxing trainers can also guide you towards the perfect form for heavy bag punching techniques, using focus mitts and help you avoid getting a knockout.

Taking boxing courses online is the ideal solution for those looking to save some money, gain confidence at their own pace, or simply have inflexible work schedules. Find out the best platforms you can take online boxing lessons!

boxing techniques
Improve your boxing technique by practicing daily

The Best Online Platforms for Cardio Training

Boxing is a demanding fighting sport. It requires excellent stamina, footwork and advanced cardio skills. Before you start any kickboxing, Muay, or boxing fitness regime, make sure you discuss any doubts you may have about your physical condition with a doctor.

While starting to work out at a boxing gym may seem intimidating for anyone diving into the sport for the first time, there are many online platforms that allow you to take that first step into the world of boxing in the comfort of your own home. All you’ll need is to put on some gloves and enjoy a cardio boxing workout with muscle strengthening exercises.

If you’re hesitant on whether to join any online boxing gyms, there are many different YouTube channels for fitness boxing as well as platforms for boxing workouts run by either a professional boxer or fitness coach. Make sure to understand what your goals for starting your fitness journey are before starting any online workout regime. A boxing class for those who simply want to get in shape will be very different for those looking to join the boxing ring through amateur boxing.

Learn Muay Thai With an Online Workout

From shadow boxing at home to practice your punching speed with heavy bags, boxing is both a diverse and exciting sport. Muay Thai is a type of boxing that comes from Thailand, where the word Muay translates literally into the word “combat.” The discipline is characterized by using a combination of several body parts, such as the shins, fists and elbows. Warm up with a jump rope, put on your boxing gloves and try any of these online gyms to start practicing!


Udemy is an online course platform that hosts video tutorials on a diverse range of disciplines. If you’re interested in progressing past just practicing with your mitts on a speed bag, try their Muay Thai course!

Starting at 10 pounds, you’ll get access to 1.5 hours of video lessons as well as 8 informational articles to help you get your technique and stance right. Lessons are available in both mobile and TV format.

Tiger Muay Thai

Another great place to start practicing boxing, subscriptions cost 8 pounds per month for a “Gold” membership and about 77 pounds a year for a “Pro” membership. You’ll be able to choose video tutorials for:

  • Muay Thai
  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
  • MMA

Muay Thai Guy

Going a little more old-school style, the Muay Thai Guy’s courses are available on DVD format for a variety of prices. Books, downloads and DVDs range from about 7 to 150 pounds and can be bought directly from the online store.

Interested in learning more about taking online boxing courses? Check out this guide on the best boxing blogs online to learn more!

boxing ring seats
If you love watching people spar in the ring, try your hand at boxing!

Improve Your Sparring and Boxing Techniques

If you’re looking for professional boxing advice or body workout routines, finding fitness online is easy. If you’re looking for free personal training or boxing lessons online, try checking out the many boxing fitness training channels available on YouTube. From a full body workout for kick boxing to advice from a boxing trainer, you’ll be able to find many types of boxing lessons online.

If you want to know helpful tips for hand wraps, getting the perfect uppercut, jab or left hook - here are some of the best boxing websites and channels to get you started.

Precision Striking

Home to about 200 videos dedicated to boxing, self-defence and more - you’ll be able to choose a guide or boxing workout to help get you ready for the ring. The topics covered on this channel range from the common heavy bag mistakes beginners make to how to improve footwork for speed and power.

Sobe Kick

Sobe Kick is a bootcamp dedicated to all things boxing. From circuit training to boxing tips, you’ll be able to join one of their courses in both face-to-face and online formats. Choose between either their 23 pound a month or 150 pounds per year plans.

Professional Boxing Classes Online

Whether you’re looking for fitness classes for toning your lower body or looking to put those golden gloves to good use on a punching bag, finding a boxing coach can be overwhelming. One of the easiest ways to delve into the world of boxing is by taking boxing classes from a distance. Achieve your fitness goals by finding your first boxing coach online!

One example of a great online boxing gym is Fight Camp. Offering fitness courses centred around boxing, Fight Camp can be used on a multitude of different home devices. Directed by professional boxing trainers with years of experience, you’ll be able to improve your jabs with double end bag exercises and more. A membership starts at about 30 pounds per month with the option to rent equipment, such as gloves and a standing punching bag starting at 29 pounds per month.

Superprof is another great platform to check out if you want to start learning how to box through distance learning. Superprof allows you to search over 100 boxing coaches for the average price of 14 pounds per hour that are available to teach from all around the world. Whether you’re looking for kickboxing courses, for female boxing coaches or want courses centred around self-defence - there are plenty of courses to choose form!

Want to understand how boxing lessons online work? Make sure to learn more about online boxing classes!

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Start training for the ring by practicing with heavy bags

Pros and Cons of Becoming a Boxer Online

If you’re looking to join a boxing team or start learning to box with total body fitness courses, you may want to consider the advantages and limitations that come with taking online fitness classes.

On the one hand, sports activities are not always easy for adult learners. A combination of inflexible schedules, gyms too far from home, insufficient number of classes, teachers being too busy to give you the one-on-one training you need - it can all be enough to discourage anyone from diving into something new.

The advantage of choosing video lessons is that you can practice boxing techniques or HIIT boxing workouts at any time of the day and repeat the video as many times as you like. Some aspects of boxing, like a proper boxing stance or punching techniques, can be easier to grasp for some people than for others. Online courses are great for those who prefer learning new things at their own pace.

Some of the limitations that come from taking a boxing course online can stem from having to decide whether you want to invest in your own boxing equipment or not. It can also be more difficult to find kids boxing courses online if you’re searching for kids courses rather than adult classes.

Here are some more tips for taking boxing lessons online.

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