“It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child.” - Pablo Picasso

How can you draw a flower when you first start learning how to draw? How can you master the colours, the nuance, the petals, a bouquet of roses, a tulip, tropical plants, or the shoots of the first flowers of spring?

Flowers are great practice for those learning how to draw.

Are you looking for tutorials for how to draw flowers?

Here are some of our favourite tutorials for learning how to draw flowers. Whether it's a rose flower, lotus flower, calla lily, or a hibiscus flower, you're bound to find something that can help you with your drawing skills.

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wikiHow - 9 Easy Ways to Draw a Flower

Whenever there's a new skill I want to learn, wikiHow is always a great place to start. While the articles are rarely good enough to make you an expert, they're a good first port of call. This article includes 9 different basic step-by-step guides for different flowers: sunflowers, roses, daffodils, cosmos flowers, tulips, and daisies.

Furthermore, the community Q&A at the bottom of the tutorial has even more tips and explanations on how to improve your drawings.

Try a few of these tutorials and then move on from there.

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How to Draw a Lily

As you will have probably guessed, Easy Drawing Guides has more than a few tutorials for budding artists. If you want to draw lilies, this tutorial is quite simple and good for beginners.

The steps are completely broken down so almost every line you'll draw has its step. Similarly, each step is a good explanation of what you're supposed to be doing after it. While it may include too many details for more advanced artists, if you're an absolute beginner, this is a good site to visit.

How can you draw lilies?
Lilies are beautiful flowers that make great drawings. (Source: Bessi)

How to Draw a Daffodil

Whether it's for fun or Saint David's Day, you never know when you might need to draw a daffodil. These are fairly recognisable flowers and given how different they are, you won't be able to use much of what you've learnt from the other tutorials.

To get an idea of their shape, construction, and how to represent them on paper (or whatever medium you fancy), this quick guide should help you get a better idea of them. While it's technically for kids, there's nothing to stop you from following the steps and when it comes to colouring in, you should be able to do a better job than the article's target audience.

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How to Draw a Daisy

Daisies are probably one of the first flowers people try to draw their white and yellow colouring and circular petal arrangement are instantly recognisable. That said, while they look quite simple, they are deceptively difficult to draw, especially for beginners.

This article breaks drawing daisies down into 5 simple steps starting with sketching construction lines and finishing with some nicely shaded daisies.

How can you draw daisies?
While drawing a simple daisy is easy, making it look realistic is much harder. (Source: fietzfotos)

Drawing Real Flowers: Super Coloring

The Super Coloring site has many drawing tutorials on it.

There are tutorials for drawing animals, people, comic book characters, manga characters, vehicles, buildings, flowers, plants, and musical instruments.

There are plenty of free tutorials for learning how to flowers.

Drawing Water Lilies

Here’s an example of how to draw a lily:

  • Add a grid to your page.
  • Draw the stem of the lily.
  • Draw an oval for the lily pad.
  • Sketch the centre of the flower.
  • Sketch outlines for the positions of the petals.
  • Sketch a row of petals.
  • Draw an oval in the centre of the flower.
  • Draw the outer petals.
  • Add the other petals.
  • Trace the outline of the lily and its details.
  • Erase your construction lines.

Would you like to draw a hibiscus?

Drawing a Hibiscus

You can draw a hibiscus in 7 steps. Start with the central part of the flower and then move onto its general shape.

Then, trace lines for the petals.

After the petals, add the stem.

The difficulty comes from the details, which you add by altering the thickness of each mark.

Drawing a Cherry Blossom

With Super Coloring, you can simply draw a cherry blossom.

In eight steps, you can draw it:

  • The branches and flowers.
  • The middle of the flowers and the stems.
  • The open petals.
  • The leaves and sepal.
  • The stamen and other details.

While you might think drawing a daisy is easy, there’s a lot of complexity in drawing certain plants and flowers. While some flowers are great for sketching in pencil and easy to draw, some flowers and plants can be quite complicated.

How can you draw a poppy?
Poppies are striking flowers and the symbol of Remembrance Day. (Source: Candiix)

While you might start with some simple shapes when you looking for flowers to draw, as you get better, you may need to use some advanced drawing techniques.

Fortunately for you, you can find a step by step drawing guide online quite easily.

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Drawing Flowers with YouTube Tutorials

Are you looking for video tutorials on how to draw flowers step-by-step without having to read them like they were a recipe?

A quick search in YouTube for “flower drawing tutorial” or “how to draw a flower” will lead you to thousands of videos that can help you learn to draw.

It may be a good idea to specify exactly which type of flower you’d like to draw: rose, lily, tulip, daffodil.

This tutorial on how to draw a rose from my-how-to-draw.com doesn't tell you how to draw a rose but it does show you the steps to follow on-screen and has been watched over 12 million times on the platform!

In particular, YouTube has plenty of great tutorials for kids, who may not be that interested in reading the articles we mentioned earlier. This tutorial from Art for Kids Hub shows you how to draw a poppy and is something that would be great to do with your kids. Furthermore, the rapport between Rob and his kids is adorable.

Once you've finished your drawings, take a photo or scan them and email them into the channel. The channel uploads new art videos during the week.

How can you draw roses?
Roses are regularly associated with love, making them great for drawing. (Source: Bessi)

And there you go. You should be able to draw a few good-looking flowers now!

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There are three main types of drawing tutorials available: face-to-face tutorials, online tutorials, and group tutorials. Each type of tutorial has its pros and cons so take the time to carefully consider which type is best for you, your preferred learning style, your learning objectives, and your budget.

Face-to-face tutorials are a bespoke service in which you'll be the only student in the lesson. The lessons will be planned with you in mind and your tutor will be available to answer any questions you may have. Of course, a tailored service comes at a price and when you hire a private face-to-face tutor, you'll also be paying for all the extra time they put in planning your tutorials and travelling to and from your tutorials.

Online tutorials are also a bespoke service between a single tutor and student. However, both parties won't be in the same room and the lesson will be conducted using video conferencing software so that the tutor and student can see and hear one another using a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Since the online tutor doesn't have to travel and can schedule more tutorials per week, they have fewer outgoings, a greater earning potential, and will often be able to charge a more competitive rate as a result.

Finally, group tutorials are a great option for those on a budget. While you won't get a tailored service as you're sharing the tutor's time with other students, you will be able to save money as each student is footing the bill for the tutor's time. Similarly, if you and a group of friends would like to learn how to draw, you can get group tutorials together.

Don't forget that many of the tutors on Superprof offer the first hour of tutoring for free. This is a great opportunity to see how they operate, what their teaching style is like, and whether you get along. You can also use this time to discuss what you expect from them and iron out some of the finer details.

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