"Dance is the hidden language of the soul of the body" - Martha Graham

In the UK, you'll find a plethora of classes in classical, contemporary and modern dance at various schools and dance associations. However, there are dance styles from other cultures that not only enrich the dancer's repertoire but allow them to learn about other cultures.

Let's take a look at the different types of dance from across the globe!

Pick-up Country-and-Western Dance

Do you dream of being mistaken for a cowboy from the Wild West? Then this is the dance for you!

Enrich your cultural knowledge through dance lessons.
Put on your cowboy boots and go for a country dance lesson! Source: Visual Hunt

Line dancing is particularly fun to learn and helps students relax and unwind. That's why so many people in the UK take country-and-western dance classes as a way to embrace American culture.

This type of dance is considered a form of entertainment: although there are some country dance competitions in the United States, the dance is mainly performed during dance shows or dance parties in American bars.

Country dances, being so lively, are great for your heart and abdominal muscles!

At country dance schools, students learn various dance steps of various styles of dance:

  • Bar Stools,
  • Swingin'
  • Puttin' On the Ritz,
  • Swingin' Thing,
  • Cut a Rug,
  • Darlin' Mambo,
  • Country Slide,
  • Two Step Line Dance,
  • Canadian Stomp,
  • Charleston Cowboy,
  • Copporhead Road,
  • EZ Rockin' etc.

As part of a dance troupe, it is not uncommon for country associations to enrol their students in annual dance balls. Country dancing is above all a show: this style of dance will help you overcome your fear of performing just by putting on your cowboy hat and boots!

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The Madison Dance: a Classic!

Let's stay in the United States with another tried and tested dance style: the Madison dance!

For an opening number, at a wedding or birthday party, it's not uncommon to see some Madison's dance steps, usually to the song "Last Night" by Chris Anderson and DJ Robbie.

Like most line dances, Madison is danced to traditional country music, an iconic style of American culture. This particular style is enjoyed by all ages: there are even contemporary Madison Dance artists around the world!

To learn the basic steps of Madison, beginners can learn via:

  • Dance schools,
  • Private dance lessons,
  • Dance manuals,
  • Madison dance videos,
  • Apps for learning Madison,
  • Madison Websites,
  • Madison Dance DVDs etc.

Thanks to these relatively simple steps, Madison dance is suitable for all levels, from beginners to experts. Practising this dance even helps prevent the development of diseases such as osteoarthritis. There are even Madison classes, especially for older dancers!

With family, friends or your partner: master Madison dance choreography to stand out from the crowd!

The Various Spanish Dances

We're not just talking about online zumba classes here!

The reputation of Spanish dances is not to be underestimated: sensual, emotive and technical are ways to describe this form of dance from sunny Spain!

Get local dance lessons from a teacher to become a dance expert.
Que calor! Learn to move your body to the rhythm of Spanish music! Source: Visual Hunt

If Spanish dances are so popular, it is thanks to the beauty and allure it gives off. Spanish dancers dress in traditional clothing, usually wearing colourful and seductive costumes.

It is very typical of holiday-goers in Spain to attend a Flamenco show. Seeing a Spanish dance show lets you to get acquainted with Spanish culture and pick up some new dance moves too.

Here are some Spanish dances that are usually taught in dance classes near me:

  • Flamenco,
  • Soleà,
  • Bulerias,
  • Fandango,
  • Sarabande,
  • Bolero,
  • Muiñeira,
  • Spanish ballet,
  • Fandango, etc.

In order to learn Spanish dance steps properly, the best way is to travel to Spain and get to grips with the regional steps from native teachers. In the UK, flamenco is the most well known and popular Spanish dance.

With Superprof, you can easily hire an experienced Spanish dance teacher to become a pro at all the Hispanic dance styles in no time. So, get your fans and dance shoes ready and unleash your inner Spanish sensuality!

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How to do Indian Dances

We all remember the famous final scene from the hit movie Slumdog Millionaire when the cast performs a Bollywood dance routine to A.R. Rahman's song "Jai Ho".

See the outstanding dance classes in Mumbai.

Dance steps from around the world.
It will cost at least thirty pounds to get yourself a full Indian dance costume, although some schools let you rent an outfit. Source: Visual Hunt

You don't have to travel all the way to India to learn Indian dances. This artistic dance style is considered an acclaimed means of communication by Indians, who enjoy telling a story through body language. For this reason, Indian dances are a great way to build self-confidence and develop spatial awareness.

Whatever your experience, it will be easy to find THE style that suits you: some dances are performed at a slow or fast tempo, solo or in a group and with traditional or more modern themes.

There is, therefore, a great versatility to Indian dances:

  • Romantic dances for couples,
  • Alluring dances of seduction for two,
  • Energetic group dances to practice in a dancer troupe.

Group classes are perfect if you want to learn to dance like you're in Mumbai!

Indeed, Bollywood is performed in a relaxed atmosphere that allows you to tone your muscles while having fun. An excellent way to learn a group choreography by heart then add in your own steps and develop your musical and artistic independence!

Find a dance teacher offering this type of dance across the UK!

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Take African Dance Classes

Learn to dance to the rhythm of traditional African music.

Discover new types of dancing.
African dance is first and foremost a rhythmic and upbeat dance, where dance and good vibes go hand in hand. Source: Visual Hunt

African dance is most commonly known for its invigorating and energetic qualities. By learning to dance like you're on the African continent, dance students at an African dance class work all the muscles of the body learning moves that are both loose and jerky.

It isn't, however, mandatory to have a high-level of fitness to practise African dances: it's all about choosing a dance style according to your own speed.

Kizomba, zouglou or kuduro: there are slow and sensual dances that originate from Africa but also lively dances, perfect for sculpting your body. The same goes for music: While some dances are performed to traditional rhythms, others use more modern musical styles, such as Afro House.

With African dance, there is something for everyone!

In addition to dance classes, some cultural centres offer courses in African music. Whether it's African percussion or djembe, students can learn to dance to their own compositions and become both artist and performer!

Learn Oriental Dance Steps

Oriental dances are the perfect way to get a flat and muscular belly!

The belly dance from North Africa enables you to work on your self-confidence and get to know your body better. Whereas, oriental dances put the body centre stage: students are able to study their physiology and have better control of their image. It is down to the good mood you get during these classes that make so many British people want to learn the basics of oriental dance.

In addition to strong stomach muscles, the belly dance works your:

  • Thighs,
  • Hips,
  • Back muscles,
  • Gluteal muscles,
  • Chest,
  • Waist,
  • Shoulders,
  • Arms,
  • Abdominals, etc.

Veils, fans and even candlesticks: oriental dances have no limits in terms of the beauty they put into their shows! Students will have to buy an oriental costume complete with veil and body jewellery, but will not have to find suitable shoes, as this dance is done barefoot.

Before taking their first belly dance class, students must choose from a range of different styles of belly dancing. Our advice: take a trial class at a dance association or centre to try out several styles before choosing the right one.

Get a dream body with oriental dances!

Discover Irish Dancing

Fun, energetic and lively, the Irish dance has more than one trick up its sleeve!

Start a new type of dance with dance classes or a dance teacher.
Irish children generally know the basics of jig! Why not do the same?Source: Visual Hunt

Popularised by the dance show Riverdance, which takes place all around the world, Irish dance is both a show dance and a competitive dance. Yet the art of jigging goes back a long way: why not immerse yourself in the history of Irish dance?

The Irish jig is performed with quadrilles or ghillies and a traditional Irish costume, to be purchased in a store that specialises in Irish dance clothing.

Through Irish dance classes, you will discover styles such as:

  • Set dancing,
  • Ceïli dancing,
  • The hornpipe dance,
  • The polka dance,
  • Step dancing,
  • Two hand dancing,
  • The three hand figure,
  • The reel dance,
  • The single jig dance, etc.

What appeals to Irish dance learners the most has to be the catchy music!

In general, dance teachers use compilations of traditional Irish music during the dance lesson or private dance class. However, it is also common for dance teachers to use actual musicians from Ireland, especially for an official competition. Practice your steps to live Irish music: there is nothing better to boost your motivation!

So, why not discover an unknown dance style that our planet has to offer?

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