Love is a recurring theme in music and has given us some of the most beautiful songs of all time. Love songs, regardless of the language they’re in, can make us feel a whole gamut of emotions. There are beautiful lyrics that remind us of the beauty of love, the tragic of heartbreak, or wistful nostalgia of past loves.

Arguably, love songs are ten a penny and that's because most of us know what romantic feelings feel like and can easily understand the lyrics of a love song. Similarly, a love song in a catchy pop format or a powerful ballad is likely to be a hit, too.

Cynicism aside, you know a classic when you hear it and there are love songs that are a cut above the rest. In this article, Superprof will be looking at some of the best love songs ever written. Each love song in this list has a special place in our hearts and we hope they do for you, too.

Jacques Brel - Ne Me Quitte Pas

Let’s start with Jacques Brel who brought us so much beautiful music. The Belgian singer paints love as a reason to live and this song always gives us chills.

Which is the most romantic French song?
The song is in French, but Jacques Brel is proud Belgian! (Source: Walkerssk)

Ne Me Quitte Pas (“Don’t Leave Me”), from the 1959 album La Valse à Mille Temps is sad and longing and while not the uplifting side of romantic music is a powerful tribute to a life without love or, more accurately, being left by the one you love. The song was composed by Jacques Brel himself.

This beautiful song tells the story of a man who’s begging his love not to leave him. It’s one of the most beautiful songs on the subject and is still powerful even 60 years after it was first performed.

There are few singers whose music can transcend the decades as well as Brel’s this ode to a lover’s fruitless efforts to save his relationship still resonates with listeners today. The metaphors are sublime and it’s one of the most lyrically beautiful songs, too.

It’s hard to talk about romantic songs without featuring this tribute to a romance that one person would believe was too short!

There are a few subtitled versions of the song on YouTube if you don't speak French and want to be able to understand the lyrics.

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Scorpions - Still Loving You

“If we'd go again all the way from the start,

I would try to change the things that killed our love,

Your pride has built a wall,

So strong that I can't get through,

Is there really no chance,

To start once again?

I'm loving you”

It’s almost impossible not to succumb to the beauty of 1983’s Still Loving You from the German heavy metal band Scorpions. The song talks about a man who's ready to completely change to win back his love. It’s an unashamed power ballad!

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Jeff Buckley - Hallelujah

Hallelujah is a 1984 song by Leonard Cohen and probably one of the most covered songs of all time. One of the most famous covers is Jeff Buckley’s from 1994. There was also a cover by John Cale that appeared in the film Shrek.

Who wrote Hallelujah?
Originally by Leonard Cohen, Jeff Buckley's version is arguably more well-known. (Source: fossfolks)

The Jeff Buckley version was arguably based on John Cale’s 1991 version. In any case, the song draws upon religious and sexual imagery to convey the idea of love. It’s powerful stuff.

If you haven’t heard a version of Hallelujah, where have you been?

Even if you're not a fan of this version, there have been so many covers that you're bound to find one that makes you feel the way Jeff Buckley's makes us feel!

Whitney Houston - I Will Always Love You

I Will Always Love You is probably one of the most famous love songs of all time. It appeared on the soundtrack for the film The Bodyguard and was originally performed in 1974 by Dolly Parton but it’s the 1992 version that we prefer.

Let’s not forget that the song also won 2 Grammy Awards and Whitney Houston was almost always expected to sing it in every concert. It’s an anthem to lost love or impossible love.

There’s a feeling of soul that’s further amplified by Whitney Houston’s incredible voice.

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Elton John - Your Song

You’ve probably heard this one before:

“And you can tell everybody this is your song,

It may be quite simple but now that it's done,

I hope you don't mind, I hope you don't mind,

That I put down in words,

How wonderful life is while you're in the world.”

Which is Elton John's most romantic song?
Elton John's Your Song is itself a romantic gift. (Source: MabelAmber)

The chorus from Elton John’s 1970 hit Your Song is a declaration of love and the song itself is the present. Elton breaks the fourth wall as he professes his love for someone through song. It’s been covered many times but none are like the original.

It's such a romantic song that you could easily listen to it to your heart's content.

Righteous Brothers - Unchained Melody

You’ve heard this one before. The song was on the soundtrack for the film Ghost but it was originally a 1965 Righteous Brothers’ song first.

Which is the most romantic song for slow dances?
Unchained Melody is arguably the best song to slow dance to! (Source: michaelmep)

It’s comparable to the most beautiful songs from Frank Sinatra, the Beach Boys, or even Elvis Presley. This sweet music has someone asking their lover if they still love them. From the music to the lyrics, this song is wonderful.

If you’re looking for a romantic song for a slow dance at a wedding, this is the one!

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Of course, it'd be impossible to fit all the best romantic songs into one article as we could have even done the best love songs in different genres like pop, country, rock, hip-hop, and music from around the world. If there's a classic love song that has a special place in your heart, let us know about it in the comments.

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