A few decades ago, it would have been a pain to find a Russian teacher close to home to learn the Russian language.

Apart from a few linguists' works in bookstores, very much focused on grammar and morphological philology, no other method was available on the language market - maybe one or two dictionnaries.

Today, things have changed: the digital revolution, in addition to having transformed our way of life, has completely changed our access to the educational tools facilitating the learning of Russian.

In addition to computer-based softwares and programs, tablets and other smartphones provide access to a wide range of Russian language applications, developed by speakers of different mother tongues, which can kill two birds with one stone by working several languages at a time…

Let's sort out these solutions in order of efficiency and value for money!

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The power of apps to improve Russian

How to learn Slavic languages without a language study trip or a personal trip to Russia?

Need a mobile teacher to discover Russian courses online?
Travel to Russia to easily learn Russian? Why not!

Well, this is where your little everyday devices will go to the Cyrillic keyboard to give you the opportunity to study Russian in America, for free, without having to submit to specific schedules or movements to go to this or that language school.

Undoubtedly, the famous apple brand – well-known for its Mac computers – has been a pioneer in new, ultra-connected gadgets.

The iPad is the queen of tablets, while the iPhone is the king of smartphones, with successive versions at a frantic pace, with constant improvements in power, autonomy and ease of use.

Russian e-learning is of interest only in view of its practice (written communication as well as oral communication) with real Slavic interlocutors.

Which Russian city would you like to visit?
Evaluate your virtual progress in Russian by confronting them with the reality of Russia...

First of all, in a rather traditional perspective of the Russian language course, some textbooks have designed audio recordings with compatible subtitles for iPhone: perfect for revising Russian vocabulary on your way to work!

Which language, today, doesn't give the opportunity to be in full immersion in free or inexpensive classes?

Learn Russian online with great tools such as videos or apps. It's a trail to explore for students and tight budget beginners that wish to take Russian courses and meet new challenges.

Also check out Russian videos to progress.

Top 10 English Russian courses and exercises for smartphones

1. Busuu

The online Russian courses are very popular, and some of you may already know the Busuu.com website to learn Russian easily, in e-learning.

To progress quickly and improve in the handling of perfective, irregular verbs and phonetics, the developers of the interface have created an application for Android and iPhone (iTunes is, in the latter case, necessary).

The online Russian language courses then take a turn to measure, since you choose to follow interactive exercises adapted to your level (beginner for example) and your goals. These language lessons are thematic.

The first lesson, like all the others, offers the basics of Russian grammar, memorizing new Russian words, speaking (and comprehension), as well as testing your acquired Russian alphabet skills.

Images and dialogues help the future polyglot to get better, without any headaches.

A little more for the learner: his grammar exercises can be corrected by other users, for whom the Dostoevsky speech is the mother tongue.

To top it off, Busuu is about learning Russian for free...! A subscription is however necessary to take additional courses, especially at an advanced level.

This should not prevent you from using private teachers for a Russian speaking course or language classes to speak Russian even better.

If you prefer, it is also possible to get books and textbooks to learn Russian.

2. Duolingo

Duolingo is a large-scale project and hailed by several specialized or general media (from the Wall Street Journal to Slate via PC Magazine), Duolingo will delight multilingual brains.

In language teaching, this Android app offers to learn English, learn Spanish or learn German ...

Programmers and developers have been able to focus on modern languages, including modern Russian, which is easy to study virtually.
Technology allows you to exchange with a Russian correspondent to progress in grammar from anywhere...

Unless you wish to go for additional options, the module is free: could you hope for better, to no longer hesitate on your pronouns, tonic and imperfective accents?

Four modes of progression can be chosen: "Easy" (5 minutes per day), "Normal" (10), "Serious" (15 minutes) or "Crazy" (20 minutes).

3. Babbel

The Android application of this well-known platform of e-linguists. It's relatively close to the previous one, but with a less infantile and more adult aspect.

If many features are offered free of charge, better rely on the subscription version at $10 a month.

Regular updates help avoid bugs and optimize teaching methods.

The advantage of this multilingual software is that you can then learn Portuguese or learn Italian, once you can say "I speak Russian".

4. Speak Russian with MosaLingua

IOS, Android and PC / MAC (thanks to "MosaLingua Web"): the advantage of the versatility for this digital language center, for less than $5.

The use on mobile phones is intuitive, with 10 levels of difficulty to give grain to grind to everyone and dream media to avoid any fault in your Russian pronunciation.

Find Russian language course in Delhi here on Superprof.

Discover with your phone the Russian vocabulary and grammar.
Which are the best apps for you to learn Russian?

This course proceeds theme by theme, gives advice, focuses on real life situations.

Very playful bonuses enhance your progress to maintain your motivation.

Websites in Russian also make it possible to progress rapidly.

5. Russian LingoPal

After the 4 major mentioned above, we immediately go down a single stroke in language level.

The LingoPal app will never replace intensive courses with a good teacher of Russian: it can at most help to consolidate your language skills and oral comprehension at an intermediate level.

In addition, this software is charged: less than $1. But it remains a great way to learn new words and a fairly comprehensive catalog of Russian expressions that are always useful for learning the Russian language without having to go to St. Petersburg ...

Your digital "teacher" will be a kind of Svetlana with a playful voice: you can learn every new Russian or Ukrainian word with a light heart.

6. Mondly

The App Learn Russian Free is very well rated on Google Play by nearly 20000 people.

Although it is free, some add-ons are not free (from 5 to 90$).

The concept is to become familiar with the grammatical principles of Russian by devoting a few minutes a day to learning the language's words and phrases, grammar and verbs.

The focus is still, once again, on the vocabulary rather than on the grammar rules. A voice recognition comes to help you in Russian pronunciation.

Different vocabulary exercises take the form of games.

7. FunEasyLearn

It does not cost anything to set up the free version, so why not?

Like most of the other successful applications listed here, Learning the Russian 6,000 Words is first and foremost a matter of vocabulary: enough to become a small Russian dictionary!

An Internet connection Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G allows access to Russian-speaking resources in lines.
Interactive Language Learning : The pedagogy of Russian teachers took the digital turn.

Warning: avoid buying paid plug-ins, which bring - almost - nothing for an unjustified price.

Also think about podcasts to learn Russian!

8. Russian Nemo

We go up in tariffs (10$) for an application that you have to download if you want to learn vocabulary lists essential to the Russian culture. But this is not a good method for learning languages properly speaking.

It will be a clever way to read in the text the great penmen of Russian literature – Pushkin, Chekhov, Tolstoy...

The lexicon is read and written in order to know how to pronounce it and to assimilate the letters of the alphabet.

9. AccelaStudy Russian

Want to learn the grammatical structure of Russian? Don't stop at this app.

For 8$, AccelaStudy simply offers something to be understood, doing a little for Russian. Not enough to master Russian as a second language!

The fun way to learn a new language in 2.0 mode is erased by an outdated design.

To learn to speak fluently Russian as a native, you'd better not try this one out.

10. Learn & Play

If you have exhausted previous programs and are bored, go to the Learn and Play module. 1000 Russian words can be revised by vocabulary exercises.

A thousand is both a lot and little: it is very likely that you already know the terms proposed, but it is hardly bad to train!

Of course, get an English Russian dictionary to speed up your learning.

Study Russian on simple websites

Russian language online courses are not limited to applications as such. Indeed, you will win (to leave more quickly a beginner level) at doubling the latter with alternative digital content.

Sites such as EasyRussian do not have the same impact for the linguist as conversation classes, total immersion or individual courses (Russian lessons), but a free Russian course is always a taken.

A Wi-Fi or 3G / 4G connection will allow your tablet or smartphone to connect to the Net, where the Russian world is more than present.

Be self-taught by surfing the Russian-speaking Google to make friends with whom to correspond via Skype or e-mail (the installation of a virtual keyboard may be required).

To find a correspondent is to prepare a language exchange with a host family, near the Urals for example - nothing better to be aware of the different possible dialects.

In parallel, practice Russian transcription and translation: who says you won't discover a vocation to be a Russian translator?

My method, which I recommend, is finally to watch a Russian film in original version and to listen to Russian songs: perfect to know the language and culture of the Russians while having fun!

Russian language online translators are very practical.

Searching for Russian course London produces the most results on Superprof but there is a lot more choice if you're willing to learn Russian online.


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