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1st class free!

Learn Programming languages & basic of computing with proffesionals in ahmedabad.

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Megha is one of our best teachers. A high quality profile, verified qualifications, quick response rate and loved by students!

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Basic of C to file manipulation of C via datatypes,operators,conditional structure,loops,pointers,structure etc.
Will cover all OOPs concepts like encapsulation,abstraction etc in C++.
Method is as simple as i will give you online class l and provide you more technical knowledge rather than theory and gives you few exercise on regular basis to be intermidiate in any programming language!


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  • Computer programming
  • Programming languages
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    Web development


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About Megha

I have taught 2 batches of C & C++ at Iflame Institute! There were 6-8 students per batch! The outcomes are,they will able to make small projects like school management system through the C++! You can check it on iflame's official fb page!



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Find out more about Megha

  • 01

    What motivates you to teach and why?

    Since the school days, i always wanted to be a professor furthermore i teach core subjects and maths to my engineering batchmates and friends so they told me that i taught well and that's inspired me.

  • 02

    When did you start developing an interest in your subject area?

    Bill gates. He is a quick learner and a good listener. I always inspired by him.

  • 03

    What is the biggest obstacle you had to overcome in mastering your craft?

    I was a scholar student till 8 but after 8 my graph gets down and i passed 10th through grassing marks and it was difficult to choose stream and institute due to lower marks but i managed and top in the GTU for best performance in Diploma of Information Technology

  • 04

    In your opinion, what makes someone excel in your subject area?

    The passion and interest in the subject.

  • 05

    What would you say to a student who says, "This is too difficult, I give up!"?

    I will try to use different method and techniques of teaching and encourage him by some logical explanation.

  • 06

    How does someone become a Super Teacher?

    By understanding student confusion as soon as possible

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