Are you someone who loves Drama, but isn't quite up to the challenges that come with trying to break into the entertainment industry? Or are you drawn to the idea of a teaching qualification but don't know what content matter you would be best at specialising in or which aspect of the learning environment you are suited to?

Regardless of how you come to start your beginning as a Drama educator, the main thing to remember is that, no matter how hard it gets, the positives of being a coach to hundreds (if not thousands) of pupils during your career in pedagogy far outweigh any of the negatives.

Teachers often have very long careers because they fall in love with teaching and never look back.
It won't take long for you to realise why people become teachers. Photo credit: How I See Life on

Here are just some reasons why to teach as an occupation, and more specifically to gain certification as a teacher of Drama, can be so rewarding.

To Influence A Generation

When you consider your position as a qualified Education teacher, it's quite astonishing to think that you have such a hugely influential role on generations of youths. Especially if you have not long been a learner yourself (like a newly certified teacher or someone who has just completed a Master's degree do add to their professional development within the educational field)!

For example, the smallest remark you make in relation to a subject could stick in a pupil's mind forever. To put it bluntly, you will be a role model and someone that your aspiring young students look up to as they progress and work on finding their feet, so you must take your responsibility as an accredited teacher seriously.

Do you still remember a particularly meaningful report from when you were younger? Or some feedback or praise given to you for a piece of prep you worked so hard to submit? I will always remember my English  teacher's comments on the one single essay that made me choose to study English at university as an undergraduate, which goes to show have valuable a bit of encouragement is to a pupil when considering big decisions about the future, their goals and ambitions and their desire to succeed.

As an education specialist, you should be passionate about the subject you are teaching so that you too can ignite a fire in your students' bellies and help them to engage with the reading and writing content as well as a rehearsal for a play. And then, like me, when they look back at the route that led them to where they are now, they will have nothing but appreciation for the enthusiastic, passionate and talented teacher that saw their potential and opened their eyes to the benefits of studying in that area.

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As well as wanting to help your pupils gain the knowledge they need to succeed in this area of their life, teachers normally wind up caring deeply for their students emotionally and want to be a dependable person who they can approach for support and encouragement.  They want to help prepare their students for the real-world, by also teaching them lessons in life (like getting basic skills and an appropriate credential for jobs) and inspiring them to do more and believe in themselves. As such, a leadership role can often feel like a full-time role as a professional counsellor!

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To Fulfil A Calling

Whilst it must be said that all teachers are motivated and dedicated to the profession they work in and those that they have a responsibility for (as no individual will spend time lesson-planning and writing reports if they don't enjoy what they do to some degree) some find planning and teaching lessons more challenging than others.

If you have known that you wanted to be a teacher since early childhood or middle school, then you will probably take to all of the responsibilities that come with the job very naturally. Similarly, if you have family members who are in school jobs, you may be drawn to the idea of following in their footsteps and applying for a school job yourself (whether as an administrator, teaching assistant or a specialist school teacher), to benefit from working with children.

For some, teaching is all that they have ever known due to their parents being education practitioners, mingling with others in teaching communities and the topic of conversation over dinner always turning to their work in an educational institution.

Many teachers, when asked why they became a certified teacher, won’t be able to give you any reason other than: they were just meant to be a teacher.

So, if you have that desire to inspire the youth of today, share your ideas and knowledge and observe pupils progress and develop over time, then the chances are that a career in teaching is calling out to you! So, go on and check out your eligibility for some of those teaching opportunities!

Remember that if you are considering teaching abroad want to apply to foreign teaching positions (many people are drawn to this because of the better teaching salaries), you may need to check the prerequisites for international teaching and see if you need any additional training to teach abroad. Furthermore, some overseas education job postings may ask for differing teacher training so conduct your job search well and attend job fairs if possible before sending in your resume.

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Many people who have parents that are teachers choose a career in teaching because they are inspired by their loved
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To Fill You With Confidence

One of the biggest rewards as a teacher is seeing your pupils grow into individuals and gain in confidence, all thanks to your lesson plans and teaching skills. But isn't a career supposed to give something back to you as an individual too? Luckily for many, teaching does indeed offer many personal benefits, including boosting your own self-confidence and giving you a great sense of achievement.

No one enters the discipline for their own personal gain, but there is still some room for a bit of feeling good about yourself. Seeing a student grasp a concept and realising that it was you that helped that moment of recognition to happen can feel fantastic, and help you to understand how beneficial your job is to the communities.

If not thanks to your class reaching their goals, then you will start to believe in yourself as a result of careful preparation of strategies, planning lessons thoroughly and performing your duties in a confident and enthusiastic manner. In your classroom, you are centre-stage so there is no room for nerves or fear, and soon enough you will get used to having thirty pairs of eyes staring at you whilst you speak!

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School Holidays

There’s no denying it, the school holidays are a big draw for trainee teachers.

If you work at a private school, you might get up to eight weeks off in the summer, three weeks off at Easter and two to three weeks off at Christmas, but this usually comes hand in hand with a much more intense semester.

The promise of a long summer is great for those who have children or are planning to start a family, as it means that they will be off when their children are on their school holidays, which therefore cuts down the cost of childcare.

While there are many pros to having long holidays at intervals throughout the year, the cons are that you can't take days off here and there, holidays are expensive and you still need to prepare your classes even if you are sick.

That said, at least you always have your next break to look forward to!

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To Make Friends With Other Teachers

As an elementary teacher, you do spend a lot of time working alone or being in a classroom full of, well, quite immature pupils. This can make parts of your day feel quite dull and solitary.

However, if you are lucky enough to get on with the rest of your faculty, then you can look forward to some great social aspects of being an elementary school teacher. Just like teaching jobs in other establishments, you can benefit from regular departmental meetings, a communal staff room and the opportunity to meet up after work, you will no doubt make some great relationships and your colleagues will become supportive friends keen on listening to your stories as an education specialist.

You can share stories, advice, encouragement and you can even inspire one another to be better teachers.

Rumour has it that teachers are often drawn to other teachers because of their similar passion and lifestyle, so you may even make a romantic connection through working in a school! But will you start a new beginning with a teacher in your department or someone who teaches Maths... they do say opposites attract!

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You will get a chance to interact with other staff in the staff room and during faculty meetings.
You will make a fantastic group of like-minded friends as a teacher. Photo credit: Paulisson Miura on Visual Hunt


Because It Is Fun

Teachers take their responsibilities very seriously, but the most important thing to take away from this blog is that teaching is all of the above, but above all it is incredibly fun!

Whether you are a strict teacher or you are 'down with the kids', there is no harm in having fun with your class through practical lessons that encourage creativity. It is what they respond best to and it is what will keep you going during that long half-term following the summer. Plus, Drama is one of the best subjects to have fun with because it is by nature so diverse and freeing.

Games and other engaging activities have been proven to help students learn more in the run up to the exam period, therefore this is a job that you can be really creative with. So, taking time out to have a laugh with your form isn't just for the last week of the school year, you can take the time to get to know them better and to see them flourish by understanding what they like to do and turning it into a tool for learning.

Every day is different in the life of a teacher and there is never a dull moment - those pupils can be so funny!

And what better way to spend your day, than leading stimulating and entertaining lessons for kids? It sure beats the idea of sitting at a desk all day...

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