To score good marks in examination, one needs to work hard and study extra hours. Tutoring in subjects is one way of improving the examination score.

There are many people who are engaged in private tutor jobs in Kolkata. Finding a tutor from among these is not a tough task.

When one is searching for a private tutor in Kolkata, certain facts and considerations need to be kept in mind.

Education Scenario In Kolkata

Kolkata is an education hub. The city has many leading schools, colleges, universities that offer quality education. Some of these include the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, Indian Statistical Institute and Presidency University. While lectures delivered in colleges suffice for the requirement of students, the need for a home tutor is also felt. There are many teachers in Kolkata who are in leading teaching positions but also offer part-time tutoring to students.

Search For Private Tutors In Kolkata

If as a student, one is searching for those engaged in tutor jobs and offer private tuitions in Kolkata, different kind of options exists.

Find Someone With The Help Of Personal Relations

There are many job seekers in Kolkata who have turned into entrepreneurs and offer services as a home tutor in Kolkata. Consulting family and friends also helps as many of these people have someone in their circle who are into the teaching profession. Many of these education teachers offer home tutoring and can adjust their schedule as per the need of the student. These tutors are into teaching career for many years and can guide the students as per their needs. Inform friends and family and definitely, a competent tutor will be found. There are numerous teaching opportunities for good tutors and definitely, one that suffices the needs of students will be found through this mode.

Search The Tutors Online

Online tutoring is catching up fast and those engaged in home tutor job in Kolkata also offer their services through this medium. There are many online teaching platforms including Superprof that have a database of special education teachers who offers their services for a fee in Kolkata. These tutor online services are for different subjects like Mathematics, English, and Information Technology to name a few. The tutors list their specializations and all other details on Superprof and the services can be availed on an hourly basis. The charges vary from Rs 400/- per hour to Rs 750/- per hour depending upon the subject.

Students learning something on computer.
Tutors can be searched online in today’s tech-savvy world. Source: Hindustan Times

Search for those who are into teaching jobs and offer their tutoring skills can also be done through a general search on Social media platforms. Some teachers list their profiles on different social media websites like Linkedin and Facebook. Once a suitable tutor in Kolkata is found, students can discuss the other details in person before the services are engaged.

Coaching Academies

Kolkata has a number of academies that offer guidance to students who wish to take up Engineering jobs, Management jobs and Data entry jobs as their career. The teachers in tutoring jobs here are a qualified one having years of experience by their side. These teachers offer private tutoring and students can undertake doubt clearing sessions with these teachers to strengthen their subject skills.

A teacher giving a lecture.
Tutors in coaching academies help in concept clarity. Source: Hindustan Times

Get In Touch With Teachers

Every student has some favourite teachers in School and College. The relationship with these teaches continues even after the students have completed their school education. As these professionals are into teaching, they are definitely in touch with those who offer tutoring services. It is a good idea to consult with the teachers and they can guide one to suitable tutors who offer tuition classes. Getting in touch with tutors through this method will ensure that the students are likely to benefit to their maximum as the tutors will be well trained and can guide the students to accomplish their professional ambitions.

Skills That Tutors Should Possess

Like any other profession, teaching online jobs also require the tutors to possess a certain skill set. Let us discuss the skills that the tutors should possess in order to deliver the best results to the students.

Should Be Adaptable

Those in teacher jobs should be adaptable to different situations. Students should seek tutoring from tutors who can bear stressful situations. It often happens that sometimes students enrol in tutoring only when little time is left for the examination. This is a testing time for tutors. If they are able to deliver on such occasions, new students can safely assume that their future would be in better hands. A tutor should thus adapt to changing circumstances and must be able to help students grasp the basics of the subject, irrespective of the time they get for tutoring.

Should Have Subject Knowledge

Skillset on part of the tutor is one key aspect on which the entire game plan of success is based. The duration of the experience of the tutor is not of much relevance, but the subject knowledge is always a binding factor. The success rate of the tutor will give a reflection of the tutoring; he or she might be able to offer. In the case of a fresher, students can consider the academic performance of the tutor as a factor before one enrols with the tutor.

A teacher solving math problems.
Teacher with good subject knowledge is a worthy asset. Source: Hindustan Times

Source Of Energy

A tutor needs to establish a good relationship with the students. The students can be of different backgrounds. Some might need tutoring for a diploma course, others might be preparing for Govt jobs or Bank jobs as the case might be. Thus, the tutor should be full of energy and should be able to focus on the task at hand. If the tutor is energetic, he or she will be able to do justice to the job and will prove to be a worthy guide. Check the energy levels of the tutor by having a reflection of the class, the tutor is taking. If the mood of the class is energetic, one can assume that a tutor will be a resourceful person full of energy.

Should Demonstrate Openness

One of the skills in a tutor that any students should look forward to is openness. Students might be preparing for competitive examinations like police recruitment, defence jobs, and other government services. Such students have a range of queries from the tutor. The tutor should be open and adaptive to questions that are thrown at him or her as a challenge. They should be able to use technology as an aid in tutoring. Students can judge this skill of the tutor during the demonstration class which most of the tutors offer. If as a student, one is taking private tutoring at home, take help from elders in the family and the elders can question the tutor on student's behalf to get the tutors overview on such aspects.

Digital board being used in a classroom.
Tutors are using modern means of communication for tutoring. Source: Hindustan Times

Should Possess Humility

Respect and acceptance is a two-edged sword. Even if the tutor is fresher or has a Pg degree specialization in his/her respective subjects, humility is one character that he should possess. A tutor should respect students and have acceptance towards different kinds of questions that the students pose at them.

Always insist on demonstration classes before enrolling for the tuition classes. As a student, one will be able to judge the tutor on the above-listed aspects. A step taken in the right direction will be helpful in the long run and will ensure success for the student too.

Should Be Experimental In Nature

Rigidity never helps and this holds true in case of tutoring also. A tutor should always be flexible and must be open to queries that students put up. If one is able to locate such a tutor who accepts students with warmth and resolves the queries with a smile, the search for an ideal tutor could be considered as successful.

Private Tutors In Kolkata

Kolkata is the capital city of West Bengal and is home to numerous educational institutions of repute. Undoubtedly, trained subject experts have also made Kolkata their home. They offer private tutoring to students who seek professional positions in organizations like Hindustan aeronautics limited or are preparing for Mechanical engineering jobs. General tutors who coach on the development of communication skills and Networking jobs are also readily available.

Students can ideally search for such tutors from the classified sections of local newspapers in Kolkata. A search on Superprof will also yield good results. These tutors offer home tuition classes and students can also commute to the tutor's location, as the case may be. Negotiation on price and timings for tutoring can be done, once personal communication is established. These tutors cover the entire syllabus in stipulated time so that students get enough time for revision prior to the examination. Doubt clearing sessions are also held by the tutors to enable the students to clear their misconceptions and get clarity of thought before the culmination of the session.

Private tutoring has now emerged as a worthy way of enhancing subject knowledge and becoming confident in the subject. Get in touch with some capable private tutor by considering the facts shared in the article and ensure a better future personally and professionally.

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