To score high on the professional front, a strong academic foundation is required. Besides the regular school study, extra hours of coaching or homework help are also needed. It is here that the role of a private home tutor comes to prominence. Ahmedabad is an education hub and the city has a number of institutions that offer professional guidance to the students.

There are many professionals who are on the lookout for home tutor jobs in Ahmedabad. Below we list some of the viable ways of finding home tutors who are on the lookout for some part-time work and share their academic knowledge with students.

Educational Scenario In Ahmedabad

With Ahmedabad having a literacy rate of 79.89%, it is obvious that the city has an inclination for education. The demand for tutoring jobs is also high and those who are engaged in teaching jobs in Ahmedabad are always in demand. The city has a number of medical and engineering colleges including the prestigious Indian Institute of Management.

A teacher teaching in a classroom
Tutoring sharpens the learning skills of students. Source: Hindustan Times

Finding Private Tutors In Ahmedabad

If, as a tutee, you are on the lookout for the position of research associate or any other professional position, it would be worthy to take some tutoring. Maths tutor and those engaged in other tutor jobs would be able to fit the bill if some of these are found in the nick of time.

Search Through Personal Contacts

There are many local tutors who are engaged in part-time teaching jobs in Ahmedabad. Searching for a Chemistry tutor and engaged in-home tuition can also be done by activating personal contacts. Ideally, get in touch with friends who are at university in case the need is for a tutor who can help in the preparation for engineering jobs or any other category of Govt jobs. Your friends and family members working in such professional institutions will be in touch with teachers who offer online tutor jobs in Ahmedabad.

If the need is for a tutor for a primary grade student, someone who is a fresher in tutoring skills can also contribute to the academic development of the child. Tutors with such freshers skills are easy to find in the locality only and many of these offer their services for a convenient fee.

Online Search For Tutors

With the rapid growth of online tutoring, those engaged in tutoring services in subjects like Biochemistry and Microbiology and others offer their services through online tutoring platforms also. Even numerous school teachers also teach students during evening hours through online tuition.

There are many such online platforms including Superprof which have a data bank of online tutor in different cities including Ahmedabad. Tutors in Ahmedabad charge averagely Rs 750/- on an hourly basis for subjects like English. These tutors have excelled in such work from home opportunity options and offer qualitative education to the students. The rates are flexible and tutors who are relatively freshers charge in the range of Rs 300/- per hour for specialized subjects like chemistry. Doubt clearing sessions are also held online which help the students in mastering these subjects with the help of mediators like Superprof. These tutors will either travel to the location of the students or hold classes at their premises with rates varying as per the option the students choose.

Lecture in a classroom
Subject strength of teacher is also a positive indicator for the students. Source: Hindustan Times

Professional Academies

The concept of home employment via home tutoring has also caught up in cities like Ahmedabad. This has led to the growth of different professional academies that offer flexible hours for tutoring. For instance, students can get in touch with such academies to find a tutor with MSc certification if they seek guidance for Science and Mathematics. Many software engineers also offer their services at such academies for engineering-related subjects to a college student.

How To Finalize A Tutor

Finalizing a personal tutor is also a key step in ensuring a better future for the child. The steps listed below should be undertaken so that a competent tutor is finalized.

Sharing Of Imminent Needs

Many times, students who are into some kind of profession also seek the help of tutors. Such students are on paid time off to complete the education. As a student, any specialized requirements also need to be discussed with the tutor in advance. This will create a relation of ease between the tutor and the student. Such a relationship will definitely help in fastening the learning process.

Taking Practice Classes From The Tutor

Tutors who have taken teaching as work from home opportunities option also offer practice classes prior to the time students enrol for the entire course duration. As a student, one should also insist on tutoring centers so that the teaching methodology matches the aspirations which he/she might have as a student.

Success Rate Of The Tutor

This is one of the important parameters when it comes to finalizing a tutor. As a student, one might be seeking coaching for some professional examination in the department of education or research institute. It is definitely a pre prerequisite in such cases that you must check as to how many students have gained academic success in recent years. The success rate of the tutor can be taken as a parameter for finalizing him or her as a guide for future studies.

Interaction With Like-Minded Students

The profile of the students also matters. At times, as a student, one might have to study in a batch of 3-4 if tutoring for a single candidate is not possible. In such a scenario, it is also important that interaction will students are also done. This will help in measuring the compatibility and ensure that learning can take place in a fast-paced manner.

An interactive session of children
Interaction with students develops a close-knit bonding. Source: Hindustan Times

What to Look Forward In The Tutor

When someone is looking for personal tutors who offer the services for some extra income, certain considerations need to be kept in mind.

Subject Competence

Subject competence should be the key indicator in the search for a tutor. For example, when guidance for transcription jobs is being taken through tutoring, the need is to identify professional tutors who have a diploma in transcription from an accredited institute. The same rule also holds true for subjects like Science, Mathematics, and English where teachers should have concept clarity to the core.

Work Ethics

A tutor should have professional work ethics. A student can clearly judge the same by analysis of the past performance of the tutor. A professional tutor will always work on the weak links of the student and guide the students accordingly. Interacting with students who have studied during the past years from the tutor will help in this case. This will give a clear idea of the working style of the tutor. It will definitely ease the selection process of the tutor and the student will also get guidance from the appropriate person in the long run.

Integrity Of The Tutor

Punctuality is also a key characteristic of a good tutor. It should be ensured beforehand that the tutor should be available for the desired number of hours so that the students are able to grasp the concepts effectively. The tutor should also take regular exams which will help in the judgment of the academic progress, the students are making.

Attention To Details

Many times, it is often seen that the tutor does not or is not able to pay individual attention. This happens especially in the case when the batch size is large. As a student, one should always ensure that the tutor pays attention to details. Every child does not have the same learning pace. It is the duty of the tutor to ensure that ample attention is paid to every child so that all can learn with the same understanding. In cases when a tutor is attending to a single child only, it is the responsibility of the parents to cross-check with the tutor if their child is learning the lessons in the right manner. Attention to small details will definitely be helpful for the student and will ensure success in the long run.

Traditional teaching
Clarity of basic concepts can be done in a better manner in tuition classes. Source: Times of India

Private Tutoring In Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad is an education hub in Gujarat. There are numerous private tutors in the city who offer quality teaching at affordable prices. Most of these tutors run their own coaching centres and also travel to the location of the students if some students desire to study from the comfort of their home.

These home tutors offer to coach in subjects like Mathematics, English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Hindi, Economics and Accountancy. Special language teachers who take foreign language classes are also available throughout the city. These classes are offered on a daily basis for the duration of 1.5 - 2 hours and the timings can be chosen as per the convenience of the students.

These private tutors have listed down their credentials on online education portals and a quality search on the internet will definitely help parents come up with a list of probable tutors. Once the potential tutors have been identified, it is the duty of the parents to follow a stringent selection process as listed in the article above. This will ensure that the children are tutored according to their needs. The tutor selection process, when done with utmost care will ensure that the students will receive professional guidance which will help them progress in their personal and professional life at a rapid pace.

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