Hyderabad is considered as an important learning place in south India. The capital of Telangana has various learning centres including primary and secondary schools, colleges, universities and private institutes offering general as well as vocational courses. Education is one of the most crucial parts of people’s lives there, which leaves a massive demand for teachers in the place. Hence more and more teachers are looking forward to gaining the maximum advantage by offering home tuitions in Hyderabad.

It is worth noting that the literacy rate of Hyderabad is the highest among other districts mapped in the state of Telangana. Apart from that, the city also witnessed a rising number of private setups and startups. All these lead to healthy competition in every sector thus speeding the pace of life of the people. While people are looking for various ways of increasing income, private tutors prove to be smarter in winning the race.

Home tuitions are one of the highest emerging businesses nowadays. There are several reasons behind this, from the quality of education provided in the schools to the capacity of students to take up a lesson. While many students are independent of any sort of private tuition, in some of the cities like Hyderabad, students do seek additional classes apart from their school or college education.

Technology helps education
It is interesting how education helped us find technology, which is now being used to replace the traditional education system. Source: Franchise India

Why A Personal Home Tutor Is Important?

Students require a lot of attention during their school days since it is the beginning of their life. They start to learn things and explore whatever comes within their reach. While learning is something the school is soulfully responsible for, a private tutor, in addition, would help students consume whatever is being taught at a school. In other words, private tuition acts as a guide in the life of a child and support to meet the demands of the school teacher. Here are a few important factors why private or local tutors are in demand.

Quality Of Education In Schools

Many schools, especially government schools provide an average quality of education to the children. Because of this, students are deprived of scoring good grades in their board exams which affect their career to a great extent. In rural areas, these issues are very common. However, with the help of private tutoring or extra coaching, a student can prepare better.

Misguidance In Schools

Since primary schooling is a foundation for a child, a teacher must be thorough to educate him/her about the prospects of education. In addition to that, with the growing mind of the candidate, a teacher is also responsible to look after his/her mental well-being. With the help of debate and other such activities, it is possible that a teacher must share a personal experience of their life with the children. However, most of the teachers in schools do not find it important to guide a student besides academics. But this is an important measure that is looked after by a private tutor at home.

Teacher To Student Ratio

In most schools and colleges, the ratio of teacher to students is quite unsatisfactory. As a result, one teacher is required to look after so many students and it becomes tough. Amidst this, some of the students who require special attention are deprived of the same and score lower marks in exams. In this case, it is vital to opt for home tutoring who would take care of the students.

Intellectual Stimulation Of The Child

There is no denying that students need intellectual stimulation. Although school is the primary home where one can depend for the same, it is also good to give the child private attention.

Students attending lecture
The lecture is one of the most important parts of education. Source: Franchise India

How To Set A Perfect Private Tutor For The Child?

Now since the requirement of a private tutor is clear, the next important thing is where to get these tutors who would offer customised classes to the students. Before you come to the conclusion and find private tutors in Hyderabad who would teach your child, you must be aware of a few factors.

Weak Points Of The Student

While primary level students would need a tutor for all subjects, a few students may suffer from difficulty in a few subjects. For instance, some of the students cannot score well in Mathematics while others would suffer in subjects like Chemistry, History or Geography. So, it is better to check which subject your child can easily cope up with.

Standard Of The Child

The standard of the child is another important aspect to check before opting for a tutor. If the child is in primary level, he/she would require more attention in learning and homework. On the other hand, if the student is preparing for the board exam, he may require more assistance from an expert.

Quality Of The Tutor

The reason for hiring a home tutor is the absence of adequate guidance in schools. And to meet the requirement, one should be aware of the fact that teaching is not within the capacity of everyone. Check how a private tutor is looking after your child. For this, you can ask the teacher to give one-month trial coaching. Moreover, if you look for a tutor through a website like Superprof, you can find that some of the tutors offer a free trial so that you can decide whether the teaching is suitable for your child or not.

Tutoring Durations

While most of the teachers offer hourly classes, one must be very clear about the hours the student would require. There would not be any issue to demand more time from a teacher. Especially if are looking for a teacher through an online platform, you can come across many professionals who are aware of the timing required by a child.

Students in a classroom
Education is one of the most important parts of life. Source: India Today

Finding The Best Teacher For Your Child In Hyderabad

While one can search for a teacher in the neighbourhood or by asking someone, online mode serves as the best way of finding private tutors in Hyderabad. Among the various sites you can check, Superprof is one of the trending options you can go for. It consists of a list of teachers and professionals of every field. Thus, the option is not only limited to academic tutoring but also learning additional activities like guitar, designing, languages, etc. Besides, one can also search for a teacher via social media platforms where tutors have created their profile.

The profile of the teachers along with their contact details will be listed on the online tutoring sites or other websites. A student too can directly reach out to the tutor and discuss the necessary things to hire for tutoring services.

Why Other Private Teachers Are Perfect For Your Child?

Online tutoring is not only advantageous for the students, but the teachers also gain a lot of possibilities in the form of earnings. The number of home tuition in Hyderabad are increasing day by day because of which students are depending on the teachers online or private home teachers. It is worth mentioning that there are several problems with the teachers teaching in schools in rural areas.

On the other hand, private tutors never discriminate in respect to anything while tutoring. This is another factor why most of the parents decide to give their children private tuition. Other benefits of private tutors are listed below:

  • A private tutor is easy to get with the help of online websites
  • Private tutors can prepare their schedule according to the timing as demanded by the students
  • Private tuitions help a student to gain confidence and prepare well for the future

How Private Tuitions Are Better Than Coaching Classes

Coaching classes are one of the most common forms of tuition that parents prefer for their children. It is due to this only that coaching classes are cheaper and mostly conducted by school teachers and professors. However, in comparison to private tuitions, coaching classes may appear to be cheaper in no way better than private tutoring.

Students in a coaching centre
Private tutoring is better than coaching students. Source: The Indian Express

The way classes are conducted in coaching centres is more or less the same as that in schools, which makes a student feel bourgeois. On the other hand, since these tutoring centres are attended by several students, the problem of the teacher to student ratio remains the same. As a result, the teacher might again fail to notice the students who need extra care for their preparation.

On the other hand, private tuitions are always safe and value for money option when it comes to educating the student. Without any pressure of teaching the whole class, a teacher gets to attend one candidate at a time and thus fulfilling his/her requirement of education becomes much easier.

For the teachers, since it is one of the best ways of earning, he/she offers complete assistance to the child. All these serve as combined reasons why home tutor jobs in Hyderabad are in huge demand. Not only for the candidate, but it is also extremely convenient for the teacher as well to guide the student properly.

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