Is teaching your passion?

Do you know the language of Confucius by heart?

You have the opportunity to teach Chinese to many American students.

Teaching language courses can be an excellent supplement to your income. This is true especially when we have a look at the shortage of Chinese lessons in American schools.

More and more, students are want academic support to learn the notions of the Sinophone language.

If you are to find some students, you have to think about the price of your Chinese lessons and carefully take into account all of the criteria.

Here is an article written by Superprof to help you figure out just that!

Rates for Superprof Chinese Lessons

How do you set the hourly rate on Superprof?

As a reminder, you should know that Superprof is a platform connecting students and teachers.

In just a few clicks, students have the opportunity to get in touch with private tutors tutoring math, English, history, and, of course, Chinese.

More and more Internet users are using Superprof to find a certified tutor. They are interested in the tutor's method.

As far as tutors go, registration is free. After filling out all of your information, your profile will be validated by our team.

Once your profile is online, just wait for the messages to roll in.

What are the advantages of creating a profile on Superprof? You set your own rate for your Chinese language lessons!

Our platform currently lists more than 500 language-speaking teachers for an average rate of 20 USD per hour with 93% of teachers offering first hours for free.

The profiles of the tutors are all very different:

  • Chinese BA students,
  • Young graduate teachers,
  • University-level teachers,
  • Retired teachers,
  • Chinese natives.

No Chinese teacher is alike on the Superprof platform. This is a positive, which makes it possible for each student to have access to tailor-made lessons according to his or her expectations and his or her level.

In 2014, over 150,000 people were learning Chinese in American schools. A figure that increases by 10% each year, placing Chinese in 5th position of most learned languages.

These figures prove the growing interest in Chinese.

Motivated students will be delighted to seek the support of a private teacher to:

  • Learn the pinyin system,
  • Master Chinese calligraphy,
  • Understand Chinese grammar rules,
  • Deepen their knowledge of the history of the Middle Kingdom,
  • Prepare a language course in Shanghai, etc.

You can use these easy ways to find students for your Chinese lessons...

Different Rates in the Different Cities of NYC

Discover the Chinese culture every year with the Chinese New Year in New York City!

Now that you know the average price of a Chinese course on Superprof, here is the first criterion to take into account to set the price of your Chinese lessons: your location.

  • What are the rates in France?
  • Does the rate change according to the geographical location?

It's in the New York region and New York City specifically that the rates are highest.

Our NYC superprofs ask for an average hourly rate of 25 USD.

This is higher than the national average. On one hand it has to do with the location, because everything is more (too) expensive in Paris! The second reason is the strong demand for Chinese tutoring.

Because more people are interested then naturally more schools are needed. But there are not many schools offering the language and so more academic is needed.

In general, teachers located in major French cities charge their foreign language courses more expensive.

You should plan on 20 USD per hour in Chicago and Los Angeles and 22 in San Francisco and Miami.

Have a look at the rates in your area and set an hourly rate in line with other private Chinese tutors.

Also find out what qualifications are needed to tutor in Chinese...

Chinese Courses: Where to Place Yourself in Terms of Rate

In order to define the amount you will charge for private Chinese lessons you must study "competition" and situate yourself in relation to their prices.

But beware, it's not just competition in general that you are looking at!

Are you looking to teach Chinese to your students outside the academic school curriculum?

Two solutions are available to you:

  1. Join a private tutoring organization,
  2. Create a profile on an online platform.

Learning Chinese Via Private Institutions

When you want to improve your knowledge on a particular subject, it is difficult to overlook the many private tutoring agencies that already have a great deal of experience in tutoring.

Let's name some of the best known agencies around:

  • Acadomia,
  • Maxiclass,
  • Academic Plus, etc.

If you decide to join one of these organizations as a Chinese tutor, you won't be able to pick your own rates.

To join a private tutoring organization, you must also pass language tests and have a BA in your language.

Each tutor is paid the same amount. This may be frustrating if the pay is not up to your work experience standards.

Nevertheless, you will have no trouble giving your first Chinese language classes.

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced student, these institutions for private lessons are popular for Chinese courses in New York, evening classes, intensive training, and any professional training in the subject of your choice.

In these private organizations, foreign language courses are charged an average of between 30 and 35 USD an hour.

Find out how you can prepare to give Chinese lessons...

Teaching Chinese Via Online Platforms

Unlike private organizations, home tutor jobs give you complete freedom to set your own rates.

Here is another advantage: you can highlight the originality of your courses and educational materials.

  • Do you like to revise Chinese conjugation with apps for smartphones and tablets?
  • Do you use traditional Chinese songs to improve your students' oral comprehension and Chinese pronunciation.
  • Are Chinese proverbs useful for the student to work on Chinese vocabulary?

The original learning methods you use will make you stand out and help you to find more students for your Chinese classes!

It's up to you to choose the solution that suits you best.

Fix A Rate According to Experience and Diplomas

Your experience and your Chinese language diplomas will reassure your future students and justify your rates!

Here is the last criterion you need in order to set the price of your Chinese lessons: your resume.

This means your work experience and college degrees.

This is important criteria that can tip the scales in your favor. A student cannot ask for the same hourly rate as an associate professor for example.

You are:

  • A student of higher education

To round off their ends of the month, many students start learning Chinese. BA or Master students in the Chinese language or learning the language in a Confucius Institute often accompany students while they acquire the basics of Chinese linguistics.

  • A bilingual Chinese graduate professor

Your command of the Sinophone language and its peculiarities is near perfect. You can help all your students reach success. You can teach adults taking Chinese business courses as a means to prepare the HSK level test.

  • A native Chinese

Initiation to Chinese culture (painting, gastronomy, traditions, rituals, phonetics), preparing of a trip to China, an introduction to Chinese writing (tones, alphabet, Chinese characters) - with all these elements of learning, your cultural and linguistic knowledge make the difference!

You totally master your native language and it allows you to accompany students and immerse them in the Middle Kingdom during a conversation.


What Are the Rates for Chinese Classes?

We have not yet talked about Chinese language schools.

Contrary to popular belief, classes can be less expensive in these private schools, because hourly rates no longer apply but the rate is paid over the length of a full year.

If you choose to pay this way, you will be less stressed and your bill will be less expensive. 

As for the vast majority of products, the greater the volume, the more the rates will decrease.

With a Chinese community larger than it has ever been, Chinese has spread to many schools in the United States.

Faced with growing demand, schools are constantly looking for new Mandarin teachers.

Cheaper rates, private tutors, graduates whose mother tongue is Chinese...Why don't all students learn Chinese in a private language institute?

For the simple reason that these schools provide excellent Chinese, yes, but in small groups. Count from 4 to 8 students, sometimes even 12.

Getting a private tutor is a way to ensure you progress more quickly and efficiently.

What students are looking for outside their school curriculum is first and foremost courses that are tailored to their level and expectations.

And, finally, discover more handy tips for teaching Chinese...


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