Integrated Professional Competence Course or the IPCC examination is a new edition of the PCC examination for becoming a Chartered Accountant in India. A student can register for IPCC after clearing the CPT exam. The IPCC test consists of two groups-Group-1 and Group-2, and after clearing Group-1, the candidate can register himself for articleship. It is mandatory for the aspirant to complete a 9-month study course along with a 100-hours orientation course and ITT before appearing for the Group-II examination of the intermediate course.

Group-I of IPCC consists of the following subjects:

  • Accounting
  • Business Law, Ethics and Communication
  • Cost Accounting and Financial Management
  • Taxation

Group-II of IPCC consists of the following subjects:

  • Advanced Accounting
  • Auditing and Assurance
  • Information Technology and Strategic Management

All kinds of classes including online, at-home and private classes are available for students. You can take classes from skilled and experienced teachers. This will ensure that you clear both the groups in one go.

Levels Of A CA Exam

A chartered accountant can work in various fields including business and finance, auditing, tax, financial management and many more. Many CA's engage themselves in the public sector, some prefer working in the private sector and CA's get jobs by the government bodies as well.

It takes a lot of time and hard work to become a Chartered Accountant. Source: reachaccountant

In order to become a Chartered Accountant in India, the candidate has to pass 3 levels of the CA exam.

CA Foundation

CA Foundation is the entry-level examination that a student needs to clear in order to become a Chartered Accountant. Any student who has cleared his/her class 12th can appear in the CA Foundation exam. The exam has four papers and it requires preparation of four months.

CA Intermediate

CA Intermediate is the second level of examination. Anyone who qualifies CA Foundation can appear for the CA Intermediate examination.

CA Final

CA Final is the last level of examination to become a Chartered Accountant. After clearing the CA Intermediate level, the candidates need to complete their articleship which is held for a period of 3 years. Moreover, the candidate is required to undergo 4-weeks of Advanced Integrated Course on IT and Soft Skills. Once done, the candidate can appear for the CA Final exam.

The candidate becomes a Chartered Accountant and can apply for CA certification after clearing the CA Final level.

Levels Of A CS Exam

A Company Secretary (CS) holds a lot of value in a company. The job of a Company Secretary is to manage the legal aspects of a firm. A CS handles the tax returns and keeps the records of a company. Moreover, a CS gives advice to the board of directors as well.

In order to become a CS in India, one needs to complete 3-levels of CS exam and training under the Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI).

The three levels are as follows:

  • Foundation Programme
  • Executive Programme
  • Professional Programme

To be eligible to appear for the Foundation Programme, the candidate must pass class 12th in any stream except fine arts. In case the candidate is a graduate, he/she can skip the foundation examination and can directly appear in the Executive Programme.

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Accounting management
Once you become a Chartered Accountant, there are a lot of job opportunities for you. Source: totalbusinessmagazine

Job Options For CA In India

Once you complete Chartered Accountancy, a lot of doors open for you. There are a plethora of opportunities for a CA as a CA can not only be a job taker, but also a job giver. After qualifying the CA Final examination, the candidate becomes a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI). There is no such company or industry where there is no requirement of Chartered accountants India.

After becoming a CA, one can:

  • Practice Chartered Accountancy
  • Become an Entrepreneur
  • Join a CA firm

A CA can start a partnership firm or you can also start an LLP firm. One can also start a consultancy firm or become a partner of a big audit firm.

A Chartered Accountant can pursue a career in various firms such as Internal Auditing, Tax Auditing, Forensic Auditing, Managing Treasury function and many more. Moreover, a Chartered Accountant can also offer tutorials as a tutor and start his/her own coaching centre.

How To Crack CA Exams?

To get qualified accountants, it’s extremely difficult. -Craig Scott

Becoming a Chartered Accountant is not a child's play. It takes a lot of hard work and preparation to clear all the levels of examination. You are required to take months of coaching classes before you can appear in the exam. Nevertheless, the percentage of students who pass the examination is really low. The examination is held under the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and the examination is held in May and November, every year.

CA examination is known to be the most difficult examination in the world. So, how to crack CA examinations? Anything is possible with hard work and a little faith. Here are a few tips that will help you crack your CA examinations without any stress and anxiety.

  1. Time Management

Time plays a very important role in clearing CA examinations. You should try to focus on getting good marks. Try to stay away from social media or television as they distract one's mind and will hamper your speed. Create a time table for yourself, plan your day, create every day goals and stick to your schedule. This will ensure that you give sufficient time to your studies and study effectively.

  1. Study Is A Part Of The Routine

CA examinations are tough, and hence, you should make it a point to study every day. Keep practising the concepts and keep attempting questions so that you stay prepared for your examination.

A Chartered Accountant handles the financial aspects of a business. A CA should know how to focus. Source: northwesternuniversity

1. Self Evaluation Is The Key

Keep practising various question papers to evaluate your strong points as well as your weak points. Practice will also build your confidence and it will ensure that you know where you stand. You can also do a SWOT analysis to evaluate your preparation. This will make sure that you score well in your examination.

2. Practice Makes The Man Perfect

Learning the concepts and not practising them will get you nowhere. Once you learn everything, make it a point to practice as well. Questions get repeated and hence, the practice of the previous year question papers can go a long way.

3. Attempt Mock Papers

The thought of giving an examination for the very first time can be scary. Attempting mock papers will come in handy as it will give you an idea of what your examination paper is going to look like. Moreover, it will test your knowledge and it will ensure that you have prepared well. You can also test your writing skills and speed of attempting the paper by writing a mock examination.

4. Stay Active And Healthy

It is vital to nourish your body. Being surrounded by books all day can make you feel less active and hence, you should exercise or do something else to keep your body fit and active at all times. Exercise reduces stress and a minimum of seven hours of sleep along with healthy meals ensure that your body is in good shape. Moreover, drinking at least 8 glasses of water is also essential. You should not take too much stress and you should have faith in yourself and your preparation.

5. Positivity Or Self-confidence

Preparation for CA examinations can drain one's mind and body. Staying calm and positive will ensure that you do not give up. It will also help you score well in your exams. Worrying too much or lack of confidence can affect your scores as it will stop you from giving it your best shot.

Accountancy Classes In India

From doing courses such as B.Com, BBA, MBA, etc. to pursuing professional courses such as CA or CS, accountancy is an essential subject and it is required everywhere in the field of business. Whether you are on a lookout for accountancy classes for class-11 or you want accountancy classes for CA final level, it can be a difficult task to find a good teacher. If you are not able to fetch good accountancy classes in India, do not worry as Superprof is there to help you out.

Online classes are the best way to learn everything at the ease of home. Source: thehindu

Superprof is a platform that bridges the gap between students and teachers. You can create an account by visiting their website and start your hunt. You can search for teachers for online classes, at-home classes, or private coachings, etc. Everything will be available to you at affordable prices and the best part is that you won't have to step foot out of the house even for a second.

Superprof allows teachers to create a profile on their portal with the necessary details and qualifications. Students can find teachers to learn anything and everything. Moreover, you can take a look at the ratings and reviews of the teachers to make an informed decision.

Accountancy is an essential part of all our lives, and hence, the knowledge of accountancy comes in handy. You can find an accountancy teacher who fulfils your requirements. You can rely on Superprof to give you an easy way to connect with skilled and experienced teachers around you or from anywhere in the country.

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