Since its founding in August of 2013, Superprof has not stopped growing.

The one on one tutoring start-up has now made its way onto the world stage and its online tutoring services can be found in Brazil, Belgium, Spain and even Mexico to name a few.

This development would never have been possible without the hard work and determination of the Superprof team, which works tirelessly to actively promote the sharing of knowledge.

The 18-strong team is responsible for making Superprof a dynamic and family-friendly organisation which gives users an effective service which is tailored to the needs of each individual by looking at their personal learning style based on their strengths and weaknesses.

Superprof’s unwavering drive for individualised learning made it ‘Coup de Cœur de Public’ or ‘Public’s Favourite’ at the 2016 France Digitale Tour.

The Superprof team works closely with customers to find them their ideal tutor. They include:

  • Yann and Wilfried - Superprof co-founders
  • Louise - Recruitment manager
  • Camille - Communication manager
  • Mathilde and Charles - Customer service in France
  • Simon -  SEO supervisor
  • Alexandre - SEO manager
  • Marta and Eva - Spain country managers
  • Gloria - Country manager for Italy
  • Flavio - Brazil country manager
  • Micha - USA country manager
  • Jon - UK country manager
  • Valeria - Mexico country manager
  • Steph - Germany country manager
  • Nushad - India country manager

Quality Customer Service

According to a 2015 IFOP poll, 91% of people have reached out to a customer service department before.

However, 79% of them said they were unhappy with the handling of their complaints, which were due in part to long waiting times.

We would never let this happen at Superprof. Our dedicated customer service team is always delighted to answer any questions or fix a problems a customer may have.

Whether you’re looking for math tuition to brush up on your trigonometry, algebra or calculus, an English tutor to help your child with reading and writing, a humanities scholar to help with your undergraduate study, French lessons with language tutors, or would like to be tutored before sitting important exams, our team will do all they can to ensure that you have a faultless tutoring experience.

Get truly tailored support from our team whether you need help with the website, finding a tutor or your profile
Our team is always delighted to help students and tutors at any stage in their learning ¦ source: Pixabay - StartupStockPhotos

As a learner or educator, questions, criticisms or unforeseen problems can arise at any moment. When they do, our customer service team is there to resolve your issue as quickly as possible.

We have developed our fantastic customer service know-how over the 4 years Superprof has been active.

There are several ways to get in contact with us:

  • Through social media (Facebook and Twitter) via direct message
  • At the email address

You could have an answer to your query in just a few hours when a team member will be in contact to help you out.

The Tutee Experience at Superprof

Students who wish to have academic support, take exam preparation lessons or be coached in sport or other areas can sign up to Superprof absolutely free.

Once registered, students are free to browse tutors from all over the world and in their local area who will be able to help them to gain valuable qualifications and succeed academically with supplemental instruction.

If a student wishes to be put in touch with a certain one to one tutor, all they have to do is reserve a lesson via the tutor’s profile.

Browsing and contacting tutors is 100% free on Superprof.

Students can search for tutors UK using filters concerning local area, whether they’re looking for an online tutor or in home tutoring London services or online tutoring all over the UK at level of study.

After these filters have been applied, our Superalgorithm will display all suitable tutors according to the student’s request.

If, after 48 hours you are still unable to find a suitable tutor, the Superprof customer service team will get to work to find an educator that suits your needs.

Students may also receive text or email notifications about potential academic tutoring matches.

A large amount of support means customers save time and can start their learning journey as quickly as possible.

Superprof for Tutors

When it comes to becoming a home tutor, whether you’re interested in providing homework help with academic subjects or extracurricular activities, you’ll want a no-hassle method of finding students.

With Superprof, sign-up is 100% free for tutors - and you pay no commision.

Each online and home tutor looking to deliver lessons can complete their profile for free with guidance from our team to make sure their profile displays the key details of each tutor’s services.

This means that profiles are optimised to appear higher up in search results for queries where the filters match the qualities of the tutor, and tutors, therefore, receive more requests from suitable clients.

Posting flyers and small adverts in yor local area is a lot of work for little reward. Our tutoring website can offer you a worthwhile alternative.
The days of notice boards are over - let our team assist you with online advertising ¦ source: Pixabay - lailajuliana

The Superprof team is also at the disposal of teachers, advising them on how to best display and market their skills once they become a tutor with Superprof.

Rachel, a math tutor, was struggling to find tutoring jobs.

With the help of Camille from Superprof, Rachel went from having 0 to 15 lesson requests per month!

You too can get in touch with the team to help you increase your online visibility.

Don’t forget to complete your dashboard with your information, and make sure you respond as quickly as possible to interested students, as this will ensure a good response time on your profile.

A Tutoring Agency with a Difference

93.7% of our customers say they are ‘very satisfied’ with Superprof (figures based on 1421 reviews posted on Verified Reviews) and we believe this is down to the reliability of our website.

Half of our workforce is dedicated to technical support aiming to perfect the Superprof experience down to the last detail.

In an age where new technologies revolutionise the way in which we consume, Superprof understands and embraces the digital shift to enhance customer experience.

The Superprof platform is always evolving to make scheduling a lesson as easy as possible.

Our website develops with its users in mind. Superprof customers make over 12,000 searches each day to find the best tutors who will help them learn and develop essential study skills.

As this number continues to grow, our passion for ease of use allows us to manage the increased demand.

Upon reaching the Superprof homepage, users are presented with a modern and simple interface.

Let’s put ourselves in the shoes of someone looking for maths lessons in Manchester:

  • in the “Choose a subject” box, they would type “maths”
  • in the box marked “Enter your address or postcode”, they would type “Manchester”
  • After clicking the button “Find a Tutor”, the student will be able to browse a list of maths tutors in their area

Thanks to the powerful Superalgorithm, each step of the search for the ideal tutor is personalised according to subject, address, and level among other criteria that can be adjusted in the filters.

Some of our tutors are Superprof ambassadors. Ambassadors are advocates of the Superprof passion for sharing knowledge in their teaching, and can be found on the website’s homepage.

In a simple click of the mouse, anyone can browse profiles according to what they are looking for.

Our innovative platform means there are as few obstacles as possible between you and your objectives
The efficiency of our website means removes the stress from your search ¦ source - Visualhunt

And because we go the extra mile, one on one lessons are organised into categories:

  • Academic support
  • Language lessons
  • Music lessons
  • Sports coaching
  • Lessons in the arts

To make sure that we always offer available tutors, the Superprof technical team has put a system into place which displays tutor availability in real time.

And for an added level of security, our algorithm calculates the response rate of each tutor. This lets students be certain about the seriousness of their chosen tutor and encourages tutors to get involved with their students’ academic success.

In addition to this, our technical team has created a review system whereby students can rate their tutors and leave comments for any future prospective tutee to read before contacting the tutor.

Efficient Financial Model to Our Tutor Website

At Superprof, we do everything we possibly can to ensure the satisfaction of each user.

Students will never have to part with any money if they fail to find a tutor that suits their specific needs.

The website can save payment details, and payment will only be taken if the tutor accepts your request.

If the request is accepted but there is an issue which is out of our hands and leads to the lesson not being delivered, we will refund the student as soon as possible. This is part of the Superprof guarantee!

All you need to do is to get in contact with our team via email and explain the problem so that we can help find a solution.

Hourly lessons cannot always be refunded by Superprof, simply because the team is not involved with the transaction.

In short:

  • tutors set their own hourly rates for lessons, which vary depending on the level of the tutor and their students
  • payment is direct from student to tutor

Direct payment means that Superprof takes no commission from tutors’ earnings, which keeps lessons affordable and more worthwhile.

The majority of our tutors also offer their first lesson absolutely free!

The Superprof team is always available to help and support the website’s users.

The relationship of trust that grows between the team and tutors is fundamental to the sharing of knowledge, and the first step towards success.

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