It may surprise you to know that to think positively is something that can be learned, and at any point in your life, too.

What's more, there are so many different ways to be optimistic and adopt a positive attitude, and below we'll explore some of the resources you can observe in your quest to becoming a less negative person. Turn those negative emotions into positive emotions.

The Internet has a very varied reputation. In some respects, it's seen as a bit of a demon in the way that it facilitates negative thoughts and actions in the form of cyberbullying, trolling, and making people feel bad about themselves, yet, if we look on the brighter side, (turn to our positivity and optimism!), it also opens up so many doors and opportunities for us. Opportunities for us to learn, be inspired, create, and so much more...

Check out how the web can help you adopt positive psychology.

Can Positivity Be Used As An Alternative To Medication? explores the idea of positive affirmations being able to replace medication, stating that:

"There are physical treatments and medications, and there are also other sorts of "medications", such as inner peace, positive thinking, and changing one's way of thinking. These are "medicines" without side effects, and they do not require a prescription.

Instead of letting negative situations continue, or trying to resolve them through medicinal or psychological treatments, why not learn to overcome them? Why not avoid being in a mental and emotional condition that directs you towards a life of stress and strain, doctors and pills?"

Wouldn't you agree that it is better to overcome your negativity with the use of a positive attitude rather than turning to drugs?

What's more, if you do happen to need anti-depressants, scientists claim that these types of medications can have a far better effect when combined with positivity, making you more naturally upbeat.

This is just one reason for staying positive!

Books About Positive Thinking

Okay, a book isn't strictly an online resource but we are just slipping this in early as it's an unmissable resource for those seeking a feel-good account of the power of positive thinking. And if you download it, it sort of qualifies as an Internet resource, no?!

'The Power of Positive Thinking' by Norman Vincent Peale has got to be one of the most recognised positive thinking books in the entire world. The author is truly inspirational and has used this mental attitude to help millions of people realise their potential by making it clear that their dreams lie within the ability to feel only full faith in their everyday actions.

Displaying practical techniques, Dr. Peale describes how to introduce a new level positivity into life and the book is actually completely life-changing.

Inspirational Videos To Watch

It's so easy to find videos that can inspire you and play a part in how you manage stress. With YouTube available on the internet via your laptop, tablet or phone, you can easily watch a clip every day if you so choose, or binge on motivational speeches to feel more positive instead of procrastinating.

There are huge benefits to watching videos that promote positivity.
Instead of procrastinating, watch inspirational videos! Photo on Visual Hunt

It's as simple as typing in a search for 'positive videos' - try it yourself and see how long it takes for you to be fully engaged and feeling full of life!

Find Positivity In Social Media Feeds

Social media is a nice easy way to get a hold of positive material, however, it's important not to take note of the negativity that sometimes arises on networks such as Instagram. Internet trolls, reality vs. Instagram... it's easy to get sucked into the virtual world which can have no ethical barriers.

Steer clear of all of these bad feelings by instead focusing your attention on some of the accounts below, which will fill you with that fuzzy feeling in your tummy.


This account lives up to its name. It couldn't be more happy if it tried! It provides inspirational quotes and picture-perfect photography and will become your own slice of heaven.


This Instagrammer shows real people overcoming obstacles and triumphing. It's addictive watching the stories unfold and getting to see the happy endings!


We know that happiness and positivity aren't all about being super fit, but taking care of your wellbeing can boost positivity and body confidence. That is why the strong, athletic in this feed will wow you and motivate you to get up and be active too!


This feed is invested in your wellbeing, and it encourages you to be too with a long list of wonderfully inspiring quotes to help you be more powerful and confident with each day, no matter the obstacles that are in your way.


This account dedicated to mindfulness is so influential. Discover the wonder of meditation and be prepared to be inspired to adopt more spirituality and mindfulness into your life.


Finally, if food is something that makes you happy, then you will be ecstatic with this feed! It combines oh-so-tasty food pics with some really hilarious food-related quotes.

Alternatively, if it's a variety of sources you want, then why not opt to follow the hashtags #positivity #positivethinking #postitivequotes #positiveaffirmations and #positivethoughts ?

Use Apps That Promote Positivity

Positive words can help mould your brain to think positively.
Find positive slogans and quotes on the Internet to get you through your day. Photo on Visual hunt


Happify is available on iOS and is designed to help you set goals in different tracks of your life, like confidence or work productivity, for example. Each different 'track' has its own set of quizzes and activities which include things like listing the things you are grateful for or picking out positive words in a game and eliminating negative ones. It's downloadable on a subscription basis - either yearly or monthly.


Pozify is a very effective app which rewards you for all of the positive things you do, in turn making you feel good about yourself and then feel even more positive! The developers are keen to expose positive traits and behaviour, and it gives you credit for spreading positivity on the web. It encourages safe, fun and inspirational content being distributed and you can exchange your good doing for gift cards and other products to spend as you wish. You can treat yourself from time to time, use your rewards on others or donate them to charity.

Positive Thinking — The Key to Happiness

Once more available to Apple users, this iOS app is all about changing lives with positive thinking. As such, it provides a catalogue of motivational topics to read through with step-by-step guides on how to become more positive and thus attract wealth, love and success. It also features a range of emotionally-driven inspirational quotes that'll tug at your heartstrings for sure.


With a heavy focus on mindfulness and meditation, this app has been developed to help people find their inner calm and to beat depression, anxiety and any other forms of negative energy with the use of breathing exercises, relaxing sounds, therapeutic coaching, ad inspirational stories.


With Juice, you can get your health on track and give unhealthy habits the boot. The app monitors your energy levels throughout the day and lets you see where you are most productive and where you lag a bit, helping you to identify areas for improvement. It also enables you to keep a sleep diary, log your diet, and input your physical activities to get a better overview of your patterns and see how you can squeeze more energy, productivity and positivity out of your days. Don't run out of Juice!

Positivity apps are on the rise.
Download apps that help you to be more mindful. Photo on

The Gratitude Journal

Last but not least, The Gratitude Journal is what it says on the tin - it encourages you to be grateful. With the app, you can write down what you are grateful for each day, and it will prompt you to do so in order to stay on task. It's nothing intellectual, but its simplicity means that it focuses on what's most important. It keeps a log of your five entries a day (or you can add pictures) and lets you rate your feelings whilst protecting all of this sensitive data with a password.

Go in search of positive vibes. Be proactive, bold and driven and take charge of your life and happiness. With these apps, you really can't go wrong!

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