A pedestrian street in South Korea on a cloudy day with people walking and carrying shopping bags.

South Korean Culture: Guide to South Korea

Korean Traditions: Culture Facts You Must Know Before Visiting That is a question with many answers so here are a few things this country is famous for. South Korea is highly developed and home to the 14th-largest global economy by GDP. It's gridded with the densest high-speed rail network (sorry, Japan!) and boasts one of […]

28 February 20237 minutes to read

A pedestrian shopping street at night in Seoul, South Korea

Korean Culture: Music & K-Pop

Insight Into Korean K-Pop Music In 2023 Korean music has taken the world by storm. Some might think it all started with BTS - arguably the biggest K pop group ever. But Korean music has been making its way onto western music charts for more than 10 years. Who remembers Psy, with his odd horse […]

28 February 20236 minutes to read

Learning Korean in the UK: Tips and Resources for Beginners

Whether you’re a beginner or looking to improve your existing skills, we’ve got you covered with comprehensive lessons, practical tips, and valuable resources. Our blog is designed to make the learning process as easy and enjoyable as possible, with step-by-step guides and engaging content that will keep you motivated and excited to learn. Find the best Korean tutors near you with Superprof.

Korean is an increasingly popular language to learn in the UK. With the rise of K-pop, K-dramas, and Korean cuisine, many people are keen to learn the language and culture of South Korea. Whether you’re planning a trip to Seoul, want to watch your favourite K-dramas without subtitles, or just want to expand your language skills, learning Korean in the UK is a rewarding and challenging experience.