There are very few people who’ve ever taken a singing lesson. However, how many of you have done karaoke or had a karaoke evening at yours? With games like SingStar, everyone can be a famous singer for a song or two. While most of us are pretty awful singers and struggle to sing in tune, it doesn't matter how limited your vocal range is when you're singing karaoke!

However, have you ever considered practising your singing with karaoke videos or using apps on your smartphone or tablet to practise singing on your own and with your friends in order to improve your singing voice? You’ll kill it at your next karaoke night!

Here’s how to do it: check out some of the best karaoke apps in order to learn how to sing and hit those high notes!

Why You Should Use Karaoke Apps

In terms of money, a karaoke app costs a lot less than traditional singing lessons from a voice teacher. If you’re on a budget, a karaoke app and a vocal coaching app might be the best solution for learning how to sing without breaking the bank.

Some apps are even available for free and others can cost significantly less than vocal training from a singing coach at your home once a week.

Which are the best karaoke apps?
Practise singing wherever you are! (Source:

While it doesn't help you warm up or practise professional vocal exercises, a karaoke app can help you improve your voice and subsequently impress your friends at your next karaoke night. Of course, each app is different and some can even modify your voice to make it sound like you sing perfectly like modern pop stars.

Another benefit is that you can take these Android or iOS apps wherever you go. You just need to download them on your phone and you’re ready to enjoy hours of karaoke at your house or with your friends on the beach. We couldn’t do that with old karaoke machines!

Finally, the last advantage of karaoke apps is that there’s an absolutely huge range of them. There are different features from simple karaoke versions of your favourite songs to the ability to record your own versions and share them with other users or your singing teacher if you have one.

You should also check out some of the best sites for learning music theory.

The 4 Best Karaoke Apps

Since we’re so nice, we’ve tested a few different apps for you. Here are 4 different apps that come with a variety of different features.

Which is the best way to learn to sing?
Become the star of your karaoke evening with some of the best apps. (Source: Thibault Trillet)
Sing! Karaoke by Smule€2.99 (Freemium)Sing with other people online.
SingPlayFreeChoose a song from your own music library.
The Voice: On Stage€2.99 (Freemium)The more you sing, the more songs you unlock.
Yokee€2.99 (Freemium)The variety of songs on offer.

Sing! Karaoke by Smule

Say goodbye to low-quality karaoke videos.

Available on smartphones and tablets, Android and iOS, this is one of the most popular apps around. It also offers one of the largest ranges of songs with over 800,000 titles to download. To access all the songs, the VIP package will cost you a couple of quid.

This is a well-rounded app that allows you to polish your vocals with effects as well as record video on your own, in a group, or with members of the online community. In fact, it’s possible to sing with other people who are online at the same time, record yourselves, and share your recordings on social media.

For 5 years, this app has allowed me to sing all my favourite songs. The recording quality’s great. Furthermore, it’s given us the opportunity to sing with people all over the world and even some of our favourite artists” - Lydia, Sing! Karaoke User.


Did you think all karaoke apps were the same? Sure, you sing along with text. However, the advantage of SingPlay is that you don’t need to download special karaoke music for the app. This app converts the mp3s on your smartphone directly into karaoke tracks.

If you want, you can also record video clips, add vocal effects, and share your performance on social media.

Furthermore, it’s available freely on Android and iOS.

This app is great! I love it! Smule and Yokee have everything but this app has the most important thing: You can choose songs from your own library of music! Even though the vocal effects aren’t as good as those on Smule, you save a lot of time and storage space on your phone by not having to download extra files” - Redolenze, SingPlay User.

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How much do vocal coaches cost?
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The Voice: On Stage

Are you a fan of The Voice and do you dream of taking part? This smartphone app puts you right there on the stage in front of the judges. There are several tracks available in the beginning including Lady Gaga and Bruno Mars and you can sing along to the words, modify your voice, and try to convince the coaches. You can also record your own version of the songs.

The best thing about the app? The more you sing, the more songs you unlock. While the pro version costs a couple of pounds, it is one of the best Android and iOS apps.

It’s an easy way for amateurs to record and listen to themselves instantly and for free. You can even use vocal effects to improve your voice on your smartphone. In terms of songs available, the options are limitless: there’s something for everyone!” Pearl, The Voice: On Stage User


When you download Yokee on Play Store or the App Store, you can start being the star you’ve always dreamt you were. While the free version is only available for a week, you’ll need to pay a few pounds to continue using all the songs on the app.

There’s a good range of songs that are updated regularly. Since it’s based on YouTube videos, you can imagine how many titles are available. You can sing and record your performance while adding effects like echo or reverb if you want. You can then share your performance on Facebook with your friends and let them rate you.

The sound quality is good. The timing of the words and the music are good, too. Then you record yourself and realise what a terrible singer you are. Fortunately, there are vocal effects to minimise the damage. One thing: You have to pay for this “free” app after 7 days.” Themightymoshe, App User.

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Where can I get singing lessons?
Sing with apps on your tablet or smartphone. (Source:

Are Mobile Apps and Vocal Coaches Compatible with One Another?

As you can see, there are plenty of karaoke apps and audio files available. Can these apps really replace a genuine vocal coach?

Yes and no.

For those just starting to sing, I’d say no. Even a really good app can’t replace everything you can learn about singing: key, how to not damage your vocal chords, learning to breathe correctly. If you're serious about learning to sing, taking online singing lessons is a good starting point.

For experienced singers, a karaoke app could be useful practice when you can’t get to a singing lesson. If you already know how to sing, you just need to practice a few songs, listen back to them, and work on improving. Recording yourself singing is recommended by voice coaches as part of your vocal training.

How can I learn to read sheet music?
When you first start singing, a simple app won't be enough. You'll have to enlist the help of a professional. (Source:

Karaoke is a great way to practise singing a huge variety of different songs in your own style.

A good app (free or otherwise) could be a great addition to singing lessons and help you learn to sing, too. If you record your singing exercises on the app, you can send it to a teacher who'll give you singing tips and vocal techniques you can use for your next audition.

Practising karaoke online could help you practise while having fun. Just don’t use the effects to hide your mistakes from your singing teachers!

Recording yourself is a great way to get better at singing. You can also see how you perform or show the video to your tutor for feedback during your voice lessons. They’ll be able to see where you’re going wrong and help you with your warm up exercises, breath control, posture, and put you on the path to singing success.

You can also take singing lessons online.

In short:

  • An app is much cheaper than singing tutorials. While it’s difficult for beginners to learn with just an app, more experienced singers can use them as a tool for improving.

  • If you’re making mistakes, it’s easy to cover them up. Isn’t that cheating? It depends how you use it. Think of it like makeup.

  • You can sing whatever song you like. If you don’t like that one, choose another.

  • Sing! Karaoke by Smule seems to be the most popular app. It also seems to be the most complete app.

  • Finally, don’t forget that if you want to learn to really sing, an app can’t do everything. However, when combined with regularly singing classes, this could really help you to progress.

Are you an aspiring vocalist? You should also check out the best tools for recording your voice.

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