Different people have different motivations to learn a new language. The same is true of Japanese language learners. You may simply be curious to learn about a new (Japanese) culture. You may be planning a business trip to the Land of the Rising Sun, soon. Or, you may simply be a language connoisseur who relishes the challenge of mastering another language!

It is usually seen that students of the Japanese language have one or more of these motivations:

  • They want to brush up on their ability to speak Japanese.
  • The student has a Japanese partner.
  • They have fallen in love with Japan after visiting the country.
  • An improved level of Japanese is required for career progression.

Whatever be your motivation for learning Japanese, there can be a few ways available for learning. Of these, private lessons in Japanese from a qualified and experienced teacher can go a long way in helping you improve your language skills.

Ways to Learn Japanese

There are several different ways to learn Japanese:

Learning the Japanese language can stand you in good stead in your career progression.

Group Learning

Learning is usually associated with a school-like environment. So it's not surprising when language learners seek local classes or tutoring bureaus to learn a new language. However, a little bit of exploring can lead you to greater discovery.

Check at your local college, university, adult education center, or even a community center for courses in the Japanese language. Of course, the availability of courses will depend on the area where you live. Take the help of Google and start your search for Japanese courses or Japanese tutors near me.

To decide which mode of learning is right for you, think about your personal learning style, your self-discipline, and the time you have available.

A typical Japanese class usually involves interactive sessions with other classmates and a tutor. Such language tutoring classes typically focus on reading, writing, speaking, and listening in Japanese.

However, with group lessons, you will be restricted by the availability of time slots. You can only attend classes on the days and times scheduled by the course planners. People with tight schedules can forget about this option.

One-on-one or Private Japanese Lessons

Private Japanese lessons are ideal for those students who prefer the traditional mode of learning with a teacher or for those who find group lessons to be too slow for their liking.

In one-on-one classes with a private tutor, you can study at your own pace.

In private classes, the student has the advantage of asking the tutor to focus on any particular language learning goals they may have in mind. For example, learning Japanese for the purpose of travel (for work or leisure).

With the rise and growth of online teaching, it is easy to find private Japanese tutors online. However, the availability of tutoring services usually depends on your locations.

Again, use Google to find local Japanese tutors. Many self-employed tutors might not be adept at advertising their services. Word of mouth also goes a long way to aid discovery. Post your queries on online forums or in the local community clubs, or ask any local Japanese cultural institutes, such as the Japan Foundation, for recommendations.

With a private tutor, you’ll get a lot of speaking practice - the most challenging part of learning Japanese for most students.

Learning is usually much faster with a private Japanese tutor than in group classes. You have the teacher's attention entirely to yourself. You can also pace your lessons to your own learning speed. Moreover, you are free to ask as many questions as you like or need to without the restrictions of time and feeling of embarrassment!

Nowadays, most private tutors are flexible enough to sit down with you and curate a curriculum as per your unique needs. The lesson plans, in such a customized curriculum, are designed to focus on areas of your particular interest.

Save time by having classes whilst sat at your computer
Learn to communicate in Japanese while saving time with distance learning!

Superprof India: The Best Way to Find a Japanese Tutor Near You

Teachers registered on Superprof, an online meeting place for learning and teaching, for experience and exploration, offer Japanese online courses. Once you have entered the desired course and your city of residence, the results will be displayed on your browser. To choose from webcam classes, just check the box on the left side that says "by webcam."

Your online tutor can teach you hiragana and katakana, Japanese phrases, and of course Japanese pronunciation. You can learn spoken Japanese in order to have a conversational level, or really kick on to an intermediate level by focusing on reading and writing.

Check out teacher reviews, enter your desired learning goals, set learning goals, and work out mutually convenient lesson prices - all from the comfort of your home!

Self-Study With an Online Language Course in Japanese

Online Japanese courses have grown to become one of the best, most accessible, as well as affordable ways to study Japanese for most people.

Much like books, online language courses facilitate flexible learning by allowing students to learn at their own pace and to fit your language study into your busy schedule. However, unlike textbooks, online courses, thanks to their technology-oriented design, will also ensure that you stay motivated and entertained by making learning fun.

A good online Japanese course will also work the four key language skills: reading, writing, speaking and listening. Online courses are also the most cost-effective way to study a language. 

There are lots of different online Japanese courses available. Some are paid, while some are free online Japanese courses! JapanesePod101 and Rocket Japanese are two of the most popular online courses for learning Japanese.

Both of these courses are based on interactive audio lessons, alongside online quizzes, grammar lessons, vocabulary flashcards, and more.

JapanesePod101 offers users a series of podcast-type audio lessons, printable lesson notes, hiragana and katakana worksheets to practice new words and grammar lessons, video lessons, and a special drama series.

New content is generated all the time on these online courses. And, all of them are accessible on the Internet! Online Japanese teachers will teach you about slang, Japanese culture, and the Japanese way of life in Japan.

The internet is a treasure chest of information for learning Japanese
No need for the telephone, you'll find everything you need on the web.

Things to Remember While Taking Online Japanese Classes

The cost of a private Japanese lesson on the Superprof platform depends on the location, experience, and qualifications of the Japanese tutor.

There are a few differences to keep in mind when you decide to take an online language learning course. The quality of the course is the same, but the tools are different. The effectiveness remains the same as long as the learner is motivated.

The first class is often given for free by Superprof tutors, which allows you to get an idea and see if he or she is a good fit for you.

The efficiency of learning is dependent, above all, on your motivation!

Most tutors will teach Nihongo, the form of Japanese that is taught to foreigners (to Japan). Not having to sign up for a Japanese course of a certain length also gives you flexibility, although most tutors will offer discounts if you commit to a certain number of language lessons.

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