Education helps in the advancement of time and it is the main reason why our society has witnessed a substantial change in living style. However, despite being a crucial part of the system, there are many people, especially in developing countries like India who cannot afford it. This is why many students look for an alternate mode of education, namely free lessons or a free assessment. But finding the same is not an easy task in the country.

Education holds one of the most important places in the life of people. Not only does it take from childhood to adulthood in order to gain a certificate, but it is also one of the most important aspects of our life without which, living won’t make any sense. Sadly, there are more than half of the population in India who are not getting sufficient exposure to quality education in the country. Nonetheless, in the past few years, the literacy rate in this country has shown a slight positive change. This is mainly because people are now aware of the importance of education and even spending a lot on it depending on their affordability. Students also get a private tutor if it deemed necessary.

Websites that offer free education
There are many websites that offer free courses in India. Source: India Today

Opportunities For Free Education In India

Considering the importance of education in the life of people, it can be said that it is something which should be distributed equally among people irrespective of anything. But India lags behind in this since the rural population is largely unable to connect with schools and colleges. However, with the provision of the Right to Education Act, the government has provided children with free compulsory and elementary education from the first to the eighth standard across the country. Apart from that, there are other institutions as well which have taken a step forward towards providing student services like learning programs and creating awareness. Here is the list of sources of free education.

Contribution Of The Government

Under the constitution of India, there is a provision of free and compulsory education as a fundamental right to children aged between 6 years and 14 years. As per the ASER (Annual Status of Education Report) 2012, about 96% of children of the rural area were enrolled in school. Furthermore, India has maintained an average enrollment record of about 95% for the students between 6 - 14 years of age, from 2007 to 2014. With this, the percentage of students who are not enrolled in the primary level school has reduced to 2.8% in rural places.

Moreover, with the filing of a petition to introduce free education till class 12 has delivered hope in the weaker economic section of the Indian society.

NGOs' Contribution To Free Education In India

In addition to the government’s contribution, NGOs have also come forward to boost the spread of education in India. Although the provision from the government to promote free education is no less, sadly, it is not enough to bring all the children of the country under the fold of education. Moreover, the literacy rate of India, which should have been closed to 90% as of now, is around 74-75% as of 2018. However, some states like Kerala and Tripura scored above 90% of literacy rate.

Notably, NGOs are contributing to Indian education in various parameters. The first and foremost step is to promote awareness among the parents or communities as a whole, informing them about the basic necessity of education and why every child needs it. Secondly, with the help of several smart implementations, they try to create interest among young kinds as well as their parents.

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Students learning in a school
The main focus of Indian education should be achieving optimum literacy rate in the country. Source: Hindustan Times

Scholarship Programmes

Students who belong to weaker economical section seek help from scholarship programs for higher studies. These programs are offered in all universities and private educational organisations. The programmes include an academic fee, hostel charges, examination fee and other costs.

Contribution Of Free Online Education

With the advancement of technology, there are many online sites designed to offer free professional courses. Although these modes are not a suitable choice for the children of rural areas, students of the urban area take great advantage of online tutor in India. Many people opt to learn subjects like math, languages, reading comprehension, etc. Moreover, many online sites also find a good tutor for one's private lessons.

However, online education is totally out of reach of the people belonging to rural areas, hence considering this mode as an option of free education to the poor and deprived of the rural residents might not be helpful. On the other hand, these tutoring are support services to the students who are living in cities.

Rise Of Free Online Education In India

With the inequality of education in India, students are seeking help from private tuition. In fact, most of the school-going children have a private tutor for the sake of homework help. It is with the help of home tutors that young children are able to finish their assignments on time. There are several reasons which lead to the birth of private tuition for children.

Low Teacher To Student Ratio

Schools are attended by thousands of students and each classroom is filled with so many pupils, that it becomes impossible for the teacher to look after each one of them. This is the reason why some students succeed in their lessons while others suffer.

Partial Views

The focus of education is to impart knowledge to the people and develop a human being in all aspects like socially, culturally, politically and economically. Despite being a prerequisite for the proper development of an individual, India is facing gender inequality in all stages.

Lack Of Guidance At Home

In addition to school lessons, students should be provided with proper care at home. The lack of such guidance also leads to the need for a private tutor at home.

Students learning with the help of computer
Every school offers computer classes to students. Source: The Statesman

How To Get An Online Tutor In India?

Online education in India has served as a great medium to offer students with the needful assistance of reading and writing. It is a mode through which students can get the required help in order to complete their school work or enhance their study skills.

There are several online sites that will help a student find teachers online. Be it the lesson of school math, essay writing or other writing skills, online teachers are available to look after all academically-oriented issues. If you feel you are not exposed to perfect guidance in from a school teacher or at university, online mode is here to your rescue.

Mediums like Superprof is one of the most convenient platforms that connects students with one-on-one and online tutors. You can find many teacher profiles in varied fields of education including trainers of specific activities such as physical exercises, guitar, etc.

Other than this, there are many sites which offer you free courses or programmes with certification. With the help of these free tutoring, you can have certified experience in that field. Besides, there are sites that will also help in paid training with the convenience of time and place.

Online Tuition In Comparison To Home Tuition

Girl child seeking a lesson in class
Learning online helps a student to be independent. Source: India Today

Ever since the online mode of teaching was introduced in the global platform, people are believed to get better training in every field. In fact, the corporate sector in India is slowly progressing towards online training for the newbies in their company. More so, some companies in India have adopted the culture of the paperless office, where not a single piece of paper enters their premises. Thus, it can be said that with the advancement of time, these business sectors are taking careful measures to improve the learning and handling ability of employees.

For students, online education can help in more than a single way-

Firstly, an online tutor is able to look after one child at a time, which is all a learning student would demand. Preparing the candidate in private also helps to boost their confidence in learning.

Secondly, it is a convenient mode of educating a child where there is no hindrance of time or so. A tutee can also learn on weekends if weekday seems to be too busy.

Finally, online education is available for one and all regardless of any factors. Even if you belong to the rural class, there is a possibility of an online mode of education reaching you.

Besides, it is worth mentioning that online teaching has improved the online tutor job opportunity in India. This is also because websites like Superprof do not demand a highly professional or expensive degree to be a teacher. If you have profound knowledge in a specific subject, you can register yourself without any hesitation.

Online websites give you the opportunity to become one of the most relied personal tutors, a subject like chemistry tutor, high-level teaching or college level tutoring, or even start with your tutoring agency. Thus, it can be said that in the wake of technology, India will see a fortunate future in coming years in the field of education.

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