There are plenty of lessons on-line that cost nothing. What’s the catch? While there are quality free resources, they can often be hard to find. Don’t worry! We’re here to help!

We’ve looked around the web and found your the best resources for learning Italian! Check out some of the resources below and you won’t have to pay a penny for your Italian lessons.

The best Italian tutors available
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Let's go

Free Sites for Learning Italian

There are plenty of resources for those who want to learn Italian without leaving their home.

Which are the best free Italian language courses?
You don't have to go to Italy to learn Italian... (Source:

However, that doesn’t mean that it’s easy and you can do it without putting the effort in!


The BBC doesn’t just focus on English. Did you know that they also have ways for you to learn Italian online?

Even if the course is no longer updated, there are plenty of resources available in both English and Italian:

  • An Italian guide with the Italian alphabet, essential expressions, and cultural facts.

  • A Facebook Page: BBC Learn Italian to learn Italian via social networks!

  • An Italian test to evaluate your level after several lessons.

  • Free on-line lessons: La Mappa Misteriosa, Talk Italian and Dentro l’Italiano.

  • Italian slang expressions and holiday vocabulary.

  • Italian vocabulary and grammar.

  • News in Italian.

If you’re a fan of golf, you can follow it in Italian and combine your love of sport with learning a language.


Loecsen may quickly become your favourite app for learning Italian.

Which are the best language learning apps?
Loecsen also offers languages from all over the world. (Source:

We have to say that the methods are great. There are over 40 languages available but you can choose to just do Italian. The site is simple and easy to use, you’ll never be lost!

You’ll start with a list of essential Italian expressions. Expressions like “Hello”, “congratulations”, “I don’t know”, and “I don’t understand” are shown in Italian alongside pictures and read aloud so that you can practise your pronunciation.

It’s easy to learn basic Italian on-line! With vocabulary, grammar classes, and videos, you’ll have everything you need to get ahead in Italian!

Speaking is one of the best parts of this site. It’s the perfect way to enjoy the beautiful Italian accent.

That’s not all there is to Loecsen, though. There are plenty of different types of vocabulary available:

  • Conversation

  • Looking for people

  • Time expressions

  • Going out

  • At the bar

  • At a restaurant

  • Getting a taxi

  • Transport

  • At the hotel

  • On the beach

  • Family

  • Feelings

  • Learning

  • Colours

  • Numbers

  • In case of emergency.

In short, there’s a huge variety of everyday Italian expressions to learn to help you quickly master Italian and head off to Italy! Everything is completely free. With this method, you’ll discover that Italian can be an easy language to study.

You can also find quizzes to test your knowledge. You’ll listen to expression and have to click on the correct translation! It’s a good way to check you understand!

If you can’t learn from your computer, you can also download mp3s and listen to the expressions anywhere and print off the corresponding pdfs so that you can see how to write them!

Check for an Italian language course in Delhi here.

One World Italiano

In your quest to learn Italian, One World Italiano is one of your best companions. However, when you arrive on the site, you’ll probably not have a clue where to go, let alone where the free Italian lessons are! It might be worthwhile putting it in English first!

Which are the best websites for learning Italian?
Do you need help learning Italian? (Source: Andrea Albanese)

Let’s begin with the Italian lessons. You’ll find over 37 units on the site. By clicking on each one of them, you’ll get a lesson related to the unit. There are audio files, tables, and explanations. This is perfect for Italian beginners and includes a thorough programme:

  • Introducing Yourself

  • Ordering Food

  • Speaking about Hobbies and Free Time

  • Family and Work

  • At the Hotel

  • Rooms

  • Town and Shopping

  • The Weather

  • Etc.

This Italian academic support is free for everyone so make the most of it!

You should also check out One World Italiano’s free Italian lessons on YouTube. There are great videos presented by teachers. It’s a good idea for those who can’t take real tutorials! The lessons are short and entirely in Italian. Dive straight in!

There's also a page dedicated to exercises. Test your knowledge on specific subjects and see whether your lessons are working.

You’ll find exercises on:

  • Vocabulary

  • Italian Verbs

  • Pronouns, articles, adjectives, prepositions, comparatives, etc.

  • Idiomatic Expressions

  • Exercises and videos from the lessons.

Finally, here are some of the other resources offered by One World Italiano for free.

  • Italian dictation

  • Comprehension tests

  • News in Italian

  • Italian culture

  • Dialogues

  • And even proverbs!

You can also learn Italian through films, songs, articles, and resources on-line.

Here is a good Italian language course in Hyderabad.

Free Italian Lessons on Your Mobile

How could we ignore this? You and your friends probably spend a lot of time in front of your smartphones or tablets.

Which are the best smartphone apps for learning Italian?
You can also learn Italian using your smartphone or tablet. (Source:

How can you use them to learn Italian for free?

If you didn’t know, you will soon: there are thousands of apps on both iTunes and Google Play. Whether you want to learn French, Italian, Arabic, or German, they’re not hard to find.

However, a lot of them are too academic or boring and learning a language through apps should be fun! Above all, they should be more fun than your Italian lessons at school!


When it comes to learning Italian online, Babbel is one of the best ways to learn on your smartphone or tablet.

Download the app, choose your language, your level, and your age. Now you can start your Italian tutorials! Babbel offers you a complete introduction to Italian.

Beginners and advanced students can enjoy Italian language tutorials focusing on grammar, pronunciation, conjugations, vocabulary, etc.

However, Babbel's tutorials go much further than that. You can also learn about Italian culture and society which is essential for anyone wanting to travel to Italy.

You will also practise your writing, ensuring that you learn all aspects of the language.

The only drawback is that Babbel is a freemium app. This means that while free, certain features are available only to those who pay a subscription. However, there’s plenty in the free version!

We love that the app makes you repeat Italian expressions in order to learn pronunciation more easily!

Find Italian classes in Mumbai.

Learn Italian Vocabulary - 6,000 Words

This is an app for learning just Italian vocabulary, of course!

What are the best ways to learn Italian vocabulary?
If you learn all 6,000 words, you'll have a pretty good foundation in Italian. (Source:

Learning grammar can be really useful, too. However, it can be tricky to put together sentences in Italian when you know very few words. This is why this app helps you learn 6,000 different Italian words.

The 6,000 words are divided across 140 different topics and the app is highly-rated on Google Play and the App Store.

However, don’t be shocked if you come across the odd English word in this long vocabulary list. In fact, Italian, like a number of other languages, has picked up a few Anglicisms.

To give you a little taster, we've listed the Top 500 of most common words in the Italian language:

Number Italian in English
1 come as
2 io I
3 il suo his
4 che that
5 lui he
6 era was
7 per for
8 su on
9 sono are
10 con with
11 essi they
12 essere be
13 a at
14 uno one
15 avere have
16 questo this
17 da from
18 da by
19 caldo hot
20 parola word
21 ma but
22 cosa what
23 alcuni some
24 è is
25 esso it
26 voi you
27 o or
28 aveva had
29 il the
30 di of
31 a to
32 e and
33 un a
34 in in
35 noi we
36 lattina can
37 fuori out
38 altro other
39 erano were
40 che which
41 fare do
42 loro their
43 tempo time
44 se if
45 volontà will
46 come how
47 suddetto said
48 un an
49 ogni each
50 dire tell
51 fa does
52 set set
53 tre three
54 desiderare want
55 aria air
56 bene well
57 anche also
58 giocare play
59 piccolo small
60 fine end
61 mettere put
62 casa home
63 leggere read
64 mano hand
65 porto port
66 grande large
67 compitare spell
68 aggiungere add
69 anche even
70 terra land
71 qui here
72 mosto must
73 grande big
74 alto high
75 tale such
76 seguire follow
77 atto act
78 perché why
79 chiedere ask
80 maschi men
81 cambiamento change
82 è andato went
83 luce light
84 tipo kind
85 spento off
86 bisogno need
87 casa house
88 immagine picture
89 provare try
90 noi us
91 di nuovo again
92 animale animal
93 punto point
94 madre mother
95 mondo world
96 vicino near
97 costruire build
98 se stesso self
99 terra earth
100 padre father
101 qualsiasi any
102 nuovo new
103 lavoro work
104 parte part
105 prendere take
106 ottenere get
107 posto place
108 fatto made
109 vivere live
110 dove where
111 dopo after
112 indietro back
113 poco little
114 solo only
115 turno round
116 uomo man
117 anno year
118 è venuto came
119 spettacolo show
120 ogni every
121 buono good
122 me me
123 dare give
124 il nostro our
125 sotto under
126 nome name
127 molto very
128 attraverso through
129 solo just
130 forma form
131 frase sentence
132 grande great
133 pensare think
134 dire say
135 aiutare help
136 basso low
137 linea line
138 differire differ
139 turno turn
140 causa cause
141 molto much
142 dire mean
143 prima before
144 spostare move
145 diritto right
146 ragazzo boy
147 vecchio old
148 troppo too
149 stesso same
150 lei she
151 tutto all
152 ci there
153 quando when
154 su up
155 uso use
156 il tuo your
157 modo way
158 circa about
159 molti many
160 allora then
161 loro them
162 scrivere write
163 sarebbe would
164 come like
165 così so
166 queste these
167 lei her
168 lungo long
169 rendere make
170 cosa thing
171 vedere see
172 lui him
173 due two
174 ha has
175 guardare look
176 di più more
177 giorno day
178 potuto could
179 andare go
180 venire come
181 ha fatto did
182 numero number
183 suono sound
184 no no
185 più most
186 persone people
187 il mio my
188 oltre over
189 sapere know
190 acqua water
191 di than
192 chiamata call
193 primo first
194 che who
195 può may
196 giù down
197 lato side
198 stato been
199 ora now
200 trovare find
201 testa head
202 stare in piedi stand
203 proprio own
204 pagina page
205 dovrebbe should
206 paese country
207 fondare found
208 risposta answer
209 scuola school
210 crescere grow
211 studio study
212 ancora still
213 imparare learn
214 impianto plant
215 copertura cover
216 cibo food
217 sole sun
218 quattro four
219 fra between
220 stato state
221 mantenere keep
222 occhio eye
223 mai never
224 ultimo last
225 lasciare let
226 pensiero thought
227 città city
228 albero tree
229 attraversare cross
230 fattoria farm
231 difficile hard
232 inizio start
233 forza might
234 storia story
235 sega saw
236 lontano far
237 mare sea
238 disegnare draw
239 sinistra left
240 tardi late
241 run run
242 non don’t
243 mentre while
244 stampa press
245 close close
246 notte night
247 reale real
248 vita life
249 pochi few
250 nord north
251 libro book
252 portare carry
253 ha preso took
254 scienza science
255 mangiare eat
256 camera room
257 amico friend
258 ha iniziato began
259 idea idea
260 pesce fish
261 montagna mountain
262 stop stop
263 una volta once
264 base base
265 sentire hear
266 cavallo horse
267 taglio cut
268 sicuro sure
269 orologio watch
270 colore color
271 volto face
272 legno wood
273 principale main
274 aperto open
275 sembrare seem
276 insieme together
277 prossimo next
278 bianco white
279 bambini children
280 inizio begin
281 ottenuto got
282 camminare walk
283 esempio example
284 alleviare ease
285 carta paper
286 gruppo group
287 sempre always
288 musica music
289 quelli those
290 entrambi both
291 marchio mark
292 spesso often
293 lettera letter
294 fino a quando until
295 miglio mile
296 fiume river
297 auto car
298 piedi feet
299 cura care
300 secondo second
301 abbastanza enough
302 pianura plain
303 ragazza girl
304 solito usual
305 giovane young
306 pronto ready
307 sopra above
308 mai ever
309 rosso red
310 elenco list
311 anche se though
312 sentire feel
313 Discussioni talk
314 uccello bird
315 presto soon
316 corpo body
317 cane dog
318 famiglia family
319 diretto direct
320 posa pose
321 lasciare leave
322 canzone song
323 misurare measure
324 porta door
325 prodotto product
326 nero black
327 breve short
328 numerale numeral
329 classe class
330 vento wind
331 domanda question
332 accadere happen
333 integrale complete
334 nave ship
335 area area
336 metà half
337 rock rock
338 ordine order
339 fuoco fire
340 sud south
341 problema problem
342 pezzo piece
343 ha detto told
344 sapeva knew
345 passare pass
346 da since
347 top top
348 tutto whole
349 re king
350 strada street
351 pollice inch
352 moltiplicare multiply
353 niente nothing
354 corso course
355 soggiornare stay
356 ruota wheel
357 completo full
358 vigore force
359 blu blue
360 oggetto object
361 decidere decide
362 superficie surface
363 profondità deep
364 luna moon
365 isola island
366 piede foot
367 sistema system
368 occupato busy
369 test test
370 record record
371 barca boat
372 comune common
373 oro gold
374 possibile possible
375 piano plane
376 vece stead
377 asciutto dry
378 meraviglia wonder
379 ridere laugh
380 migliaia thousand
381 fa ago
382 corse ran
383 controllare check
384 gioco game
385 forma shape
386 uguagliare equate
387 caldo hot
388 perdere miss
389 portato brought
390 calore heat
391 neve snow
392 pneumatico tire
393 portare bring
394 yes
395 lontano distant
396 riempire fill
397 est east
398 dipingere paint
399 lingua language
400 tra among
401 unità unit
402 potenza power
403 città town
404 fine fine
405 certo certain
406 volare fly
407 cadere fall
408 portare lead
409 grido cry
410 scuro dark
411 macchina machine
412 nota note
413 aspettare wait
414 piano plan
415 figura figure
416 stella star
417 scatola box
418 sostantivo noun
419 campo field
420 resto rest
421 corretto correct
422 in grado di able
423 libbra pound
424 done done
425 bellezza beauty
426 unità drive
427 sorgeva stood
428 contenere contain
429 frontale front
430 insegnare teach
431 settimana week
432 finale final
433 ha dato gave
434 verde green
435 oh oh
436 veloce quick
437 sviluppare develop
438 oceano ocean
439 caldo warm
440 gratuito free
441 minuto minute
442 forte strong
443 speciale special
444 mente mind
445 dietro behind
446 chiaro clear
447 coda tail
448 produrre produce
449 fatto fact
450 spazio space
451 sentito heard
452 migliore best
453 ora hour
454 meglio better
455 vero true
456 durante during
457 cento hundred
458 cinque five
459 ricordare remember
460 passo step
461 presto early
462 tenere hold
463 ovest west
464 terra ground
465 interesse interest
466 raggiungere reach
467 veloce fast
468 verbo verb
469 cantare sing
470 ascoltare listen
471 sei six
472 tavolo table
473 viaggi travel
474 meno less
475 mattina morning
476 dieci ten
477 semplice simple
478 alcuni several
479 vocale vowel
480 verso toward
481 guerra war
482 porre lay
483 contro against
484 modello pattern
485 lento slow
486 centro center
487 amore love
488 persona person
489 soldi money
490 servire serve
491 apparire appear
492 strada road
493 mappa map
494 pioggia rain
495 regola rule
496 governare govern
497 tirare pull
498 freddo cold
499 avviso notice
500 voce voice


Nemo Italian is another one of the most downloaded apps for learning Italian for free on a smartphone or a tablet. It’s a multi-faceted app and it allows beginners to discover Italian phonetics and refine their Italian accent.

There’s also essential vocabulary and expressions and a focus on speaking and listening skills.

Videos for Learning Italian

You’re probably beginning to understand that there are plenty of different way to learn Italian on your own for free.

Which are the best Italian video tutorials?
Don't forget you can learn Italian by watching video tutorials, too! (Source:

While they're really useful, you can’t get to a very high level with them. However, they are handy to start off with if you want to head off to Italy, for example.

For the last of these methods, we’re going to have a look on YouTube. Since being created in 2005, plenty of videos have been uploaded onto YouTube. These videos include “educational” videos offering language learning.

There are plenty of videos to learn Italian for free on YouTube courtesy of other teachers and language courses.

You’ll quickly see that there both good and bad ones. However, some of them are really good. You just have to type “Learn Italian” into YouTube and try out a few.

While this method lacks interactivity, it can do wonders for your comprehension and learning Italian through YouTube videos is a great way to improve your Italian accent.

The best Italian tutors available
5 (8 reviews)
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1st class free!
5 (37 reviews)
Gift icon
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5 (65 reviews)
Gift icon
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5 (42 reviews)
Gift icon
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5 (32 reviews)
Gift icon
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5 (5 reviews)
Gift icon
1st class free!
5 (6 reviews)
Gift icon
1st class free!
5 (5 reviews)
Gift icon
1st class free!
5 (8 reviews)
Gift icon
1st class free!
5 (37 reviews)
Gift icon
1st class free!
5 (65 reviews)
Gift icon
1st class free!
5 (42 reviews)
Gift icon
1st class free!
5 (32 reviews)
Gift icon
1st class free!
5 (5 reviews)
Gift icon
1st class free!
5 (6 reviews)
Gift icon
1st class free!
5 (5 reviews)
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Let's go

The Best Movies To Learn How To Speak Italian

“La vita è bella” (“Life is beautiful”)

A masterpiece directed by Roberto Benigni in 1997. It is acknowledged internationally for being one of Italy’s most acclaimed films, ‘Buongiorno Principessa’ (‘Hello Princess’) being one of its most famous lines. It tells the story of a couple and their son who have been confined in an extermination camp during the Second World War. Despite the horrors the story tackles, the dialogue is very manageable. One of the many positive features of this film is that if you’ve already watched the dubbed version in your language, then the Italian is easy to follow.

“La meglio gioventù” (“The Best of Youth”)

A feature film delivered by Marco Tullio Giordana in 2003 which has since become a TV series. It tells the tale of an Italian family from the 60’s to the present day, focusing specifically on the events of two brothers who live together, Nicola and Matteo, who meet a girl with mental problems who changes their lives. This film enables you to pick up on key aspects of Italian past like the Sicilian Mafia and the flood of Florence, in a way that’s simple yet fascinating.

“Manuale d’amore” (“Manual of Love”)

A romantic comedy directed by Giovanni Veronesi in 2005, it narrates the 4 stages of a passionate relationship: love at first sight, the process of getting to know one another, heartbreak and the outcomes of betrayal and abandonment, each told through 4 separate couples. If you’re an enthusiast of this genre, this film will heavily develop your vocabulary on everything romantic.

“Viva la libertà” (“Long Live Freedom”)

A 2003 film directed by Roberto Andò. The lead, Toni Servillo, (also the narrator in the film La Grande Bellezza) relates the story of Enrico Olivieri, a secretary for the opposition party who loses popular support and decides to flee to France, who gets replaced by his twin brother. The plot is told through the continuous use of humour. Given that the film deals with contentious themes such as freedom of speech and the Italian political system, we recommend this film for students who are of an intermediate level. It’s a great film to learn and listen to Italian accents, seeing as all the actors are Italian.

“Nuovo Cinema Paradiso” (“Cinema Paradiso”)

An Italian classic about a confession of love made at the cinema. Directed by Giuseppe Tornatore in 1990, he won an Oscar and a Golden Globe award for ‘best foreign film’. It is a drama that conveys Italian life after the war, as told through the emotional story of Totò. Totò is a 6-year-old child who goes to ‘Alfredo’s projection booth’ every day to study about movies, cultivating a love for cinema. You will certainly know this film from its soundtrack only, composed by Ennio Morricone and appreciated all over the world. Check for a good Italian language course here.

learn Italian online but you need to be aware of one thing: Learning on-line is just the beginning.

Unfortunately, becoming bilingual isn’t very achievable in front of a screen. The sites, apps, and videos we’ve suggested are well-rounded.

However, they can only get you so far!

Would you like to get a private Italian tutor? You can find them all over the UK!

Other Ways to Learn Italian

As you’ve probably gathered, you won’t become bilingual just by using free apps or using free Italian lessons on-line! If you want to become bilingual, you need to travel to somewhere the language is spoken and use it in real-life situations where you can learn from your mistakes.

Here’s some advice for learning quickly! Travel!

Are you sick of hanging around the house when you learn Italian? Immerse yourself in Italian in Rome or Florence!

Where are the best Italian cities to learn Italian?
There are some beautiful places you can learn Italian. (Source:

If you want to become bilingual, you need to travel to somewhere the language is spoken and use it in real-life situations where you can learn from your mistakes. What about Sardinia, for example?

Perfect! You can try out your Italian when you’re there! There are plenty of beautiful places in Italy to discover:

  • Do you prefer the mountains and skiing? Head off to Turin.

  • Do you like sun, sea, and sand? Sicily or Sardinia would be perfect for you!

  • Are you a fan of history, art, or architecture? Rome, Florence, or Pisa are all good options!

  • Do you like shopping? Are you interested in Fashion Week? Milan’s the place to go!

Ask to Be Corrected!

You should always ask a native speaker to correct you when you make mistakes with your grammar, conjugations, or sentence structure. People are usually too polite to correct foreign speakers but if you’re never corrected, you’ll continue to make the same mistakes!

Watch TV in Italian!

Watch Italian TV channels! There are a number available online or through cable and satellite providers: Rai Uno, Rai Due, Rai Tre...

Which are the best Italian TV shows?
You're spoilt for choice when it comes to Italian television. (Source:

Rai TV

Radiotelevisione Italiana, the national public television provider in Italy, offers 3 channels: Rai Uno, Rai Due, and Rai Tre as well as an Italian news and sports channel. Rai Educational shows documentaries and historical programmes. A wide choice of programmes is available when it comes to watching on-line and you can even download podcasts (although they aren’t available outside of Italy).

Canale 5

The first private channel in Italy broadcasts news, entertainment, and even American series. Part of the Mediaset group, the channel’s website’s video section has a number of clips from the programmes they show.

Italia 1

This commercial channel is also part of the Mediaset group. It broadcasts news, sports, cartoons, and American series like Nip/Tuck, The Simpsons, and CSI. Just like Canale 5, they also have clips on their website.

Rete 4 (Retequattro)

Yet another Mediaset channel. This channel mainly focuses on entertainment, American series, and the TG4 news. Once again, you can find clips on their website.


A private television channel belonging to Telecom Italia Media. This channel broadcasts a mix of cultural programming and American imports. Clips can be found on their video section half way down their homepage.

There’s nothing better than the news the to deepen your understanding of a language! The advantage of televised news is that the journalists are addressing a native audience, rather than learners of Italian, and speak to you as quickly as they would a native speaker.

As long as you’re up to date with current affairs around the world, you won’t get lost! Try to use the subtitles as little as possible! You’ll get the gist and improve over time.

You should watch at least 5 minutes per day. It doesn’t take much time and it will help you to progress quickly!

Listen to the Radio in Italian!

To improve your level, once you’ve watched the news, why not try listening to the radio in Italian? Without the pictures to help you, you’ll have to listen to understand!

There are plenty of on-line platforms offering radio streams from around the world. The choice is yours! Furthermore, by listening to the songs that Italy’s listening to, you’ll also learn more about the country’s tastes and culture. It’s a great way to immerse yourself in the culture of the country!

Watch Films in Italian

Italian cinema produces plenty of masterpieces! To start off, you can watch a film you’ve already seen dubbed in Italian. You can put the subtitles on in the beginning: start in English to learn vocabulary before watching exclusive in Italian to help you with your spelling. You’ll soon see that you don’t need the subtitles at all! Just like when watching the news, you won’t understand everything at first!

Here’s a few films from Italian directors that you could watch to get started:

  • La vita è bella (Life is Beautiful) by and with Roberto Benigni is a film you might have already heard of! For anyone who hasn’t seen it: Watch it! Be careful, though. It’s heavy... Guido and his son are deported to a German concentration camp. Guido, who wants to protect his son from the horrors, makes him believe that it’s a game in which the winner gets a tank!

  • Youth (2015) from Paolo Sorrentino tells the story of two older gentlemen who meet during their holidays. They both reflect on their lives and the passage of time.

  • Il mio nome è Nessuno (My Name is Nobody) was made by Sergio Leone in 1973. It’s a classic Spaghetti Western! If you love the genre, you’ll have probably seen it! You could even put it in Italian!

  • Il capitale umano (Human Capital) from Paolo Virzi is an Italian film with an incredible cast. It tells the same story from the point of view of three different characters. With each person’s retelling, the plot thickens. Who ran over a cyclist and left them for dead? Superprof loves it!


Blogs, which are very popular at the moment, are a great way for learning a language without even realising! You can find traditional blogs teaching you how to speak Italian as well as blogs about a whole host of other subjects.

What are the best Italian blogs for learning the language?
Just like the UK, Italy loves football. (Source:

Learning and Teaching Italian

This blog can help you to learn a lot about:

  • Italian basics

  • History and culture

  • Pronunciation and the art of conversation

  • Vocabulary

  • Grammar

There are plenty of useful articles to learn how to speak about your family in Italian, learn the formal and informal pronouns, the 10 most common pronunciation errors you should avoid and the two different ways to say “I love you” in Italian.

This is another blog in English on Italian. In fact, blogs on Italian seem to be rather popular. You have to pay for most of the resources but there is access to free resources. You can, for example:

  • Plan a trip to Verona

  • Find errors in a text

  • Learn more about the country’s culture.

Would you like to learn Italian through blogs? It’s a better way to learn a modern version of the language as opposed to the literary style used in books.

Blog Di Sport

Do you like sport? Why not use your love of sport to help you to learn Italian?

On this blog you can read articles on tennis, volleyball, football, cycling, and many other sports completely in Italian.

You mightn’t understand everything at the start but once you get the hang of the basics, you’ll start to understand more things like:

  • Technical terms

  • Grammar

  • Sports vocabulary

  • Stylistic elements

Italiano Italia

Can you really learn a language without understanding the accompanying culture? If you answered no, then the blog Italiano Italia is for you! In this blog, you’ll find:

  • Articles on Italian culture: from olive oil to the Bocca della Verità in Rome.

  • Advice for cooking Italian food: from tomato sauce to cooking pasta correctly.

  • Advice on travelling to Italy

  • As well as on-line courses.

What else do you need?

Learning Italian: The Right Choice!

Of all the languages that you can learn in school, Italian isn’t one of the most popular.

Languages like Spanish and German are more popular. You can set yourself apart by learning something different!

Italian: A Niche Language

Italian is only studied by 3% of the European Union as a foreign language.

Why not become part of this exclusive group and fall in love with the beautiful Italian language?

How much does a private Italian tutor cost?
The Italian language is as beautiful as the country. (Source:

Even if you never had the chance to study Italian at school, you can still learn Italian later in life.

Italian: How to Learn It

It’s obviously never to late to learn Italian given how many ways there are to learn a language these days.

However, if you want to learn a language, you need to be disciplined and put in the effort.

  • Would you like to learn Italian on-line? There are plenty of sites (free or at a cost) that offer resources for learning Italian

  • Learning Italian for free? There are plenty of different ways to learn. Just be careful when it comes to places offering to teach you Italian in a number of days for free.

If you’re just starting out learning Italian, you need to find the right resources.

I would start with basic Italian: basic expressions and Italian for beginners classes. I you are searching for lessons in your area, use search terms like Italian lessons London, for example, on Superprof to get the best local results.

How Long Does it Take to Learn Italian?

Patsy Lightbown, a professor of Education at Montreal’s Concordia University, recommends between 12,000 and 15,000 hours for a six-year-old to learn their mother tongue.

How long does it take an adult to learn a foreign language?

You should know that there a number of factors to consider when it comes to learning how long it takes for us to learn a language since everybody’s different.

  • The goal: do you just want to learn a few words so you can travel to Italy? Or do you want to become bilingual?

  • The time you have: Of course, if you spend an hour studying every day, you’ll learn a lot quicker than you would studying an hour a week.

  • Language difficulty: For an English speaker, Italian is closer to their mother tongue than a language such as Chinese. This can make things simpler.

  • Knowing another foreign language: This can help you to learn Italian. You’ve already mastered certain notions of learning a foreign language.

  • The methods and techniques used: We already gave you a few in this article. The better your techniques, the more you’ll learn! It’s important to use a variety of resources. You learn a language by reading, listening, speaking, and writing it.

  • Motivation: This is arguably the most important factor when it comes to learning a language! We all know a jack of all trades who’s done a little bit of everything: they learnt a song on piano, knows a few words in Chinese, a couple of salsa steps, but they never mastered any of these things. To avoid being a master of none, you need motivation!

So can you give us a number? If everything perfectly falls into place, you can learn Italian to a good level in as little as three months!

However, you can only learn it in three months if you’re motivated, organised, spend a lot of time practising, use various learning techniques, and have a clear objective! There are a lot of boxes to check.

Why Learn Italian?

  1. Why do you think Mozart composed most of his operas in Italian instead of German? It’s a beautiful language!

  2. While French is often known as a romantic language, the original Romance language is Italian! Italian sounds romantic and musical since most of its words end with a vowel. Sweet words are far more effective in Italian!

  3. According to UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization), most of the world’s heritage sites are in Italy: 60% of the Europe's artistic treasures!

  4. Italy is one of the biggest economies in the world and there are a lot of businesses looking for speakers of Italian and English. Give yourself the best chance when it comes to finding a job!

  5. If you love art, music, design, architecture, opera, or food, Italy is where it’s at! Learning Italian can help when it comes to a variety of different fields. Italy is up there when it comes to culinary arts, interior design, fashion, graphic design, furniture design, and transport, for example!

  6. Italian is Latin’s closest living relative. By learning Italian, you’ll learn more about Latin.

  7. Learn more about the roots of tonnes of English words. If you’ve already learnt Latin, Italian will be a piece of cake!

  8. You’ll learn to speak quickly! While Italian pronunciation can be tricky, written Italian can be easy to understand since no letters are silent like in English. There are exercises in Italian that can help you with your pronunciation (not to mention the grammar).

  9. You won’t need subtitles when you watch Italian films! We can all agree that watching a film in its native language is better than dubbing. It’s horrible watching actors who are out of sync with the audio.

  10. Italian has plenty of words for food! If you love food, you have to learn Italian!

  11. Understand what you eat: For example, when you eat “farfalle”, you’re literally eating “butterflies” (not bow-ties). If, like me, you love “arrabiata” sauce, you’re literally eating “angry” sauce. In short, Italian can help you learn more about food! There’s nothing better than an Italian cooking class to help you learn Italian.

  12. Read between the lines: Italians are famous for speaking a lot with their hands. However, there’s more to it than just that! Italian body-language is almost its own language! You can learn that, too!

  13. Federico Fellini (a famous Italian director) once said that “un linguaggio diverso è una diversa visione della vita” which means “a different language is a different view of life”. Learning Italian will open your mind and help you to understand Italian culture.

  14. Italian, just like learning another foreign language, will improve your mental faculties, problem-solving, and aid memory. Studies have also shown that it can reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia.

In short, when it comes to learning Italian:

    • You can learn Italian for free as long as you’re willing to put in a lot of time, effort, and work!

    • On the other hand, if you only do a few online lessons and watch a few YouTube videos, your progress will be limited.

    • Watch the news in Italian, listen to the radio in Italian, watch films in Italian, etc. This can help you improve your comprehension, vocabulary, and grammar! You’ll also learn more about Italian culture than you would from an online course!

    • To learn more and become bilingual, you should travel to Italy! Everyday situations with native speakers will give you the opportunity to practise and improve. You’ll see how far you’ve come! To improve orally, there’s nothing better than speaking!


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